Memories For a Sunday

As an aging Boomer I have many memories….some not so good (war stuff) and some excellent (my time living in Europe)….in 1959 I was living in Spain and that June my father took me to two auto races… France….the French Gran Prix in Reims and the 24 Hours of Le Mans…..two occasions I shall never forget and to this day I still adore the auto racing…..NASCAR not so much….”drive fast and turn left” for an entire race just is not that interesting to me.

To this day I still am a fan of sports car racing and Formula One……the sounds, smells and colors….cannot be beat.

I bring these memories up because of a new movie about the 24 Hour race at Le Mans……(sorry a bit of a spoiler)……

Ford v Ferrari put its competition in the rearview, racing to a $31 million debut at the box office in a No. 1 finish that counted as a win for big-budget originality. James Mangold’s racing drama rode into the weekend with strong reviews and Oscar buzz for its for leads, Christian Bale and Matt Damon. And audiences enthusiastically greeted it, giving the $98 million movie an A-plus CinemaScore.

A dramatization of the Ford Motor Co.’s push to unseat the perennial power Ferrari at France’s 24-hour Le Mans race in 1966, Ford v Ferrari has been considered a kind of throwback film—built largely on story, practical effects and star power. Elizabeth Banks’ Charlie’s Angels reboot couldn’t keep up. The Kristen Stewart-led film opened below expectations with $8.6 million.

Ford GT wins the 1966 24 Hours Le Mans……

One story that was left out of the movie was that of the test driver Ken Miles and his death……

The story told in Ford v. Ferrari has become one of the great modern automotive yarns because it’s one of boardroom egos and corporate revenge. This is a narrative of space-race, moonshot-like ambition that was pervasive in 1960s America, except with cars. Ford was going to build a car to beat Ferrari in the world’s most important race, Le Mans—a race Ferrari had won five years in a row.

Sadly I was not there in France when the Ford GT won and beat Ferrari….but I celebrated along with the Ford team when the news broke here in the states….

Thanx for allowing me to step back into my youth…at least for awhile……there are just some memories that I hold on to for dear life.

Autumn has arrived about 2 months late…..


The Red Oak gets its color…..have a good day and enjoy your time.

I leave with the antics of MoMo who finds cooler temps refreshing……I wish I had that much energy….

Take Us To Your Leader

It is the weekend again and the old professor is going to write about space again…that one subject that gets very little ink because it is just not that important to the world anymore….but that will change.

But it is to me. My concern is now that corporations are showing an interest in space travel where does that leave the human race?

For anyone that would like to get the news on space and policy……

We have an Outer Space Treaty of 1968…that sets parameters for the exploration of space by member nations of the UN….however the problem is corporations have not signed on to this and are free to exploit without consequences.

The exploration is NO longer for the benefit of humanity but rather for the profits corporations can extract.

Time for an updated treaty and laws that ALL will be held up to in the future.

Now we need to talk about the possibility of finding an alien race as we explore the universe……

In the course of human history, perhaps no landmark would ever compare to the discovery of extraterrestrial life. Hell, you’ve been waiting for it your whole life: that amazing moment where little grey dudes land on Earth, wave hello, and ask to be taken to your leader… assuming they don’t vaporize Earth’s cities, first. The mass of people who wanted to storm Area 51 demonstrates just how hungry Earthlings are for intergalactic companions. On the other hand, while meeting an E.T. would be ridiculously cool, it’d also prove that humans truly aren’t the center of the universe. Is Earth ready for that? And, if you ask the experts, how long will it be before first contact finally happens?

Next…..just what is the protocol if we have contact with alien life?

Well, there has been a lot of thought about it. “There’s a big debate within the whole community over whether we should respond or not,” says Dr John Elliot, joint coordinator for the UK Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Seti) Research Network – although he admits that it may not be a choice that any single body gets to make. Seti’s policy, once it is fairly sure that an intercepted signal is an alien message, will be to share it openly to allow people all over the world to try to understand it. Thereafter, it will be hard to stop anyone from answering. “I would have thought that there would be a reply made in some form at some point round the globe by someone with the required equipment,” Elliot says.

This scenario imagines receiving a transmission, but not alien visitors themselves. The chance of that is considered remote, even by those who expect aliens to exist, because even aliens are presumed to work within the laws of physics. In summary: our galaxy is a flattish disc about 100,000 light years across, and our planet is right at a sparse edge of it; only a small proportion of the planets in our galaxy are within, say, 1,000 light years of us. As a result, even a craft from such a nearby planet travelling directly towards us at half of light speed – which may be impossibly fast for a machine with life inside it – would take 2,000 years to get here. Why would it come? And what are the chances of it arriving exactly now?

Let me add my thought on the possibility…..

You know when you go to the supermarket and some bum is outside soliciting funds and you pretend that you do not hear him?  In simpler terms…you ignore him and keep walking.

Well that is what aliens are doing….they are ignoring us and just continue on their way but not before putting up a space beacon that says “NO Intelligent Life Here”.

That is the space news for a Sunday……

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