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Closing Thought–22Nov19

On 15 November 2019 ex-governor Deval Patrick made it known that he too would jump into the Dem race for the nomination…..

If you read my post then you will see that I was outraged that another centrist would presume that we voters want him over the other centrists…..well looks like the American people agreed with my thoughts….this appearance did not go so well….

As other Democratic presidential hopefuls prepared to debate in Atlanta Wednesday night, Deval Patrick showed up to the city’s Morehouse College for a planned event—and found just two people in attendance. Patrick, the former Massachusetts governor who entered the 2020 presidential race after the cutoff for this month’s debate, ended up canceling the event at the historically black college when he found out the size of the audience, CNN reports. (The site notes that no one was in the audience at all until five minutes before the event, and that the two people who did show up said they were just passing by when they were asked to come in by organizers.)

However, the president and founder of the college’s New Deal Democrats says Patrick had only just been invited to appear the day before the planned event. “The campaign is telling us that they had to catch a flight,” he told after the event was canceled. “It was an honor and pleasure that he wanted to speak with student journalists and New Deal Democrats. We hope that we could do this again.” Patrick was planning to meet with students as well as the editorial boards of local student newspapers during the event. Fox News notes that a photo of another nearly empty room at a Patrick event was tweeted by a New York Times reporter Sunday night.

I question his judgment.

I mean on the night when the Dem candidates were to debate he would think that people would rush out and hear what he has to say.

The Dems already have 15+ candidates they really do not need yet another person feeding their ego.

Maybe this is the revelation that he needs to go back to Bane Capital and continue to rape us average people out of our jobs, cash and social status….and leave the nomination to some one else.

Better luck next time!  Surely he can do better than 2 people.

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Congressional Impeachment Hearing–Day 5

The Dem debate is in the bag….now time to zero in on the testimony before the House hearings… 5 and witnesses will be….Fiona Hill and David Holmes……

The one thing we knew for certain was that the president to Tweet out an insult and cheer the thugs like Nunes and Jordan onward….but here is what happened yesterday…..

The impeachment hearings are back underway at Capitol Hill, and President Trump called Democrats participating in the proceeding “human scum.” In a morning tweet, Trump also wrote that “corrupt politician Adam Schiff’s lies are growing by the day,” and he urged Republicans to stay united in his defense. Soon, he added, the matter will be on “our turf,” referring to the Senate. Tuesday’s witnesses are Fiona Hill, a former White House adviser who worked at the National Security Council, and David Holmes, a staffer at the US embassy in Ukraine. Coverage:

  • Hill: In her opening statement, Hill criticized Republicans for pushing the “fictional narrative” that Ukraine, not Russia, interfered in the 2016 election, reports Politico. “These fictions are harmful even if they are deployed for purely domestic political purposes,” she said, asking GOP members to “not promote politically driven falsehoods that so clearly advance Russian interests.” Trump, too, has said Ukraine meddled in the election to benefit Hillary Clinton, notes the Washington Post, but Hill says it is not true. “The unfortunate truth is that Russia was the foreign power that systematically attacked our democratic institutions,” Hill says. “It is beyond dispute.” Read her statement in full here.
  • Holmes: The embassy official in Kyiv said he was sure by the end of the August that Trump froze military aid to Ukraine to pressure the country to investigate Hunter Biden, reports the New York Times. “My clear impression was that the security assistance hold was likely intended by the president either as an expression of dissatisfaction with the Ukrainians who had not yet agreed to the Burisma/Biden investigation or as an effort to increase the pressure on them to do so.” He also told lawmakers he heard Trump and American diplomat Gordon Sondland talking about “the investigation” during a phone call, adding that he could hear Trump’s voice while sitting near Sondland in a restaurant. (Read about Sondland’s big-news testimony Wednesday.)
  • Overhead call: Holmes also told lawmakers he heard Trump ask American diplomat Gordon Sondland whether Ukraine was going to do “the investigation” during a phone call. Sondland made the call while he and Holmes were sitting together at a restaurant in Kyiv. Holmes recounts that overhead phone call in this video via NBC News. Trump’s voice was “quite loud” and “quite distinctive,” allowing him to identify the president. Holmes also demonstrated how Sondland moved the phone away from his ear. (Read about Sondland’s big-news testimony Wednesday.)
  • Trump skeptical: The president tweeted his doubts about Holmes’ ability to overhear that conversation. “I have been watching people making phone calls my entire life,” he wrote. “My hearing is, and has been, great. Never have I been watching a person making a call, which was not on speakerphone, and been able to hear or understand a conversation. I’ve even tried, but to no avail. Try it live!”
  • Slam on Giuliani: When someone once wondered aloud why Rudy Giuliani was such a public presence in regard to Ukraine, Holmes recalls Sondland saying, “Dammit Rudy. Every time Rudy gets involved he goes and f—s everything up,” per CNN.
  • Devin Nunes: The top Republican on the House panel conducting the hearing used his opening statement to celebrate the “merciful end” to the proceedings. “Whether the Democrats reap the political benefit they want from this impeachment remains to be seen,” said Nunes. “But the damage they have done to this country will be long-lasting.” Read his statement in full via US News & World Report.

I really do not see the need for further witnesses and testimony….the ones that have gone before have made the case for impeachment….and then Trump keeps helping the Committee make up their minds….for he cannot stop stomping on the toes of the attack dogs like Jimbo Baggins……who rambled on about everything but the subject of the hearing…..surely these people know how feckless, pathetic and disgusting they appear.

There will be more coming on this situation… doubt but for this week the deal is done.

The Independent Rep. Amash closes this post out……”Impeachment in the House is an indictment, said the Michigan congressman. “If this were an ordinary prosecution, there’s no grand jury in America that would not return an indictment on the facts and evidence presented in these hearings.”

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SecState In Limbo?

As a foreign policy wonk I watch ours with interests and in some cases with disgust…..when Trump took the WH and named Tillerson as SecState I thought it was a horrible choice and that our foreign policy would suffer….then Tump named Popeo to replace Tillerson and I was doubly disgusted…a sycophant Neocon would do NOTHING to further the interests of the US only those of his master……

The last couple of months Pompeo has fallen out of favor with his master because Trump blames Pompeo for NOT controlling his underlings and allow them to testify against the Master.

President Donald Trump unloaded recently on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, whom he blames for devastating testimony against him the House impeachment inquiry.

The president confronted Pompeo, who has been his closest ally, during an Oct. 29 lunch at the White House, according to four current former senior administration officials who spoke to NBC News.

“(Trump) just felt like, ‘rein your people in,’” said one senior administration official.

The president has been complaining for weeks that Pompeo was responsible for hiring State Department officials who have revealed damaging information about his extortion plot against Ukraine, which now threatens his presidency.

Pompeo is trying to find the best time to desert the sinking Trump presidency…….

Pompeo had long been rumored to be eyeing the Kansas Senate seat now held by Republican Pat Roberts, who will retire in 2020. Pompeo planned to depart the Trump administration in the spring, but the impeachment proceedings have hurt him politically, strained his relationship with the president, and caused Pompeo to reconsider his timetable for departure, three prominent Republicans told Time. These officials added that the timing of Pompeo’s resignation at the State Department would now be “decided by his ability to navigate the smoothest possible exit.”

More on the possibilities for Pompeo should he leave the cabinet.

Pompeo is hiding in the weeds until he can make a good clean break and go back home to Kansas to run for the Senate…..

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has told three prominent Republicans in recent weeks that he plans to resign from the Trump Administration to run for the U.S. Senate from Kansas in next year’s elections. The problem: how to get out in one piece.

Pompeo’s plan had been to remain at the State Department until early spring next year, the three Republicans tell TIME, but recent developments, including the House impeachment inquiry, are hurting him politically and straining his relationship with Trump.

So Pompeo is rethinking his calendar, say the top Republicans, one who served in the Trump Administration, another who remains in government, and a third who served in several high-ranking posts and is active in GOP politics. The timing of Pompeo’s resignation now will be decided by his ability to navigate the smoothest possible exit from the administration, the three Republicans say.

I would say good riddance but I fear that with Trump’s track record he would appoint some low life sycophant like that screaming Nazi in the White House adviser core Miller.

I long for the days of a Tillerson SecState……a sad thing to say but Bozo the Clown would be far better than the Toadie Pompeo.

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Bring Our Troops Home

As most know that have spent any time on IST that I am apologetically antiwar……and it amazes me that not more Americans are also that way….after damn near twenty years of war it is time to….Bring Our Troops Home.

Can anyone one or any group help end endless wars?

I love “caper’ movies. There’s nothing like a gang of lovable rogues executing an elaborately planned, seemingly impossible crime. President Donald Trump, while in no way lovable, pulled off the perfect caper when he grabbed the White House three years ago. Now Trump has launched a new caper: stealing Syria’s oil. Danny Ocean, eat your heart out.

We got the story straight from the horse’s ass in a series of Trump tweets and press conferences. Trump’s abrupt decision on October 6 to withdraw US forces from Syria (leaving the Kurds to the mercy of Turkey which launched an incursion into northeastern Syria on October 9) was followed less than two weeks later by the announcement that the US would be leaving from 900 to 1200 combat troops plus 30 Abrams tanks in Syria to “secure” the country’s oil fields. Another 500 to 600 troops will be left in Syria to fight ISIS, the Pentagon announced on Sunday.

How Not to End a Forever War

There seems to be this haze of infinity hanging over our wars…like they should NEVER end…..

Here’s the strange thing for the self-proclaimed greatest power in history, the very one that, in this century, has been fighting a series of unending wars across significant parts of the planet: if you exclude Operation Urgent Fury, the triumphant invasion of the island Grenada in 1983, and Operation Just Cause, the largely unopposed invasion of Panama in 1989, Washington’s last truly successful war ended 74 years ago in August 1945 with the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japanese cities. Every war of even modest significance since – and they’ve been piling up – from the Korean and Vietnam wars to the ones in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Libya, and elsewhere in this century (and the last as well, in the cases of Afghanistan and Iraq) has either ended badly (Vietnam) or not at all (see above).

Why Those ‘Endless Wars’ Must Never End

I have gone on record as approving on the idea that Trump is bringing troops home from Syria……the idea not the technique…..and I am not alone…other veteran groups that oppose our continuous wars are also supporting Trump’s efforts, as minuscule as they may be…..

The latest Pew Research Center survey on the issue finds that 64 percent of Veterans say the Iraq War is “not worth fighting,” along with 62 percent of all American adults who agree. Only 33 percent of Veterans say the Iraq War is worth fighting.

Likewise, nearly 60 percent of Veterans and all American adults say the Afghanistan War was not worth the fight. Less than 40 percent say the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan was worth fighting.

More and more our veterans are protesting these wars……

Veterans and state legislators from 26 states, led by retired Army National Guard Sergeant Dan McKnight, traveled to Washington during Veterans Day week to press members of Congress, Senators and senior Congressional staff to end America’s endless wars, especially the 18-year-old war in Afghanistan.

McKnight, a military combat veteran who serves as BringOurTroopsHome.US Chairman, is making the case for lawmakers to reevaluate US foreign policy to de-emphasize military intervention, particularly in the Middle East.

“This is not a liberal or conservative cause, but an American cause that most directly affects those who serve in battle, past and present. As past warriors, we are here to advocate a change of policy. The Constitution clearly states that it is the responsibility of Congress to send our soldiers to war,” said McKnight, who was deployed to Afghanistan in 2005.

Bring Our Troops Home Takes Fight To End America’s Endless Wars to Capitol Hill

Time for ALL Americans to get on this train…..our troops should be at home and a much deserved rest from fighting our wars.

I will be voting for the antiwar candidate…right now that is Tulsi Gabbard…..if she does not make it then I will look for the next candidate that embraces an end to our endless wars,

Give Peace a Chance!

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Afghanistan–It’s Blackwater’s Fault

I will admit it …I do not approve of the private military that privatization has allowed to blossom….and the most notorious of these “armies” is Blackwater, or whatever name they go by these days…..I have blamed them for so many situations but I have seen an article that blames the group for the failing Afghan peace process…..

Pakistan’s diplomatic push to bring the Afghan peace process back on track has paved the way for the resumption of peace talks between the U.S and Afghan Taliban. The question, however, arises here: why were the peace talks canceled if they were to be restarted?

The meeting in Islamabad on Oct. 4 between the U.S. negotiators, led by special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad, and the Taliban delegation led by Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, is an important milestone to resume the peace negotiations, which were abruptly called off by U.S. President Donald Trump, apparently after the insurgent group accepted responsibility for attack earlier last month that killed 12 people including one American soldier.

Was this attack the only reason behind the abrupt cancellation last month of an “almost done peace deal” between the U.S. and the Taliban? It is an undeniable fact that peace talks kept on track for the last one year despite the Taliban continued to launch attacks on the Afghan and U.S. soldiers. The other side of the story of calling off the Afghan peace process points to Donald Trump’s covert plan with Blackwater.

As much as I would like to say this is so….I cannot….I have no confirmation of the accusations from this publication….but it does sound like something that could quite possibly be accurate.

Pompeo has tried to blow frresh air into the lungs of the peace process by the release of two POWs…..

“The Taliban have indicated that the release of the two professors is intended as a goodwill gesture, which the United States welcomes,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement about the release of U.S. citizen Kevin King and Australian Timothy Weeks, who were kidnapped in August 2016.

“We see these developments as hopeful signs that the Afghan war, a terrible and costly conflict that has lasted 40 years, may soon conclude through a political settlement.”

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