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Where have we heard of the “Thought Police” before?

You may have had to read a book to get that answer.

It looks like the Chinese are detaining people before they commit the crime…..

The watch towers, double-locked doors, and video surveillance in the Chinese camps are there “to prevent escapes.” Uighurs and other minorities held inside are scored on how well they speak the dominant Mandarin language and follow strict rules on everything down to bathing and using the toilet, scores that determine if they can leave, the AP reports. “Manner education” is mandatory, but “vocational skills improvement” is offered only after a year in the camps. Voluntary job training is the reason the Chinese government has given for detaining more than a million ethnic minorities, most of them Muslims. But a classified blueprint leaked to the media shows the camps are instead precisely what former detainees have described: Forced ideological and behavioral re-education centers run in secret.

The classified documents lay out the Chinese government’s deliberate strategy to lock up ethnic minorities even before they commit a crime, to rewire their thoughts and the language they speak. The papers also show how Beijing is pioneering a new form of social control using data and artificial intelligence. Drawing on data collected by mass surveillance technology, computers issued the names of tens of thousands of people for interrogation or detention in just one week. Experts say the documents spell out a vast system that targets, surveils, and grades entire ethnicities to forcibly assimilate and subdue them—especially Uighurs, a predominantly Muslim Turkic minority of more than 10 million people with their own language and culture. Click for the full article.

Back in the Dark Ages of our foreign policy (pre-2017) the president would issue a condemnation of such blatant violations of a person’s rights…..but those days are GONE…..I mean Trump will not come out in support in of the democracy protests in Hong Kong and has threatened to veto a bill passed in a bi-partisan move that condemns the Chinese government for the iron fist crack down.

So he will allow the mistreatment of a Muslim minority but will come out for a Christian minority in Iraq…..what a bone head hypocrite.

Nothing more heinous than playing games with people’s lives….and we Americans know how that works.

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That Mayor Pete News

After the last debate the MSM has a new favorite Dem candidate after Biden….Mayor Pete Buttigieg……is the fair hair child (for now)…..

For me he is way to much a Corporatist candidate…….I want us to stop using the term “Centrist”……they are not so they are however owned by the corporations and money…….and as his favoritism grows more and more history comes rolling out of the woodwork…..

For instance in 2010 Mayor Pete is caught on camera praising the Tea Party……

South Bend, Indiana Mayor and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is facing backlash over a resurfaced video from 2010 in which he offered words of praise for the right-wing Tea Party movement and expressed a desire to find common ground.

During an October 2010 forum in Indiana hosted by the Tea Party-affiliated group Citizens for Common Sense, Buttigieg—then a candidate for Indiana state treasurer—told the audience that “there’s some, especially in my party, who think the Tea Party’s a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Party.”

“But there are many others who believe that the Tea Party’s motivated by real concerns about the direction of our government, and the responses of our government to citizens,” Buttigieg said. “And above all a frustration with business as usual. That is what motivated me to run. And so while we may come from often very different perspectives, I believe we might find that we have a lot in common.”

In the beginning I could see the need for the Tea Party but then it became co-opted by bigots, Xenophobes, etc……it gave us the biggest cowards and liars…Gohmert, Meadows, Scalise, so on and on…..and look where these slugs have brought the country to……it is disgusting.

Sorry I digress…..back to Mayor Pete……

One of the biggest problems for Mayor Pete is that his appeal to black and brown voters is just not there….I mean he cannot even get an endorsement from a fellow city employee…..

The senior black member of the city’s Common Council has endorsed Joe Biden for president instead of South Bend’s own Pete Buttigieg. Oliver Davis prefers Biden’s experience to his mayor’s, Politico reports. “When you’re flying in the middle of a storm, you want to make sure you have steady, experienced leadership,” Davis said, adding that some backers at home thought Buttigieg should remain in office in Indiana longer to gain experience before running for president. Davis also appeared miffed that Buttigieg didn’t consult him and other black council members before launching his campaign, especially given his weak support among black voters nationally: “Don’t you think that you would take some time to talk to us in town before you lift off?” Davis ran to succeed Buttigieg this year but was defeated by the mayor’s choice.

Davis’ decision doesn’t reshape the race, but it highlights the difficulty Buttigieg is having in drawing support from people who aren’t white. A Quinnipiac University poll shows less than 1 percent of likely black voters in South Carolina support him, per the Washington Post. A major reason could be that Buttigieg is gay; black Americans are much less likely than whites to endorse same-sex marriage, Pew has found. But experts and analysts say there are so many factors in this election that it’s more complicated than that, per NBC. “The true Pete Buttigieg test, the one he’s unquestionably failing, has to do with the résumé and the issues,” one political scientist said.

I have been saying all along the Mayor Pete was nothing more than a corporatist candidate…his issues lean toward protecting the wealthy corporations rather than the country……as a support to my belief…..

Why has Buttigieg flipped from being a putative progressive to being perhaps the most conservative, pro-corporate Democrat remaining in the field? A good place to start would be to follow the money.

Pete Buttigieg, the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, the fourth-largest town in Indiana, is the shiny new object in the race to become the Democrats’ candidate for president in 2020. Coming from almost nowhere, he’s finished first in several recent Iowa polls.

Superficially, there’s a lot that’s appealing about Mayor Pete: He’s articulate, quick on his feet, can speak in full paragraphs—sometimes in Norwegian—and projects a sense of optimism. But when you scratch below the service, it’s hard to find Buttigieg’s core convictions, and and he now appears to have put himself up for sale to corporate interests

He may be a corporate favorite but until he can pull the wool over the eyes of black voters like the Clinton machine has done then he will be just another “also ran”.

I read this stuff so you do not have to….you are welcome!

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The Real Constitutional Crisis

#2 In A Series

To help my reader keep up begin with Part One……

As the House portion of this drama draws to a close we hear daily that we are in a Constitutional crisis….on that point I agree for we have a leader that thumbs his nose at the Constitution……

Yes I said “Thumbs” and in a wealth of ways……just a few of the ways he is in violation of the document……

Violation of Constitution on Domestic Emoluments; Violation of Constitution on Foreign Emoluments; Incitement of Violence; Interference With Voting Rights; Discrimination Based On Religion; Illegal War; Illegal Threat of Nuclear War; Abuse of Pardon Power; Obstruction of Justice; Politicizing Prosecutions; Failure to Reasonably Prepare for or Respond to Hurricanes Harvey and Maria; Separating Children and Infants from Families; Illegally Attempting to Influence an Election Tax Fraud and Public Misrepresentation; Assaulting Freedom of the Press; Supporting a Coup in Venezuela; Unconstitutional Declaration of Emergency; Instructing Border Patrol to Violate the Law; Refusal to Comply With Subpoenas; Declaration of Emergency Without Basis In Order to Violate the Will of Congress; Illegal Proliferation of Nuclear Technology; Illegally Removing the United States from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty.

I know a few in that list is a bit of a stretch but it all comes down to interpretation

The Constitution itself is the crisis that we keep hearing about in the MSM and from those pundits with an agenda……

To no small degree, “our” (their) archaic Constitution is the constitutional crisis. It helped hatched the Trumpenstein and it is helping keep it in office perhaps for five or, God help us, more years. The way to get rid of this terrible tyrant is through a mass and prolonged popular rebellion that includes among its demands the call for a new national charter, one that includes among its provisions (just for starters) the abolition of anti-democratic absurdities like the Electoral College, the disenfranchisements of Puerto Rico and Washington DC, the provision of two Senators to each state regardless of its population size, the lifetime appointment of Supreme Court Justices, and the eviction of private money from public elections. The whole damn system that spat up/shat out Malignant Orange is guilty as Hell. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote not long before his death, “the real issue to be faced” beyond superficial matters is “the radical reconstruction of society itself.”

The Real Constitutional Crisis: The Constitution

Then we have those that say “not to worry this to shall pass”…..I say WRONG!

Even a former GOP Representative Justin Amash has made his thoughts known….

Independent Rep. Justin Amash said on Wednesday that U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland’s testimony to House Intelligence Committee hearing on impeachment was the latest evidence against President Donald Trump that—if Trump was a regular person facing a grand jury—would result in certain indictment.

Amash, who left the Republican party in July 2019 over Trump’s behavior and the refusal of GOP leaders to hold him accountable, pointed out on Twitter that “impeachment in the House is an indictment.”

“If this were an ordinary prosecution, there’s no grand jury in America that would not return an indictment on the facts and evidence presented in these hearings,” said Amash.

One conservative (politician) with a spine does not a party make…..PERIOD!

The Trump presidency has changed everything and we will have a long journey back to normalcy…..if ever.

Apparently an oath given before God (if you believe that sort of thing) does not matter……..

Before you toadies go on the attack maybe it would help to refresh your memory (if you have one) of what the Constitution is all about…..

Better Angels My Ass!

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Remembering The Nuremburg Trials

A re-blog from my opinion blog….Gulf South Free Press….and a bit of a look at history….please let your thoughts be known. chuq

Gulf South Free Press

The Second World War has ended and the Allies are putting the remaining Nazis to trial….those that did not take the easy way out by committing suicide.

The trials were show trials for the world…the spin it was to help the world heal from the war but in reality it was nothing short of retaliation and revenge.

So now I ask…was justice served?

Do not get me wrong I am not saying that these people are guiltless….but rather that the trials were not carried out in an democratic and unbiased way.

Yes these accused were bastards and barbaric bunch….but I think the trials should have been handled in another way to prove that democracy and the rule of law prevailed.

For instance the judges were from Allied countries….UK, USA, USSR and France….4 judges and 4 alternates……the victors if you will.  A case could be made the the judges were biased.

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Why Is Latin America Exploding?

It is interesting that since 2017 Latin America has become a hot bed of right wing politics and protests….are the two related?

Riots in Venezuela, Chile (again), Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, even Brazil is feeling the pressures. People taking to the streets and the government uses police and military to calm the population.

The Newest outbreak of protests is in the country of Colombia……

Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in the Colombian capital on Saturday as anti-government protests continued for a third day amid rising fear and violence.

The protests began on Thursday when more than 200,000 people took part in what they called a national strike over a number of grievances, including possible economic reforms by the government of right-wing President Ivan Duque.

While the majority of the protesters continue to demonstrate peacefully, banging kitchenware in the streets in a traditional Latin American protest called a “cacerolazo” [casseroles], some small factions have clashed with security forces in Bogota and country-wide.

Three protesters have died in the unrest so far, while a car bomb in the western region of Cauca killed at least three police and left 10 others wounded on Friday.

Latin America has not seen this much violence since the 70s and 80s…..when most of the right wing strongmen lost their hold on the governments….time to throw the slugs out again.

The US has been a friend to the neofascist in Lain America for decades…..some recent history…..

However much they war on the domestic political front, Washington’s Democrats and Republicans are on the same page when it comes to the imperial war on democracy and social justice in Latin America.

In 2009 and 2010 Republicans were in a partisan tizzy over everything Barack Obama and Democratic Party, from health insurance reform to economic stimulus, bank bailouts, auto bailouts, and climate policy. The “Tea Party” rebellion arose, replete with a heavy dose of white herrenvolk racism.

But the Teapublicans offered no complaint when Obama’s Secretary of State Hilary Clinton aided and abetted a right-wing business and military coup that overthrew Honduras’ democratically elected left-populist president Manuel Zelaya in the spring of 2009.  Washington’s two major parties were united in opposition to Zelaya’s alignment of Honduras with Venezuela, Brazil and Bolivia in attacking poverty and inequality and redirecting Latin American regional development away from U.S. control [1]. Democrats and Republicans agreed that the independent and egalitarian Latin American trend needed to be checked.

Washington’s Consensus on Neofascist Coups in Latin America

The US cannot keep its grubby hands off Latin America and in almost every occasion they have claimed some violation of the Monroe Doctrine to justify the interference.

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