Big Questions For A Saturday

It is a Saturday and there has always been those deep probing questions in life that fail to be answered….

Is there a God?  Where is that damn G-Spot?  What happens when we die?  Is my bad eyesight because I masturbated as a young lad?

Let’s go with the die thing……

When we asked audience members to submit questions for our new series, Glad You Asked, we expected some interesting results. But Helle, a viewer from Norway, sent us on a journey to explain one of the greatest existential questions we face as a society: What happens when we die?

Glad You Asked is produced and hosted by Joss Fong, Christophe Haubursin, Cleo Abram, and me. In each episode, we seek to explain a question through rigorous reporting and by learning from those who have firsthand experience of our topic.

Early into this quest, I got obsessed with a Soviet-era film that appears to show dogs that are brought “back to life” by a cutting-edge machine. At the time, the scientists who conducted these experiments believed they had achieved the impossible.

Most of us avoid talking about death…..we prefer to table the subject until a later date….a date that seldom show up…..

I would like to tell you an all-too-familiar story. It begins with a long-term care home resident, Laura, who has multiple chronic conditions and gets an infection that doesn’t get any better.

Her health has been declining for months, but no one has talked to her about her preferences for end-of-life care. In the absence of that knowledge, she is sent to the hospital where she undergoes stressful tests.

The story ends with Laura dying in the hospital, alone and frightened. Her family is traumatized, and so are the staff who have cared for her over the past year.

Why we must break the taboo around talking about death

Ever thought there is another you out there?

There could be and an endless number of you……

Ever wonder what would have happened if you’d taken up the “Hey, let’s get coffee” offer from that cool classmate you once had? If you believe some of today’s top physicists, such questions are more than idle what-ifs. Maybe a version of you in another world did go on that date, and is now celebrating your 10th wedding anniversary.

The idea that there are multiple versions of you, existing across worlds too numerous to count, is a long way from our intuitive experience. It sure looks and feels like each of us is just one person living just one life, waking up every day in the same, one-and-only world.

Speaking of the G-Spot… was used to sell a tourist destination….

The G-spot of Europe,” read the adverts encouraging visitors to come to Vilnius. “Nobody knows where it is but when you find it — it’s amazing.”
It was a controversial marketing campaign for the capital of Lithuania when it launched last year. For starters, the racy ads went live just weeks ahead of Pope Francis’s August 2018 visit to the country.
For another thing, Vilnius regularly makes European lists of best underrated or budget destinations — including those for bachelor parties. In 2016, currency website FairFX rated it the third cheapest destination for a “stag do” (bachelor party) in Europe.
The tag line was accompanied by a photo of a woman lying down, eyes closed in apparent ecstasy, grabbing at the sheet beneath her, which was printed with a map of Europe. She was, of course, clutching at the spot that marked Vilnius.

But the really probing question for me is why do squirrels prefer my Satsumas over my Tangerines?


And yet the tangerines are safe and sound……


See there are always questions that need answering and seldom are…..I am sure you have a question or two, right?

Please have a good day….enjoy the autumn…..

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Go To The Transcript #5

The impeachment saga continues…….

Slowly the testimony of the witnesses in the impeachment evidence gathering hearings is being released….slowly but slowly……

As a service to my readers in the hope they will acquaint themselves with the evidence being presented….the transcripts so far…..

Read Yovanovitch’s testimony in full here. (Initial news coverage of her testimony is here.)

Read McKinley’s testimony in full here.

Read Volker’s testimony here……

… another transcript was released to the public…that of Ukraine expert…..Bill Taylor and it can be read here……

The most recent release from yesterday…..State Department employee testimony can be read here…..

Just yesterday we get two transcripts released for public consumption……..first the transcript of the testimony from Col. Vindman…….

Second from Fiona Hill……

Please take some time and see what is being said……then make up your mind…..these people are not the enemy….they have served their country with honor and diligence….

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

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And The Wall Came Tumbling Down

09November in Germany is filled with lots of history….I shall let Padre Steve take on from that statement…..

This is a bit of a departure from normal posting technique for IST…but it is a historic event…and we love history…..

Nope not some religious rant about he walls of Jericho….something more important…the 30 year anniversary of the beginning of the end…….first the Berlin Wall….09 November 1989 the wall came tumbling down.

Least we NOT forget.

First we should know the history of why it was erected at all….and then why it came down…..

Try to remember that events of that November…..

Nearly 30 years ago, in the night of November 9-10, 1989, East German border police opened the gates at crossing points in the Berlin Wall, allowing masses of East Berliners to stream through them unhindered.

This started a night of unbridled celebrations as people crossed freely back and forth through the Cold War barrier, climbed on it, and even danced and partied on it.

The signal for the mass breach of the previously heavily guarded wall was a fumbled announcement in a press conference by the Socialist Unity Party (SED) Party chief of Berlin, Günter Schabowski.

Will this day be remembered?

The fall promised a bright new world without the USSR and the divisive politics that the Cold War brought about.

You know, it’s strange. There are certain moments that you and everyone in your generation never forget. For instance, I can tell you exactly where I was – eating a 25-cent hamburger in a diner that might have been called the Yankee Doodle in New Haven, Connecticut – when a man stuck his head in the front door and said, “The president’s been shot.” That, of course, was John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, and I have little doubt that, if you asked just about anyone else my age, they’d have a remarkably specific memory of that moment, too.

But here’s the strange thing that TomDispatch regular and former Boston Globe columnist James Carroll brought to my mind with today’s piece on what may qualify as the single most important historical event of my life: the dismantling of the Berlin Wall. I have no idea what I was doing or where I was that November 9th in 1989 when I first heard that the forever structure dividing East from West that symbolized the two-superpower world of the Cold War was coming down. I have just vague memories of TV images of crowds surging and the wall being whacked at by people with sledgehammers

What the Dismantling of the Berlin Wall Means 30 Years Later

A good retrospective……for those that would like to remember….

It was on 9 November 1989, five days after half a million people gathered in East Berlin in a mass protest, that the Berlin Wall dividing communist East Germany from West Germany crumbled.

East German leaders had tried to calm mounting protests by loosening the borders, making travel easier for East Germans. They had not intended to open the border up completely.

The changes were meant to be fairly minor – but the way they were delivered had major consequences.

It appears that this event means NOTHING….and why should it….it only changed the world as we had known it and gave way to the crippling globalization with which  we have a love/hate relationship….so why look back?  Why try to remember what went wrong/right?

I was eating dinner of a ‘Wheel Burger’, a local famous burger and fries and watched the TV as I dined and enjoying my ice cold Miller….how about you?

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