Saturday’s Random Thoughts

I guess that the population is still recovering from too much food consumed and the shopping that we all had to go through on Friday.

During the holidays readership is down for most people want to think about more positive stuff than the world around us… IST will just post a few random thoughts on this weekend day.

First the noble endeavor of deer hunting when we revert back to our backwoodsman mentality once a year……but as with so much we endeavor to do stupid seems to play a role,,,,,

Wisconsin’s 9-day deer hunting season opened on Saturday, but four-legged creatures weren’t the only ones who ended up shot. ABC News reports at least four people were shot as well, though none were hit fatally. A press release from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says two of the incidents on Saturday involved a hunter shooting his or her own foot: In Oneida County, a 38-year-old man did so, and in Marathon County, a 29-year-old woman did the same. Also on Saturday, a hunter who fired at a running deer struck a 19-year-old female hunter’s left hand, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

The fourth incident, on Sunday, has the state’s DNR asking the public for help. A hunter was struck by a single bullet, and the agency is seeking info on any individuals or groups who were hunting around 11am in a specific part of Washburn County (more info here). The victim was flown to a nearby hospital. The weekend total outpaces the number of non-fatal shootings for 2018, which was three. The last fatal shooting of a hunter happened in 2015, when three were killed.

Years ago I heard a story where a Wisconsin farmer was tired of his cows being shot so in neon orange painted cow on the sides of the animals and he found one dead shot through the “O”……I do my hunting these days at my local supermarket….it it is a bit safe plus I do not have get as early.

Next those vegans…not my favorite of people….because they are mostly like ex-smokers that want evweryone to suffer because they had to……anyway…Burger King’s new “Impossible Whopper” is in the middle of a controversy….

Burger King was sued on Monday by a vegan customer who accused the fast-food chain of contaminating its meatless “Impossible” Whoppers by cooking them on the same grills as its traditional meat burgers.

In a proposed class action, Phillip Williams said he bought an Impossible Whopper, a plant-based alternative to Burger King’s regular Whopper, at an Atlanta drive-through, and would not have paid a premium price had he known the cooking would leave it “coated in meat by-products.”

The lawsuit filed in Miami federal court seeks damages for all U.S. purchasers of the Impossible Whopper, and an injunction requiring Burger King to “plainly disclose” that Impossible Whoppers and regular burgers are cooked on the same grills.

Booze in the Muslim World……

Verse 4:43 of the Quran offers the kind of advice you might expect from a country song: don’t go to church drunk. The handful of mentions in the Quran of alcohol, generally referred to as wine made of grapes or date palm, are mostly disapproving, but not as straightforwardly as you might think. In the Quran, drinking is not strictly forbidden, but frowned on. It is in the Hadith — a series of aphorisms attributed to the prophet Muhammad — that alcohol is designated as forbidden, or haram, along with selling grapes to Christians and Jews.

Like the rules of any religion, this one may have ambiguous origins, but it has become conventional wisdom. Every Muslim knows you are not supposed to drink, just as you are not supposed to eat pork, or charge interest on a loan. But this does not stop all Muslims from drinking.

Now that Thanksgiving is over I can post this tidbit…..did the first thanksgiving have human on the menu?

Just a thought to close out my Saturday.

That is my offering on this Saturday…..I have lots to do in the property with the nicer weather….

Have a great day and be well and be safe.

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Is The End Near?

The weekend after T’giving and I will post my usual FYI posts.

There is always some dude walking the streets of a city with a sign that reads “Repent! The End Is Near”….and when asked he will wax poetic and spew doom and gloom.

There are philosophers that believe that we humans have reached the pinnacle of our intelligence.

Despite huge advances in science over the past century, our understanding of nature is still far from complete. Not only have scientists failed to find the Holy Grail of physics – unifying the very large (general relativity) with the very small (quantum mechanics) – they still don’t know what the vast majority of the universe is made up of. The sought after Theory of Everything continues to elude us. And there are other outstanding puzzles, too, such as how consciousness arises from mere matter.

Will science ever be able to provide all the answers? Human brains are the product of blind and unguided evolution. They were designed to solve practical problems impinging on our survival and reproduction, not to unravel the fabric of the universe. This realization has led some philosophers to embrace a curious form of pessimism, arguing there are bound to be things we will never understand. Human science will therefore one day hit a hard limit – and may already have done so.

With that said is it possible that our decline may have already began?

As the world reels under each new outbreak of crisis—record heatwaves across the Western hemisphere, devastating fires across the Amazon rainforest, the slow-moving Hurricane Dorian, severe ice melting at the poles—the question of how bad things might get, and how soon, has become increasingly urgent.

The fear of collapse is evident in the framing of movements such as ‘Extinction Rebellion’ and in resounding warnings that business-as-usual means heading toward an uninhabitable planet.

But a growing number of experts not only point at the looming possibility that human civilization itself is at risk; some believe that the science shows it is already too late to prevent collapse. The outcome of the debate on this is obviously critical: it throws light on whether and how societies should adjust to this uncertain landscape.

If the end is near the next question will be….what cokes with the end of history?

Is the end near?

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Let’s Go To The Polls

Closing Thought–28Nov19

Polls that magical trick that pundits use to help the MSM drive the news cycle. Some polls are the heart beat of the nation and then others are fake news and some sort of “witch hunt”…..just depends what you WANT to believe….not what is accurate or truthful.

Now that I stepped off that soap box I recently saw a poll that as an antiwar and anti-interventionist I like the numbers…..

A new poll conducted by the Eurasia Group Foundation shows Americans are losing their belief in American exceptionalism, and tend to favor a more non-interventionist foreign policy. The participants were asked a range of foreign policy questions.

Over 1,200 people across the country were surveyed for the Eurasia Group poll. Here are some of its findings:

Most of the participants believe that America is an exceptional nation. 42.4 percent believe America is exceptional for what it represents, and 18.2 percent believe the nation is exceptional for what it has done in the world. 39.5 percent of the participants believe America is not exceptional, just another country acting on behalf of its own interests. That number is up 6.1 percent from the previous year.

Looking at the different age groups shows younger people do not think America is anything special. In the 18-29-year age bracket, just 45.1 percent find America to be exceptional. Those who are 60 and over find America to be the most exceptional, at 75.2 percent.

This poll from the Eurasia Group Foundation reflects a poll released by the Pew Research Center back in July. The Pew poll found most veterans they surveyed do not believe the wars they fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria were worth fighting. A shocking 64 percent found the war in Iraq was not worth it, 58 percent for the war in Afghanistan, and 55 percent for Syria.

The Costs of War project at Brown University released a study this November that found the so-called War on Terror has killed over 800,000 people, and cost the US $6.4 trillion. The death toll only takes into account those killed in direct violence, not including those killed by disease, malnutrition, or other indirect causes. It’s no mystery as to why Americans, even those who fought the wars, are starting to favor a more noninterventionist approach.

New Poll Shows Americans Favor Non-Intervention

How nice!

I do not believe any of it for a  moment.

The American people allow this sort of BS to continue….war that is….intervention that is…..regime change that is…..if they are so against this crap they need to grow a spine and speak up.

Cash trumps sentiment….

Thanx for spending some time on IST on this busy shopping day….your visits are appreciated.

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It Is 2008 Again

Back in the Dark Ages in political history books….the candidate for the Dems, Obama, called for a “national service” and in 2020 there is a call again…….I have not been silent on this topic…..

The divisions in this country are getting deeper….so deep that the country thinks a “civil war” is possible….

The survey also showed a majority of Americans believe that political, racial and class divisions are getting worse, including at least three-quarters of men and women and three-quarters of urban, suburban and rural voters. At least 70 percent of voters in all age groups, as well as white, black and Hispanic voters, feel the same.

The poll reflected lingering concerns from the same poll conducted in April, in which 90 percent of voters reported they were concerned about the “uncivil and rude behavior of politicians.”

I bring all this up again because there seems to be a movement starting that would like to see a civilian service corps of sorts…..

In the 2006 National Security Strategy, a key recommendation for “the way ahead” included “developing a civilian reserve corps, analogous to the military reserves.” This would give the US government the “skills and capacities needed for international disaster relief and post-conflict reconstruction.”

The government neither implemented this recommendation nor made a compelling enough argument for its necessity. However, considering our immediate and undeniable need for an improved national cybersecurity capability, the widening gap between the government and technology sector, the cost of losing mid-career experts to the private sector, and the resurgence of a strategic near-peer competitor, the time has come to update and revisit this concept.

There are two key arguments for such an organization. Foremost in consideration should be a focus on accessing highly skilled workers critical for the nation’s cybersecurity. As it stands, our government has a hard time attracting these professionals for fixed periods of service; computer science graduates with offers from Silicon Valley firms will almost never commit to five years in government positions where their highly desirable and lucrative degrees may not be effectively employed.

I have mixed emotions about this …..I understand the concept of making it a shared experience for the country that could help repair the divisions and splits that are plaguing the nation……on the other hand I also see the opposite that this could be more division in the making…..

Regardless it seems that this is just something to talk about on the campaign trail for beyond the primaries I have heard little on this subject.

Typical lie and promise…promise and lie.

I have written about this before and would still like to hear what my readers have to say about this situation….pro or con?

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Afghanistan And Turkey

That is turkey with a small “T”…the bird not the country.

Amidst the deals on Black Friday another one is announced by the president in a visit to war torn Afghanistan during Thanksgiving…..

Talks were ended abruptly in September….as usual I had written about that situation as well……

A New Hope has been given to the conflict for an ending that will make all sides happy…..well the hope is more for a return to talks than for an actual peace agreement….

President Donald Trump made a surprise visit to Afghanistan to spend time with US troops on Thanksgiving, the AP reports. Trump arrived at Bagram Air Field shortly after 8:30pm local time and spent more than two-and-a-half hours on the ground. Reporters were under strict instructions to keep the trip a secret to ensure his safety. The visit comes more than two months after Trump abruptly broke off peace talks with the Taliban after a bombing in Kabul killed 12 people, including an American soldier. But Trump announced at the visit that he has resumed peace talks with the Taliban, per the New York Times.

“The Taliban wants to make a deal, and we’re meeting with them,” Trump said while meeting with Afghanistan’s president, Ashraf Ghani. “We’re going to stay until such time as we have a deal, or we have total victory, and they want to make a deal very badly.” He also reiterated his wish to lower US troop levels from around 12,000 or 13,000 to 8,600. Trump’s visit—which included him playing the traditional role of feeding mashed potatoes and turkey to troops—comes at a pivotal moment in his presidency, with the impeachment inquiry moving quickly.

This is excellent news.

I just hope it is for real and not some political ploy to gain favor during the impeachment thing…..

The US and Taliban had several months of negotiations with one another in Doha earlier this year, culminating in an all-but-finished deal, though President Trump withdrew from those talks at the brink of a deal, declaring the process “dead.”

At the time, officials said it was because what was decided didn’t include an immediate ceasefire, though neither the Taliban nor US ceased fire. President Trump is now reporting that the Taliban want to do a ceasefire as part of a deal.

Like I said…..hopefully it is not just a statement to try and change the political discussion and is really an attempt to end our longest war…..our troops and the nation deserve more than an illusion.

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Why No Kurdistan?

We Americans have heard more about the Kurds in the last 6 months than we had in a couple of years.

I have written several posts about the Kurds trying to let my readers get to know the people that in the news…..

I introduced people to the people now the big question is why is there NO Kurdistan?

The most decisive reversal came at the end of the first World War. That’s when the Allies, victors over Germany and the Ottoman Empire, divided their geographical spoils of war.

In a series of conferences in a succession of European palaces, Prime Minister David Lloyd George, Georges Clemenceau of France, Woodrow Wilson and dozens of other leaders conspired, harangued and horse-traded from 1919 to 1921. Under clouds of cigar smoke, between servings of foie gras and champagne, they redrew a large swath of the globe’s map.

Besides doling out spoils to themselves, such as far-flung German imperial holdings, their aims were to replace the Austro-Hungarian Empire, punish Germany in Europe and – the biggest task – fill the vacuum left by the demise of the sprawling Ottoman Empire, which before the war covered territory from the edge of Bulgaria to Yemen.

The Kurds have cooperated with many different regimes all in the off chance that they will be given a homeland that they have desired for centuries.

As I was  writing this post news came out that a new offensive was coming against the Kurds in Northern Syria…..

Turkish Foreign Ministry Mevlut Cavusoglu accused both Russia and the US of failing to abide by their respective ceasefires with Turkey by failing to expel the Kurdish YPG from the north Syrian safe zone.

This comes after a weekend attack in al-Bab, which Turkish officials blamed on the YPG. Though al-Bab is not within the safe zone, Turkey is emphasizing the bombing as proof the YPG are ISIS-type terrorists.

Cavusoglu says that if neither nation is successful in expelling the Kurds for them, Turkey is prepared to launch another offensive against northern Syria intended to act against the Kurdish faction.

It’s not clear what presence the YPG maintains within northern Syria, though Turkey has clearly intended to take the military offensive against them further than the 30 km border region, and has emphasized the narrative that the YPG are terrorists.

So far it’s not clear what either the US or Russia intends to do about these new allegations, or if they intend to do anything at all. President Trump has declared the ceasefire a success, despite past Turkish objections, and probably won’t want to admit publicly that the deal with Turkey isn’t being sustained.


The Kurds continue to fight for a homeland and the world continues to help deny such to the people.

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Today will be a slow day here on IST for most readers interested in foreign policy and such are taking the day off to be with their loved ones.

But as an old professor I just have to explain/educate my readers…..first of all Thanksgiving had its beginnings in the Old World…..

Today I will be spending quality time with my granddaughter so my posts will not be plentiful….there are a couple of days per year that I limit my posts and today is one of those shortened days.

Image result for Thanksgiving Day 2019 images

Hope everyone who celebrates the day will have a wonderful day…and that they could spend a moment to say a silent “thank you” to our troops and their families who are having to miss this special day for yet another year.

Image result for Thanksgiving Day 2019 images

I will give thanks for my family (immediate)… best friend MoMo….and my friends here on the internet…..thanx to all I appreciate your time.

I need to get to work….my granddaughter has asked me to make my home-made mac and cheese… wife wants my special dressing…..and MoMo just wants some turkey and sweet potatoes….and of course her morning walk.  (She does have a look when it is “that” time)


Please enjoy your fun, food, family and if your are a fan…football…..

On a side note…in case you would like to try something paleo….how about some ancient Babylonian recipes?

IST will return to normal posting on Black Friday…Peace Out my friends!

Until my return….Have A Day My Friends!

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Thanksgiving–A Short History

Most of us know T’giving by the myth of the settlers and NAs sitting down to a meal and all was right with the universe and had a happy ending…..

There is so much history around the day…..

Thanksgiving is the oldest national holiday in the United States. However, it’s observation is not a continuous presence in American history. While the celebration of Thanksgiving predates even the founding of the nation, it was proclaimed by George Washington, then ignored by Thomas Jefferson. From then on, it was sporadically observed until Abraham Lincoln, who once again introduced a National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving to the United States.

Indeed, it was Lincoln who set the day as the last Thursday in November. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt changed the day between 1939 and 1941, which was highly controversial. The days were called “Franksgiving.” Roosevelt changed the date because retailers communicated to him through the Retail Dry Goods Association and the Secretary of Commerce, that the late date of Thanksgiving that year (the last day of November) might negatively impact retail sales. It was considered bad form to put up Christmas decorations or put on Christmas sales before Thanksgiving.

I just wanted to show my readers that there was more to Thanksgiving than what we are use to in the elementary school play we all have sat through.

Peace Out.

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Curb Your Mercenaries

Closing Thought–27Nov19

Speaking of Mercenaries…..

It is not secret that I do not think that the country needs to use mercenaries….my bad….security consultants…..that is why we spend so much on our military so we do not have to go elsewhere for our soldiers.

The US has its Blackwater or whatever they are calling themselves these days and other such “security firms”…they are being used in Afghanistan and Iraq and probably every other country in which we have a fight going on……

I bring this up because of something our Congress did…..they chastised Russia for using mercenaries in Libya….

My first reaction was…SAY WHAT?

Congress is preparing bipartisan sanctions on Russian mercenaries and other suspected human rights violators in Libya, Al-Monitor has learned, as the Donald Trump administration looks to use the recent entry of Moscow-linked paramilitaries into the conflict to reinvigorate a long-dormant American strategy in the war-torn country.

Foreign relations committee member Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., and Trump ally Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., are set to introduce legislation codifying Treasury Department sanctions to limit Russian proxy activity. The bill would require President Trump to slap visa bans and freeze US property for arms traffickers, those illegally exploiting Libya’s vast supplies of crude oil and human rights abusers.

Sens. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Chris Murphy. D-Conn., are also expected to sign onto the legislation, sources familiar with the bill say. The legislation also would require the United States to work with humanitarian organizations to ensure that aid be delivered in the country. “We just wanted Congress to weigh in and give a carrot-and-stick approach,” a House aide told Al-Monitor.

Now that is the height of hypocrisy……condemn a nation for doing what we are doing….
If it is wrong in Libya then it is wrong every fucking where!
Must prepare for the day tomorrow……lots of cooking ahead.
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War–What’s It Good For?

Remember the question Edwin Starr asked back in the 60’s?

Just a short reminder…..

I brought this up because of the news that has been reported…not by the MSM….but by others concerned on the spending for our many many wars……

American taxpayers have spent $6.4 trillion on post-9/11 wars and military action in the Middle East and Asia, according to a new study.

That total is $2 trillion more than the entire federal government spending during the recently completed 2019 fiscal year. The U.S. government spent $4.4 trillion during the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, according to the Treasury Department.

The report, from the Watson Institute of International and Public Affairs at Brown University, also finds that more than 801,000 people have died as a direct result of fighting. Of those, more than 335,000 have been civilians. Another 21 million people have been displaced due to violence.

$6.4 trillion….what could have been accomplished if this had been spent improving the country’s infrastructure…or the education….or health care….or….well you get my drift.

It has cost the American taxpayer $7500+ for these wars……why do Americans allow this to continue….do they care so little for the lives of our troops?

I have about had enough….I will, NEVER vote for a candidate that defends the wars and the reasons for them….that means I will NOT vote for any candidate on the stage for the last debate other than Tulsi…..the MSM is doing all they can to make her voice a silent one….they are pulling NO punches belittling and demeaning some one with principles and I have NO use for MoveOn or MSNBC and their wealth of warmongering toadies as pundits.

Just listen to them…they want a true centrist to be the candidate….that means that their owners, the corporations, will be safe and profitable.

So what is war good for?  PROFITS….period!

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


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