It Is 2008 Again

Back in the Dark Ages in political history books….the candidate for the Dems, Obama, called for a “national service” and in 2020 there is a call again…….I have not been silent on this topic…..

The divisions in this country are getting deeper….so deep that the country thinks a “civil war” is possible….

The survey also showed a majority of Americans believe that political, racial and class divisions are getting worse, including at least three-quarters of men and women and three-quarters of urban, suburban and rural voters. At least 70 percent of voters in all age groups, as well as white, black and Hispanic voters, feel the same.

The poll reflected lingering concerns from the same poll conducted in April, in which 90 percent of voters reported they were concerned about the “uncivil and rude behavior of politicians.”

I bring all this up again because there seems to be a movement starting that would like to see a civilian service corps of sorts…..

In the 2006 National Security Strategy, a key recommendation for “the way ahead” included “developing a civilian reserve corps, analogous to the military reserves.” This would give the US government the “skills and capacities needed for international disaster relief and post-conflict reconstruction.”

The government neither implemented this recommendation nor made a compelling enough argument for its necessity. However, considering our immediate and undeniable need for an improved national cybersecurity capability, the widening gap between the government and technology sector, the cost of losing mid-career experts to the private sector, and the resurgence of a strategic near-peer competitor, the time has come to update and revisit this concept.

There are two key arguments for such an organization. Foremost in consideration should be a focus on accessing highly skilled workers critical for the nation’s cybersecurity. As it stands, our government has a hard time attracting these professionals for fixed periods of service; computer science graduates with offers from Silicon Valley firms will almost never commit to five years in government positions where their highly desirable and lucrative degrees may not be effectively employed.

I have mixed emotions about this …..I understand the concept of making it a shared experience for the country that could help repair the divisions and splits that are plaguing the nation……on the other hand I also see the opposite that this could be more division in the making…..

Regardless it seems that this is just something to talk about on the campaign trail for beyond the primaries I have heard little on this subject.

Typical lie and promise…promise and lie.

I have written about this before and would still like to hear what my readers have to say about this situation….pro or con?

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

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4 thoughts on “It Is 2008 Again

  1. I doubt that arming and training any more Americans in the use of firearms will ever have a good outcome. Because although it is supposed to be there to be called on for ‘civil duties’, you can bet your life it will evolve into a ‘militia’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Sounds like a good way to spread money around. But do we want to send workers to clean up post conflict reconstruction. Not sure that is the business we should be in. I understand we already do disaster relief through existing programs.

    1. Like I said…I can see both sides of this debate….I would like to see some sort of shared experience by the American people I feel that could heal this ail society….chuq

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