Curb Your Mercenaries

Closing Thought–27Nov19

Speaking of Mercenaries…..

It is not secret that I do not think that the country needs to use mercenaries….my bad….security consultants…..that is why we spend so much on our military so we do not have to go elsewhere for our soldiers.

The US has its Blackwater or whatever they are calling themselves these days and other such “security firms”…they are being used in Afghanistan and Iraq and probably every other country in which we have a fight going on……

I bring this up because of something our Congress did…..they chastised Russia for using mercenaries in Libya….

My first reaction was…SAY WHAT?

Congress is preparing bipartisan sanctions on Russian mercenaries and other suspected human rights violators in Libya, Al-Monitor has learned, as the Donald Trump administration looks to use the recent entry of Moscow-linked paramilitaries into the conflict to reinvigorate a long-dormant American strategy in the war-torn country.

Foreign relations committee member Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., and Trump ally Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., are set to introduce legislation codifying Treasury Department sanctions to limit Russian proxy activity. The bill would require President Trump to slap visa bans and freeze US property for arms traffickers, those illegally exploiting Libya’s vast supplies of crude oil and human rights abusers.

Sens. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Chris Murphy. D-Conn., are also expected to sign onto the legislation, sources familiar with the bill say. The legislation also would require the United States to work with humanitarian organizations to ensure that aid be delivered in the country. “We just wanted Congress to weigh in and give a carrot-and-stick approach,” a House aide told Al-Monitor.

Now that is the height of hypocrisy……condemn a nation for doing what we are doing….
If it is wrong in Libya then it is wrong every fucking where!
Must prepare for the day tomorrow……lots of cooking ahead.
I Read, I Wrote, You Know
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18 thoughts on “Curb Your Mercenaries

      1. Interesting twists and turns developing, chuq. We know the “investigate-the-investigators’ FBI IG is going to reveal what seems like inappropriate FISA revision by a former FBI attorney… unknown so far if it’s criminal or careless. But today just came out… FBI IG found no evidence the Obama campaign had FBI “spies” spying on the Trump campaign. All this supporting the whole deep state thing was all just nonsense. Three years of that bullshit from Trump and his supporters. Giuliani is being tossed under the Trump bus, as expected. This clown is worse than Nixon ever was.

      2. Yeah. Back then most American men held him in awe for being so lucky. Even I gave him an “Attaboy Bill!”. The women were pissed, of course. I think those that pushed impeachment were just jealous. 🙂
        I’m surprised Him and Hillary are still married. I can just imagine all the crap he gets to this day from her…. and very certainly no more BJ’s. 🙂 (Something kind of not right with that image in my head of her doing that to him.)

        Have a good Turkey Day yourself!

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