Our Man Winnie

There is a thing that I do not completely understand…….the American fascination with the English royals……and pundits desire to put Churchill on a pedestal…..

Many politicos look at Winston as some sort of god among men….basically because he lead the UK during the dark days of World War 2…..

But Churchill’s story during WW1 is less than exemplary….he resigned from the Admiralty over the major screw up at Gallipoli in Turkey….The plan for the operation was conceived by First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill who believed warships could force the Dardanelles and strike directly at Constantinople…….

Then in early 1940 Churchill is elected PM and led the country through the years at war…..the war ended in Europe in 1945, 8 May and by July of 1945 Churchill had resigned……after his leadership during the war why was he thrown out of office so quickly after end?

Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his Conservative party went down to defeat today in the British election and the Labor party was expected to form a new government.

Turning their backs on the men who led their nation through the darkest perils of the war, British voters overwhelmingly repudiated his Conservative party and elected to the House of Commons a clear and absolute majority of Labor party members.

Under British custom, Churchill’s resignation and the formation of a new cabinet headed by Labor Party Leader Maj. Clement Attlee was merely a formality.

An official tabulation of votes at 2 p.m. (8 a.m. CWT) wrote the end of Churchill’s leadership of Britain.


I still do not understand the fascination with Churchill by Americans…….his popularity is high among conservs in the US…..another thing that makes me wonder…..

I am by no means an expert on Winnie but maybe my English readers can help us understand the man…..their insights will not be skewed by the desire to sell books.

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10 thoughts on “Our Man Winnie

  1. He was not as popular here as everyone assumes. He caused the unnecessary deaths of thousands in WW1, made a mess out of many of the colonies, and his economic policies in power left a lot to be desired too. But he was from an aristocratic background, (one of his ancestors was the Duke of Marlborough) Lady Diana was related to his family, and his mother was an American.
    No wonder he is so popular in the US!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. At Britain stood alone he may be credited with saving Western Civilization. But he is a hero of Great Britain. I give him honor but in reality he is an advocate for Britain first and only with his ” British Empire this ” and “British Empire that”. He is a colonialist, an imperialist and white supremacist. He is no hero for the subjects of the nations held in colonial rule. British royalty ? Never paid any attention to any of the nonsense except for that King George III guy that got a copy of Thomas Jefferson’s letter.

    1. Winnie was so unpopular that the war ends in May and he is voted out in July same year…does not sound like the Brits we in love with the man at all….chuq

  3. He dropped a lot of good one-lines and quips which got a lot of attention, plus his we shall never surrender speech. Then the iron curtain speech. He became a symbol. When that happens the real persona gets lost. Then they print the legend. Plus he wrote all those books. Friend of mine is reading his history of the war or wars. Churchill’s goal was to shape history: “I intend to write the history.” as he said.

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