Go For The Water Supply

There has been a wealth of movies and TV programs that has used some sort of attack on our water supply….there was even one that was about the placing of LSD in the supply and making all of us into Hippies and lay-abouts.

Funny thing is that there is a proposal for scientist to put an psychoactive drug in the water supply…..

Yep you read that right!

Right now it is only a proposal for the UK (Pete pay attention…LOL)……

A team of U.K. scientists has a provocative plan to prevent suicides: lace drinking water supplies with the psychoactive drug lithium, which is often prescribed as a mood stabilizer.

At first bluff, it sounds like a profound medical overreach. But Vice reports that the idea has recently picked up some steam within scientific circles.

It’s also worth noting that some water already naturally contains low amounts of lithium. And in research published last week in The British Journal of Psychiatry, scientists from a cohort of U.K. universities identified a link that naturally-present lithium and lower suicide rates.


I have written about the different uses for psychedelics these days….medical research has found a new respect for the “cool” stuff of the 60s…(about damn time)…..





Next thing we know….we will all be sitting or laying around singing “Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In”

Don’t remember that far back?

Far Out Man!

Peace Out!

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Closing Thought–29May20

I do not post much about the UK society for I figure those who live there would be more and better informed than me…..but I read a story that I would like to get Brit feedback……

I involves the use of illegal drugs….namely Cocaine…..

Cocaine usage in Britain has soared by almost 300 per cent in less than a decade with Britons taking 117 tonnes of the drug last year, a senior investigator has told The Times.

Lawrence Gibbons, head of drugs threat at the National Crime Agency, said that the estimated amount trafficked had risen from 30 tonnes in 2011.

“The UK is the biggest user of powder cocaine in Europe,” he said. “A lot of the consignments we see coming into Europe — through Spain, Belgium or the Netherlands mainly — a significant proportion is destined for the UK.

(The Times)

Can someone break this down for me and my readers?

Thanx in advance for your help.

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Those Dark Moments In History

Sunday and I feel I need tom do some writing on those dark moments in history…..the US has ours like the Trail of Tears, Wounded Knee, My Lai, Kent State, etc but since I have so many UK readers I wanted to see their dark moments in their history.

Every country has them but in this case are they the darkest days of English history?

I read an article of some of those dark times…..but according to my readers are these the best examples of dark moments?

According to the article these are the top 10 moments of darkness….

10. The Peterloo Massacre

On August 16, 1819, a large crowd of 60,000 working class people gathered in St. Peter’s Field (now St. Peter’s Square) in Manchester to advocate for parliamentary representation at a time when only the rich, land-owning elite were allowed to vote. According to contemporary reports, the protesters were, by and large, orderly and disciplined, dressed in their best outfits, carrying around banners that said things like “Universal Suffrage” and “Equal Representation.” In exchange, the magistrates sent in the cavalry who immediately started cutting people down with sabers and stomping them to death.

An estimated 14 to 18 people were killed during the massacre while another 600 to 650 were injured. The government sided with the local magistrates and their priority then became to crack down on those trying to spread word of the Peterloo Massacre, as it became known, under the charge of sedition. The organizers were arrested, as were journalists, particularly those from the radical publication the Manchester Observer

Even in modern times, the government has had issues properly addressing what really happened at St. Peter’s Field. Up until recently, the only reminder of what occurred on that spot was a blue plaque that simply said that the military dispersed a crowd of 60,000, carefully omitting the word “massacre.” It wasn’t until 2007 that a new, truthful plaque took its place.


Not being a British historian I found these incidents fascinating……but how accurate are they?

Please if there are others that need to be added then let me know for I am listening.

Also I am not looking for more US dark moments….if you read this then I am looking for history of the UK.

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Closing Thought–31Oct19


Happy Halloween!

They are “the Best of the Best of the Best”…this is how we talk about our elite special ops troopers.

Visit exotic lands meet interesting people and kill them…..a great enlistment slogan…..

The beginning of our special ops was copied by the SAS in WW2……these were elite troops that did a marvelous job during war…..so when I read an article about the special ops troopers in the UK I was surprised….

Faced with a recruitment crisis, the United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF) have been forced to put up advertisements to attract fresh blood into their elite ranks.

Posted in the British Army magazine Soldier, the advertisement is specifically geared toward the Special Forces Communicator (SFC) career field.

The advertisement states that “The Special Forces Communicator is [sic] selected for their technical acumen, tactical abilities and physical robustness to deliver and enable Special Forces information whenever needed.”

The career field was activated in April and falls under the Royal Signals (R Signals), which is one of the British Army’s combat support branches. Upon completion of a physically and intellectually arduous six-month selection and training pipeline, SFC operators are assigned to the 18 (UKSF) Signals Regiment. The Special Forces Communicator’s Course is comprised of six phases:

Warriors needed: Recruitment crisis forces UK SOF to put up advertisements

I ask my UK readers to let me know how accurate this article is…..

Be well Be safe……

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Closing Thought–12Aug19

Back in 2014 Scotland voted to decide if it would be independent of the UK or if it would stay in the union…..

With the results in from all 32 council areas, the “No” side won with 2,001,926 votes over 1,617,989 for “Yes”.

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond called for unity and urged the unionist parties to deliver on more powers.

Prime Minister David Cameron said he was delighted the UK would remain together and that commitments on extra powers would be honoured “in full”.

Mr Cameron said the three main unionist parties at Westminster would now follow through with their pledge of more powers for the Scottish Parliament.


So Scotland decided to stay with the Kingdom….

Then we have a conservative MP trying to win back a seat has issued a statement that I really would like to hear others thoughts….l

The Tory candidate for one of the party’s target parliamentary seats has sought to distance himself from a column he wrote accusing Scotland of “fleecing” English taxpayers and claiming that Scotland remaining in the UK would be a “catastrophe” for England.

Ryan Henson was selected last year as the Conservative candidate for Bedford and Kempston, which Labour won from the previous Tory MP, Richard Fuller, in 2017 with a wafer-thin majority of 789 votes.

In a 2014 article for Conservative Home, Henson wrote that, except for its contribution to Britain’s armed forces, “Scotland’s single biggest offering to the union over the past 50 years has been to provide the Labour party with parliamentary lobby fodder.


I found this an interesting statement….now please if any of my British readers would like to clarify this please please do so….for to me it sounds a bit like the GOP in the US.

Then there is a statement from the UK’s Green Party…..

A female lawmaker in Britain thinks the UK is headed for ruin under Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit leadership, and she’s floating a provocative idea to fix things: an all-female emergency Cabinet made up of 10 women from all the major parties. Why only females? “I believe women have shown they can bring a different perspective to crises, are able to reach out to those they disagree with and cooperate to find solutions,” writes Green Party MP Caroline Lucas in the Guardian. A news story in the Guardian calls the idea “extraordinary,” and the BBC notes that such an arrangement—in which parliament members from several parties join together to form a government—has not happened since World War II. The idea is a long shot, and it would begin by having parliament pass a no-confidence vote against Johnson.

At that point, the new national unity Cabinet of women would form to lead the country—and put forth a new referendum on whether to go through with Brexit or have the UK remain in the European Union. Lucas writes that Johnson seems bent on having Brexit take place as scheduled in October with no deal at all in place with the EU, which she and other critics say would be disastrous. She is hoping to meet with her female colleagues this week to set the plan in motion. “In my experience, women tend to be less tribal, they tend to find it easier to establish trust more quickly,” she tells the BBC.

The political rhetoric in the UK is just as bizarre as here in the US……

Let me hear from you guys.

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Our Man Winnie

There is a thing that I do not completely understand…….the American fascination with the English royals……and pundits desire to put Churchill on a pedestal…..

Many politicos look at Winston as some sort of god among men….basically because he lead the UK during the dark days of World War 2…..

But Churchill’s story during WW1 is less than exemplary….he resigned from the Admiralty over the major screw up at Gallipoli in Turkey….The plan for the operation was conceived by First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill who believed warships could force the Dardanelles and strike directly at Constantinople…….

Then in early 1940 Churchill is elected PM and led the country through the years at war…..the war ended in Europe in 1945, 8 May and by July of 1945 Churchill had resigned……after his leadership during the war why was he thrown out of office so quickly after end?

Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his Conservative party went down to defeat today in the British election and the Labor party was expected to form a new government.

Turning their backs on the men who led their nation through the darkest perils of the war, British voters overwhelmingly repudiated his Conservative party and elected to the House of Commons a clear and absolute majority of Labor party members.

Under British custom, Churchill’s resignation and the formation of a new cabinet headed by Labor Party Leader Maj. Clement Attlee was merely a formality.

An official tabulation of votes at 2 p.m. (8 a.m. CWT) wrote the end of Churchill’s leadership of Britain.


I still do not understand the fascination with Churchill by Americans…….his popularity is high among conservs in the US…..another thing that makes me wonder…..

I am by no means an expert on Winnie but maybe my English readers can help us understand the man…..their insights will not be skewed by the desire to sell books.

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Closing Thought–02Aug19

I have written ,much about the problems that our veterans are having….their mental health……suicides were on the rise at a time when the VA has its problems as well…..I have written about these problems often….



I revisit my post on veterans suicide because I read that the UK seems to be having a like problem with the veterans…..

A coroner has warned that more military veterans suffering PTSD may take their own lives unless urgent action is taken to improve their care.

Emma Brown, the coroner for Birmingham and Solihull, has written to NHS services and police highlighting a catalogue of failures in the treatment of Lance Corporal Dave Jukes in the months leading up to his suicide.

Earlier this month, she ruled the 49-year-old veteran from Birmingham, who had served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia, took his own life last year after repeated calls for help were largely ignored.

In a strongly worded letter seen by The Sunday Telegraph, she has urged NHS England, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust and West Midlands Police to learn from mistakes in the soldier’s treatment.


It is a crying shame that these men and women made it home to their loved ones only to face PTSD that could just as lethal as any enemy on the battlefield.

Hopefully my readers in the UK will fill in any blanks that I may have in this issue.

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UK Enters The Age Of Trump

Our friends in the UK have been through a process of picking a new Prime Minister….sadly the conservs have picked a Trump-esque clown to run the government.

Boris Johnson will become Britain’s new prime minister on Wednesday. The governing Conservative Party revealed Tuesday that the Brexit hardliner won a ballot of about 160,000 Conservative members to replace Theresa May, who announced her resignation last month, per the AP. Johnson, a former London mayor, had been the heavy favorite. He wooed Conservatives by promising to succeed where May failed and lead the UK out of the European Union on the scheduled date of Oct. 31—with or without a divorce deal. Several Conservative ministers have already announced they will resign to fight any push for a “no-deal” Brexit, an outcome economists warn would disrupt trade and plunge the UK into recession.

May stepped down after Britain’s Parliament repeatedly rejected the withdrawal agreement she struck with the 28-nation bloc. Johnson insists he can get the EU to renegotiate—something the bloc insists it will not do. If not, he says Britain must leave the EU on Halloween, “come what may.” Johnson will preside over a House of Commons in which most members oppose leaving the EU without a deal, and where the Conservative Party lacks an overall majority. He prevailed over British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt in the race to become prime minister.

If I understand the situation is right now leads the Tories (conservs) if the Queen accepts him as PM he will be invited to the Palace and asked to put together a government.

Brexit should be more in the news over here….Will Boris be a Trump-like demagogue or will he try to unite the country as Trump has NEVER done here in the US or will he be just another foolish person given the reins of government to embarrass the country?

If there is anything I missed or misrepresented then please help us Colonials understand this event.

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Beware The 5th Of November

Closing Thought–05Nov18

This is a re-post of an article I wrote seven years ago…….

Remember….Remember…..The 5th Of November

DISCLAIMER:  I am in NO way advocating any violence or violent act….all am doing is just…. saying……also this post was written before the tragic shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords……

The year is 1605, a gang of conspirators are planning the ultimate political statement…..the “Big Bang” theory….if you will……

Remember, remember, the 5th of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot;
I see of no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.
Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes,
‘Twas his intent.
To blow up the King and the Parliament.
Three score barrels of powder below.
Poor old England to overthrow.

And now the history lesson that you all so deserve……..the most notable of the conspirators mentioned is one Guy Fawkes…..

Guy Fawkes is the most famous among the conspirators who took part in 1605’s “Gunpowder Plot,” a failed attempt to blow up King James I of England and the Houses of Parliament. Fawkes and his partners were Roman Catholics who decided desperate measures were required to replace the king, a Protestant. The plot was hatched in the spring of 1604 by Robert Catesby, and eventually came down to a plan to blow up the parliament on 5 November 1605, the date of an official opening attended by members of both houses as well as the king. Fawkes and a dozen others took part in the plot, with Fawkes designated as the one in charge of the explosives. (During the 1590s he served in the Spanish army in the Netherlands, and it is thought he had experience with munitions.) Fawkes and his cohorts stashed 36 barrels — nearly two tons — of gunpowder in a rented cellar beneath the House of Lords. A search of the cellar the night of 4 November found the explosives and Fawkes, and he was arrested and tortured; within a few days the other conspirators were either killed or captured. On 31 January he was executed, after being tried and convicted of treason. Because the plot was foiled, 5 November was designated a holiday, but over time the holiday has also become a celebration of Fawkes’s revolutionary intent.Read more: http://www.answers.com/topic/guy-fawkes#ixzz19dqCeDhy

I would bet that you, the reader, is asking just what I am going on about and why….am I right?

Over the centuries it has been shown that the people are unwilling to change the way things are being done in politics and for that reason I believe the Fawkes was not too wrong in his thinking….

Since the people are truly unwilling to do anything about the corrupt and ineffectual nature of their politicians maybe some form of direct action is needed….and I would say that Fawkes’s approach would be considered as just that….a direct action.

Years ago in my more radical days….I saw that the people were content with the lousy job that politicians are capable of and I said then that maybe we should call a joint session of Congress….gas all the reps and senators and then send a letter back to their state’s and districts say….they are all dead….start over!

Since politicians are NOT afraid of the will of the people…..Maybe then we would find some people willing to work for the country….knowing what would possibly happen if they didn’t…..we could move forward and cease the endless array of political games……

Just A Thought! Just thinking out loud!

If you would like to read the original then……https://lobotero.com/2011/11/05/remember-remember-the-5th-of-november/

Time for my day to end on this happier note…..tah tah….chuq

Closing Thought–30Aug18

I apologize for the scant posts today…another day with the doctors and they are never on time……

Keeping with the tone of this week’s closing thoughts I have chosen yet another Bad Lip Reading for your enjoyment….

Twice now the nation, the US, has been on the edge of its seats because of the royal weddings of the Uk’s ruling family……me I did not watch it did not really care but the nation was all a-gaga…..

Only fair that I give you Bad Lip Readings take on the wedding of the century (or something like that)……..

Please enjoy……

Can anyone explain the popularity of the royals in the US…….the humor is excellent…..but that is about it.