Could Germany Have Won WW2?

Some times I need a break from the horrific BS that passes for news….and today I will offer some history in that pursuit…..

I apologize for the time between Part 2 and Part 3 of this series…..but events around the world have been coming fast and furious…..

This is a series that is looking at the possibility of a win for Germany in WW2…..what mistakes were made that could have made this possible….

Parts One and Two in case my reader has forgotten the series….

Read Part 1 and Part 2

In the last article of this series, we examined how Germany might have won the war if Hitler had been patient enough to wait to risk war until the German army was ready to fight. In this article, we will consider some ways the Germans might have goaded the British into accepting a negotiated peace before the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941 while keeping the United States officially neutral in the conflict. Here are some of the most effective things Hitler could have done to accomplish that:

Don’t allow the withdrawal of British Expeditionary Forces at Dunkirk – Hitler’s decision to spare the BEF at Dunkirk and allow their evacuation to Britain from May 26-June 4, 1940 was meant to underscore the fact that he wanted peace with Britain. Ironically, it was this very decision to deliberately spare the BEF and allow the withdrawal of 336,000 British and 210,000 French 9th Army troops that enabled Churchill to reject Hitler’s 1940 peace offer, which history shows he seriously considered

accepting on May 26, 1940 before the BEF had been saved. It is a supreme irony of history that the one time Hitler proved he was serious about peace with Britain, his peace offering was precisely what ended up causing it to refuse his peace offers, ultimately costing Germany any hope for victory in the war. The terms of his July 1940 peace offer reportedly closely mirrored his proposed May 1941 peace offer, including granting nominal independence to Poland as a German protectorate along with a full German military withdrawal from France (except for Alsace-Lorraine), Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Norway. Peace with Britain, even if temporary, likely would have enabled Germany to negotiate favorable peace terms with the Soviets along the lines Stalin himself proposed as shall be detailed in the next installment of this series. Of course, if Hitler had accepted a Four-Power Peace Conference and/or only occupied the Polish Corridor, Hitler would never have had to attack Britain or France to win the war in the first place, as they would not have been at war.

Keep mind that this is a “what if” scenario that looks at the possibilities……in no way is this a post about the joys of fascism….in case there is any doubt.

Any thoughts?

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Was It He Or She?

Sunday and continuing with a history thing…..

I do like me some history….I consume all that I can…I even have started “auditing” some classes in university…..and the TV has a good source some times but we are getting way too much bullshit that they try to sell as history….

Like the other day I was watching one of those “conspiracy” shows……you know the ones….they offer “evidence” that what we have been taught is all wrong…..well I saw a part that I had heard before but had dismissed……

Was the “Virgin Queen”, Elizabeth I, really a man in drag?

The bones of Elizabeth I, Good Queen Bess, lie mingled with those of her sister, Bloody Mary, in a single tomb at Westminster Abbey. But are they really royal remains — or evidence of the greatest conspiracy in English history?

If that is not the skeleton of Elizabeth Tudor, the past four centuries of British history have been founded on a lie.

And according to a controversial new book, the lie began on an autumn morning 470 years ago, when panic swept through a little group of courtiers in a manor house in the Cotswold village of Bisley in Gloucestershire.

The king, Henry VIII, was due at any hour. He was travelling from London, in great discomfort — for the 52-year-old monarch was grossly overweight and crippled by festering sores — to visit his daughter, Elizabeth.

The young princess had been sent there that summer from the capital to avoid an outbreak of plague. But she had fallen sick with a fever and, after weeks of bleeding, leeches and vomiting, her body was too weak to keep fighting. The night before the king’s arrival, his favourite daughter, the only child of his marriage to Anne Boleyn, had been dangerously ill. In the morning, Elizabeth lay dead.

Any scholars or mere mortals that can inform my readers of the validity of this….is it BS or could there be some truth hidden there?

Surely I am not the only person to have heard/read this stuff.

I do love my history!

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Could Germany Have Won WW2? Part 2

I started a “what if” history awhile bac k before the impeachment thing got to dominate the news…….and now that we are at a slow season with the process now would be a good time to continue…..

I had a history professor that enjoyed looking at history and envisioning an alternate outcome……my first post in case you have forgotten……

Part two is about the German military of the day……

In our last article, we examined some of the actions that Germany might have taken to achieve its territorial objectives without having to fight the Western Powers of Britain, France and the United States of America in World War Two. Some of the most important ways for Germany to have won the war would have been to have waited until German industries had recovered from the limitations imposed by the Versailles Treaty to maximize Germany’s military potential. It would have entailed a more prudent utilization of Germany’s limited military-industrial resources, better organization and increased mobility of her army. Here are some examples:

Avoid war with Allies until 1941 or 1943

Due to the fact that the German rearmament program was not projected to be completed until 1943, Hitler expected the outbreak of war would not occur until then or until 1941 at the earliest. Accordingly, Hitler was completely caught off guard when Britain and France declared war against him on Sept. 3, 1939 over his invasion of Poland. Germany’s generals warned Hitler that the army was not ready for war in 1939. Not only were one-third of Germany’s army divisions still seriously underequipped, but there was a major shortage of officers due to the massive expansion of the German Army from seven to 103 divisions during a five year period. Due to the serious shortage of tanks armed with 37mm guns or above, the German Army was forced to employ 2,000 obsolete Panzer I and Panzer II training tanks which the Germans had never intended to use in war. While the punitive Treaty of Versailles did not end up accomplishing its purpose in keeping Germany economically destitute, militarily powerless, divided and downtrodden, let alone prevent a Second World War, its ban on Germany building tanks actually contribute toward Nazi Germany losing World War II.

Before you disagree please keep in mind that this is an exercise in alternative thinking…..not some way to promote the Nazi ideology.

Any thoughts?

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Those Wacky Romans!

Many historians are enthralled with the Romans and their empire…well I am NOT one of those people…..but I did find some of their actions disgusting and at times humorous…..

For instance they had a pee tax….by pee I mean urine……

The Romans collected pee daily from public and private urinals located throughout the city. The contents would be used as a natural cleaning agent for a variety of applications such as washing clothes, tanning leather, bleaching textiles, and even brushing one’s teeth. 

If you’ve wondered why urine smells, a simple chemical reaction is to blame. When exposed to nitrogen in the atmosphere, pee undergoes a transformation in which proteins metabolize to produce ammonia — a commodity in high demand during the first century AD. 

Naturally, officials sought to capitalize on the flowing resource by levying what came to be known as the vectigal urinae or “urine tax.” When public urinals and private toilets became full, the collector would be charged a tariff s on these pots of liquid gold. As a result, it popularized the phrase, pecunia non olet  (“money does not stink”). 

There is so much more……

First let me say….Eeeewwwww!

Let’s hope it never comes to that in our era……we pay enough taxes (well some of us do…others get a free ride)….we already pay taxes on tobacco, whiskey, gas, etc next in line will be our urine.

That ends my class for this session….

Class Dismissed!

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What If Archduke Ferdinand Had Survived?

Last year we celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the end of the Great War, World War One…..

As a history buff I am always interested in this war because it was the birth place of the world we live in today.

The War began when Archduke Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was assassinated in Serbia in 1914…and as I like to do….a “what if”……

What if the person that started the war had not died in Serbia in 1914……

World War One was a tragedy with particularly Austrian roots, sparked by the assassination of the heir to the throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914. But could the war have been avoided if he had not been killed? And would the Austro-Hungarian Empire have survived?

Those are the questions that have been posed at a conference at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna, which has been training diplomats since 1754.

For at least one person at the conference, the “what if?” question was personal. Maria Camilla Habsburg Lothringen, a descendant of Austria’s former royal family, says the scenario is “quite intriguing” and would have changed her family’s fate.

“We would maybe have a different position here in Austria. Maybe we would have more possessions and more responsibility in our functions.”

However she says the thought of royal responsibilities and the lack of personal freedom makes her a little “uptight”. And the war, she says, is clearly about far more than just the fate of her own family.

“World War One was such a dramatic occasion. To look back at the past and ask what went wrong and learn out of that is a very important thing.”

Think if the war had been avoided….think of all the millions that would have lived to old age……think about the world we may have had to live in today.

Any thoughts to share?

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Could Germany Have Won World War Two–Part 1?

When I was in college I took many history courses and one of them the professor would have us students use our brains and come up with a ‘what if’…….

I recently finished that 38 part series on the history of the US….I like series where it takes a little research and hard work to make them…..I found another but this one is about World War 2 and the possibility that the Nazis could have won…if only…..

I am sure that there will be those that will take exception to this series….but remember it is not my research but that of other people…I am just the messenger……I offer it up as a source for discussion….I may or may not endorse the conclusions….

Part 1–Germany could have won WW2 without fighting the Western Allies…..

the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II, which cost the lives of an estimated 50-60 million people and was the most terrible war in world history. We all know how the war turned out—with an overwhelming Soviet-Western Allied victory over Nazi Germany ending with the destruction and dismemberment of Germany herself and the death by starvation of millions of her citizens. Given the way the events of the war played out, there was no other foreseeable outcome other than her defeat. But as most historians are aware, German defeat in the war would have been far from inevitable had Nazi leader Adolf Hitler refrained from making certain critical mistakes.

This series of articles represents an attempt to summarize the top mistakes and omissions Germany made that cost it victory in this greatest and most terrible of all wars in human history. Of course, the best way for Germany to have won World War II was for it to have avoided fighting Britain, France, and the United States of America altogether. Germany had the military potential to defeat France and likely force Britain to make peace, but with a Navy less than one-sixth the size of Britain’s, it had no means to even attack U.S. territory, let alone defeat it. Here are some actions that Germany might have taken to achieve their territorial objectives without having to fight the Western Powers of Britain, France and the United States of America:

As I stated before….this is offered up as a source for discussion….please let your thoughts be known….but I have written about the Nazi voter…….

I shall be posting each part as they are available……

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And The Wall Came Tumbling Down

09November in Germany is filled with lots of history….I shall let Padre Steve take on from that statement…..

This is a bit of a departure from normal posting technique for IST…but it is a historic event…and we love history…..

Nope not some religious rant about he walls of Jericho….something more important…the 30 year anniversary of the beginning of the end…….first the Berlin Wall….09 November 1989 the wall came tumbling down.

Least we NOT forget.

First we should know the history of why it was erected at all….and then why it came down…..

Try to remember that events of that November…..

Nearly 30 years ago, in the night of November 9-10, 1989, East German border police opened the gates at crossing points in the Berlin Wall, allowing masses of East Berliners to stream through them unhindered.

This started a night of unbridled celebrations as people crossed freely back and forth through the Cold War barrier, climbed on it, and even danced and partied on it.

The signal for the mass breach of the previously heavily guarded wall was a fumbled announcement in a press conference by the Socialist Unity Party (SED) Party chief of Berlin, Günter Schabowski.

Will this day be remembered?

The fall promised a bright new world without the USSR and the divisive politics that the Cold War brought about.

You know, it’s strange. There are certain moments that you and everyone in your generation never forget. For instance, I can tell you exactly where I was – eating a 25-cent hamburger in a diner that might have been called the Yankee Doodle in New Haven, Connecticut – when a man stuck his head in the front door and said, “The president’s been shot.” That, of course, was John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963, and I have little doubt that, if you asked just about anyone else my age, they’d have a remarkably specific memory of that moment, too.

But here’s the strange thing that TomDispatch regular and former Boston Globe columnist James Carroll brought to my mind with today’s piece on what may qualify as the single most important historical event of my life: the dismantling of the Berlin Wall. I have no idea what I was doing or where I was that November 9th in 1989 when I first heard that the forever structure dividing East from West that symbolized the two-superpower world of the Cold War was coming down. I have just vague memories of TV images of crowds surging and the wall being whacked at by people with sledgehammers

What the Dismantling of the Berlin Wall Means 30 Years Later

A good retrospective……for those that would like to remember….

It was on 9 November 1989, five days after half a million people gathered in East Berlin in a mass protest, that the Berlin Wall dividing communist East Germany from West Germany crumbled.

East German leaders had tried to calm mounting protests by loosening the borders, making travel easier for East Germans. They had not intended to open the border up completely.

The changes were meant to be fairly minor – but the way they were delivered had major consequences.

It appears that this event means NOTHING….and why should it….it only changed the world as we had known it and gave way to the crippling globalization with which  we have a love/hate relationship….so why look back?  Why try to remember what went wrong/right?

I was eating dinner of a ‘Wheel Burger’, a local famous burger and fries and watched the TV as I dined and enjoying my ice cold Miller….how about you?

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