Might know that after I wrote a post about the lack of concern by the media over Venezuela…..  and then His Majesty needed a diversion so he chose Venezuela for that diversion.

President Trump signed an executive order late Monday imposing a full economic embargo against Venezuela, freezing all government assets in the US and forbidding all transactions of any Venezuelan officials.

This is the first major expansion of sanctions against a western hemisphere nation by the US in over 30 years, and is intended to put Venezuela into the same level of economic isolation as similarly restricted Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria.

The order cites human rights abuses, and the fact that President Maduro is still in power in Venezuela, even though the US recognized opposition leader Guaido as the rightful ruler of the country.

This is the latest US effort to try to impose regime change in Venezuela, after a failed military coup earlier this year. It’s not clear how broadly the US intends to enforce the sanctions, for example if they intend to use military force to prohibit naval trade from the Venezuelan coast


Okay I thought we already had enacted massive economic sanctions against Venezuela…..wait this is an embargo…surely that is a different thingy altogether, yeah?

Both sanctions and embargoes mean the prohibition or restriction of an activity. Particularly, an embargo is commonly used when the restriction is a trade-related. Sanctions, on the other hand, are used for all other disciples of prohibitions.

Basically it is the same thing….sounds like an attempt to get the media to look the other way…and is a waste of time…..diplomacy will get more accomplished than Neocon bullshit.

But Wait!

We have a Supreme Leader that has NO idea what is meant by diplomacy….because it will not translate to a TV Reality Show.

Not to worry it will be something new next week.

“Lego Ergo Scribo”

9 thoughts on “Venezuela–Again

  1. Such things seem to be done so casually, with little regard for the effects on the ordinary people of the countries concerned. This is a surefire way to breed long-term hatred of America.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. “diplomacy will get more accomplished than Neocon bullshit.”

    If the other side is recalcitrant in it’s objectionable positions what good is diplomacy ? Then more forceful options are used to force behavior modification. One thing I find disingenuous is that the turmoil in Venezuela is attributed to socialism’s inherent course of failure buy the neocons. But the misuse of power and direction by dictators and the US sanctions have destroyed Venezuela’s economy not a failure in socialism itself. Efforts at diplomacy with Iran seem fruitless and silly to me as well. If they are determined to have nukes , fund terrorism and disrupt the region with their intrigue what is there to negotiate ? Do we compromise and say “You can have some nukes, fund a little less terrorism, threaten to incinerate Israel only every other day instead of every day , have your proxies fire fewer missiles into Israel and cause a little less disruption in the region” ? That’s not acceptable.

    1. Force leads to more force and we know where that leads. We are allowing the Saudis to have nukes and they fund as much terrorism as anyone in the region so that argument falls apart. Israel needcs to stop pretending to be a victim first…they need to show they will abide by the laws of humanity and then maybe no one will threaten them with “incineration”. chuq

      1. Yes, I see , Saudis seem to fund terrorism as they give money to good guys and bad guys. Suppose they try to keep everyone happy so no one attacks the monarchy. What laws of humanity is Israel not following ? Seems with missiles incoming from Gaza,Lebanon and Syria they are a victim. Stabbings on the street of its citizens frequent too.

      2. What abougt the destruction of ho,mes, crops, killing of women and children…..that happens to me and you can call me a terrorist but I will get even…..destroying food for no reason poisoning wells are both crimes against humanity…they are no better than those bastards from the 1930s. chuq

  3. “getting even” is something that breeds an endless hate and justification for evil acts. I don’t have an answer or cure. In my own case I cannot forgive certain people and their deeds against me despite the requirements of my religion. I have gotten beyond revenge planning though. That destroys me not the other.

    1. Things would be a lot calmer if Israel would live up to the agreement they signed in 1968…..but they have NEVER done so. I could forgive but never forget. chuq

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