I Agree With Trump!

I know some of my more conservative readers will be reading this and having to sit down…..the old professor likes something Trump is doing?

Well yes I do….but there a several things that I approve of from the Trump admin……like bring troops home and a better infrastructure……so far neither of those have come to the forefront….only in rhetoric not reality.

As an old retired fart that depends on Medicare for his drugs and care I am always bitching about the price of my drugs….especially my insulin and pain meds…..

It appears that our president is going to do something about the high costs of prescribed medicine…..

The Trump administration said Wednesday it will set up a system to allow Americans to legally import lower-cost prescription drugs from Canada, weakening a long-standing ban that had stood as a top priority for the politically powerful pharmaceutical industry. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar made the announcement Wednesday morning, the AP reports. Previous administrations had sided with the industry on importation, echoing its concerns that it could expose patients to risks from counterfeit or substandard medications. Azar, a former drug industry executive, said US patients will be able to import medications safely and effectively, with oversight from the Food and Drug Administration. The administration’s proposal would allow states, wholesalers, and pharmacists to get FDA approval to import certain medications that are also available here.

It’s unclear how soon consumers will see results. Most patients take affordable generic drugs to manage conditions such as high blood pressure or elevated blood sugars. But polls show concern about the prices of breakthrough medications for intractable illnesses like cancer or hepatitis C infection, whose costs can run to $100,000 or more. And long-available drugs like insulin have also seen price increases that have forced some people with diabetes to ration their own doses. “For too long American patients have been paying exorbitantly high prices for prescription drugs that are made available to other countries at lower prices,” Azar said in a statement that credited President Trump for pushing the idea. The administration’s move comes as the industry is facing a crescendo of consumer complaints over prices, as well as legislation from both parties in Congress to rein in costs.

This is a great idea but like all great from Trump is it a lie,  a broken promise or will it make it to the reality of my life?

“Lego Ergo Scribo”

2 thoughts on “I Agree With Trump!

  1. It sounds to me to be something of a ‘campaign promise’. In my experience, such promises tend to disappear into thin air after the election, whatever country you live in.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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