Biden In The Lead

Last week Biden finally came out of the closet and announced his campaign for the Dem nomination……and now that he is in the lead the media will do their best to tear him down….(not that I find it reprehensible to do so)…after all he is the flavor of the day (for now)…..

To me Biden is not the candidate the country needs…he is an interventionist, anti-regulation in other words he should be a Repub…..

Joe Biden will never again be more popular than he was the day before he entered the presidential race. Still his residual appeal, a misbegotten nostalgia for the Obama years, vaulted Biden 20 points ahead of his nearest Democratic Party rivals in a Quinnipiac poll taken a few days after Biden’s announcement (in a creepy video) and his first campaign gigs, where, despite decades of service in the legislative ranks of Wall Street, he cunningly wrapped himself in the union label.

This Quinnipiac poll is almost certainly an outlier, but it must be picking up some kind of vibrations. Warren surging, Bernie plummeting. Warren has been hitting hard on new policies. Bernie is avoiding difficult issues and giving same stump speech he has for past 6 years…

There are several reasons why in my opinion Biden is the wrong person to rep the DNC……and this group below offers several of the reasons why this is…….

As soon as former Vice President Joe Biden announced his run for the presidency, he drew fire from the more progressive side of the Democratic Party. Justice Democrats, a group that backs Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and other new faces in Congress, issued a tweet thread laying out why Biden is not their candidate.

“Joe Biden stands in near complete opposition to where the center of energy is in the Democratic Party today,” the group wrote April 25. “We don’t need someone who voted for the Iraq War, for mass incarceration, and for the Bankruptcy Reform Act, while voting against gay marriage, reproductive rights, and school desegregation.”

The six issues in that tweet have long been seen as Biden’s Achilles’ heel in this Democratic primary. Biden’s votes are a matter of record, but on some points, such as gay marriage, Biden switched his position.

My concern is foreign policy and so far between the two “front runners” Biden and Bernie have differing views……

Supporters of former Vice President Joe Biden praise him as a man with extensive foreign policy experience. He’s living proof, however, that extensive doesn’t necessarily mean good.

Biden reflects the mindset of the previous generation of mainstream Democratic leaders who are out of touch with the anti-interventionist sentiments of most Americans.

“We don’t like his experience,” says Karen Bernal, theoutgoing chair of the California Democratic Party’s Progressive Caucus and who supports Senator Bernie Sanders for President. “Biden is way too deferential to the military-industrial complex. I don’t see him changing.”

Biden vs. Bernie – a Foreign Policy Faceoff

Oh God the polling is never ending and the BS of the MSM is never ending….for the media needs a corporate America friendly candidate they can promote and that candidate is Biden.

Biden is in the lead by double digits as they approach the first post but he needs to watch for the other horse in the race to cut him off as they race to the finish …….(sorry I had to throw in a Derby reference)…..(that will be the first and last reference to this damn race you will hear from me)

This is a debate that few will pay attention to for this election……for me I am still supporting Tulsi Gabbard for she best reflects my outlook on our foreign policy.

Learn Stuff!

Then VOTE!

2 thoughts on “Biden In The Lead

    1. Yes and to call himself a progressive is a slap to a true progressive…hell he is close to Repubs than progressives….chuq

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