It’s Lies Once Again!

The terrifying news came out over the weekend that the US was moving a Naval Strike group is moving into the region on some vague reason…..that reason has been speculated that it is a warning to Iran. For so a warning for what?

Once again the US will take Israel’s word for it….it is not like their intel has been ever wrong….(sarcasm)…..

A US buildup of military forces in the Middle East, and threats to use force against Iran are now being justified by US officials who claim to have “clear indications” that Iran was plotting to attack US forces in the area, in Iraq according to some reports.

Exactly what these “clear indications” actually were is unclear. Israeli media, however, gave credit to Israeli intelligence, saying they’d passed on their own report of a “possible Iran plot,” and the White House went from there.

This intelligence doesn’t seem great, as officials say that Mossad was unclear what Iran was actually planning to do, but that tensions are on the rise, and there were several scenarios that Mossad came up with that might happen.

Israel is always keen to drum up tensions between the US and Iran at any rate, so they probably didn’t need a lot of confidence to pass it along to the US and hope something came of it.

Iran, by contrast, accused the US of “talking up” the threat as a justification for a buildup that the US Navy had scheduled some time ago. The Navy has already scheduled the aircraft carrier deployment nearly a month ago.


This is just the sort of LIES that gets our asses in trouble over and over again.

We trusted the Israeli intel in Lebanon in the 1980s and we kill about 100 innocent people trying to kill one person and again in the 80s when we trusted their intel and we missed Qaddafi and finally the intel from Israel has been wrong about Iranian nukes for 25 years….and now we are trusting their inept intel once again…..

What do we pay the CIA to do?

Maybe confirm the intel before we do something stupid like Iraq.

Just a thought.

11 thoughts on “It’s Lies Once Again!

  1. Lies are to be expected. Only the truth would surprise me. 🙂
    (This is not getting reported here, due to the royal baby. We get our priorities right in the UK…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. “Israel is always keen to drum up tensions between the US and Iran”

    Huh ? How could tensions get any worse ? They scream “death to America” every day , threaten to incinerate Israel every day and are enraged over the Trump sanctions causing internal discontent in Iran.Seems like clear indications to me com
    Gunboat diplomacy has been an aspect of US technique since Teddy Roosevelt and could merely be training mission and threat accomplishing two missions at once. Also shows US presence is not going to evaporate in the region under this president. pounded by Iran cozying up with Russia and China.

    “trusting their inept intel once again…..”

    Huh? Mossad has more reach in many cases than US, Russia or Britain.

    1. Mossad has given us bad intel on two occasions that killed innocent people…..and their predictions about Iran have been all over the place in the last 25 years…..they just want the US to do their dirty work…..chuq

    2. Tensions wee not this high 3 years a go…and they have steadily gotten worse….for the neocons want a war with Iran….why? Who the Hell knows but they have done it several times in the past….chuq

  3. Just when I think things may be getting better. Maybe I should just stop thing about it and concentrate on my yard work. My roses really look great. Lots of rain and sunshine.

  4. Iran has already been attacking our forces in the region, through their Shia militia proxies. My Coalition location was rocketed last Wednesday….and the surveillance and preparation for more attacks continue. Regardless if Israel, Iran is a belligerent.

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