Closing Thought–28Feb17

Subject:  Sex and Religion

There are a few subjects that I seldom post on….religion is one of those subjects.

Religion is a personal decision by the individual…..I have mine and you have yours and that is the way it should remain.  I do not care about yours and you sure as Hell do not care about mine….

Most of the crazies in the fundamental side of religion have their problems with sex….and some of these people will go to extreme measures to see that NO one enjoys sex.

I found one such story……

From all over the world, they flocked to the tiny town of Spindale, NC, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, lured by promises of inner peace and eternal life. What many found instead: years of terror—waged in the name of the Lord. Congregants of the Word of Faith Fellowship were regularly punched, smacked, choked, slammed to the floor, or thrown through walls in a violent form of deliverance meant to “purify” sinners by beating out devils, 43 former members told the AP in separate, exclusive interviews. Victims of the violence included pre-teens and toddlers—even crying babies, who were vigorously shaken, screamed at, and sometimes smacked to banish demons. Students in the church’s K-12 school were encouraged to beat their own classmates. Several former followers said some congregants of the church were sexually abused, including minors.

Word of Faith Fellowship has been scrutinized on numerous occasions by law enforcement, social services agencies, and the news media since the early 1990s—all without significant impact, mostly because followers refused to cooperate. Those interviewed by the AP—most of them raised in the church—say Word of Faith leaders strong-armed young victims and their parents to lie. They said members were forbidden to seek outside medical attention for their injuries, which included cuts, sprains, and cracked ribs. The former members, some of whom offered up secretly recorded conversations with the church’s controlling leader, Jane Whaley, said they were speaking out now due to guilt for not doing more to stop the abuse and because they fear for the safety of the children still in the church, believed to number about 100. Click for much more on the alleged abuses.

Source: NC church barred foreplay and threw parishioners ‘through walls in the name of the Lord’: report

These are the same type that want to inflict their religious BS on everyone.

Religious types are so pathetic.

End with poetry……


I must be gone,

I cannot linger,

Never put your face,

Where you wouldn’t put your finger.

Close it down for the day… well, be safe….chuq

Why Not Hide From The Press?

The back and forth of the Trump goons against the press has taken a really cool turn…..

We all know that he banned certain press groups from a briefing…..

Shortly after President Donald Trump vowed to “do something” about the “cunning” media who he’s called “the enemy” of the American people, CNN announced on air it, and other members of the press, had been barred from today’s White House briefing.

CNN reports The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and Politico also were told they were not on the White House list for today’s off-camera briefing. The Washington Post reports it did not have a reporter present, at the time.

The New York Times also reported that it, CNN and Politico were not allowed to enter White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s office, calling it “an unsual breach of protocol.

It does not stop there.  Trump has decided that he will not appear at the “Nerd Prom”, the Correspondence Dinner, for whatever reason.

Well as could be predicted there has been a bunch of ink wasted on this turn of events… is nothing new for him to hide from the press…..

About here it is time for another of the Professor’s historical perspectives…..

Our 3rd president, Thomas Jefferson (another Repub, go figure), had his problems with the press of his day…..

Trump is by no means the first American leader to fall out with the press and fail to see the joke. Thomas Jefferson, the third US president, complained bitterly about what would now be called fake news, a subject close to Trump’s heart. “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle,” Jefferson wrote in 1807.

Luckily for him, perhaps, Jefferson did not have to break bread with journalists in front of television cameras. The WHCA was not formed until 1914 and its annual dinners began in 1921. But age-old tensions were not dispelled.

Source: Donald Trump is not the first US president to boycott press events | US news | The Guardian

Jefferson’s problems with the press seems to have been a harbinger of things to come for Republican presidents…..and it never ended….now did it?

Personally I think Trump had to not go to this Nerd Prom for his fragile ego would not let him sit there and take what is dealt out…..that is without some sort of retaliation.

Presidential OJT

Awhile back after the election of Trump I was concerned about his lack of any actual experience to run a country….some said that he was a successful CEO and I pointed out that a nation is NOT the same as a business…..not many agreed with me…but that is the nature of having an opinion.

Another commenter pointed out that no president has had the experience to run a country….and that I agree….they said that it was basically an OJT gig and he would learn as he goes…..that is somewhat accurate and after reading around the other day I found an article that goes along with my discussion from my recent past…..

Every time it is hoped that things inside the Trump White House will get better, we are hit by the news of another mishap and reports of escalating chaos.  The latest one is the report that Vice Admiral (retired) Bob Harward rejected Trump’s offer to serve as his National Security Adviser.  A confidant of Harward described that offer to CNN as a “s…t sandwich.”  At a more mundane level, Harward turned down the offer because he could not take his personal staff with him to his prospective job.  That is an important reason for any top-level job, but especially for operating as an effective NSA.  Now that Lt. General H. R. McMaster has become Trump’s newest NSA, an interesting question is whether he will have the autonomy to have his own staff.  For President Trump, the dual crises for now are: learning how to handle crises as a greenhorn, while deciding whether to give up or retain America’s global primacy.

Source: Learning on the Job Versus Deciding Between Retaining/Giving Up Global Primacy | Small Wars Journal

His appointment of McMaster to State illustrates a good choice (in my opinion…but one that is unacceptable to others)….is it possible that he, Trump, is learning as he goes?

A good question and as it is right now….I believe it was a bit of luck that put McMaster’s name in front of the president.  He, Trump, still does not show that he has a grip on who to nominate and where.

Yes, it is early….maybe too early to be critical…….but Hell that never stopped me before….why would it now?

Elections: This Is Plain Bullsh*t!

We talk about what is happening to our election process…..there is much that is wrong.

We also talk about out loss of privacy…well that depends on who you talk to….but there is one place that your privacy is paramount…the voting booth…

Now news has come out that this one sacred right has been pushed aside….

Officials from two more states have reported their election systems experienced unauthorized Department of Homeland Security cyberscans in the run-up to the presidential election, or in the days immediately after.

The State of Indiana’s Information Sharing and Analysis Center reported that over 10,000 individual hits on its systems originated from a handful of DHS IP addresses. According to a January IN-ISAC report provided to FCW by the Indiana Secretary of State’s office on Feb. 23, those same IP addresses were associated with a similar unauthorized scan of the State of Georgia’s election systems in the fall of 2016 and early 2017.

Source: More states say DHS scanned election systems without permission — FCW

Does anyone else see a problem with this invasion of privacy?

How long before the voter is not wanted?

I mean the American voter is not needed that is what the Electoral College is for… circumvent the will of the people.

How long?

The Name Game

Was it IS…or ISIS….or Da’nesh…..or maybe ISIL?  For years we all have our way of referring to the bastards in the terrorist group by name…  I have always used ISIS.  But the government, until now, has called it ISIL whenever they referred to the group.

Well sports fans the confusion is now officially over…..for now.

The US Department of Defence has produced a change of terminology in the war against the Islamic State group.

The name preferred by the Obama administration – the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) – has been dropped.

But the name favoured by President Donald Trump – the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has now been adopted by the Pentagon.

A memo dated February 13 from the office of Defence Secretary Jim Mattis says the switch to “ISIS” make the Pentagon “consistent with” Trump’s language in the January 28 directive, in which he called for a new plan to defeat the militant group.

Rest easy….now that this issue has been settled maybe now we can concentrate on beating the crap out of them…..

Speaking of that……after a campaign promise of defeating ISIS soundly by then candidate Trump…we have the new plan to do just that…..

Full details of the plan have not been released yet, but the long-promised Pentagon proposal to escalate the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria has been delivered today, and is said to includes options for large deployments of additional troops to Syria, as well as increased targeting of ISIS the world over.

The plan for the Pentagon is to “rapidly” defeat ISIS, with the assumption that throwing more US troops at the situation will make it go faster. Officials at the Pentagon conceded this strategy might need to be further refined before implemented on the ground.

So far all we have are the talking points….but the one point that is disturbing……”options for large deployments of additional troops to Syria”… we are gonna invade and occupy another Middle East country?

Sounds like just more of the same….NOT a prescription for victory.

You may sleep well tonight.

American Exceptionalism And The Beat Goes On

An interesting topic…..go to the streets and ask any 10 people the definition of American Exceptionalism and I would wager you would get 10 different answers.

Some Americans love the idea but few have any idea what that idea is all about.  The American Conservative has issued an article……

One of the more tedious arguments from hawks over the last eight years is that the U.S. “retreated” under Obama. This was always false, and there was no real “retreat” from the world. Nonetheless, the lie became a habit and it has since hardened into conventional D.C. wisdom. Obama didn’t “retreat” from internationalism, but the purpose in promoting this falsehood was to identify internationalism with extremely meddlesome interventionism and to treat everything else as the rejection of internationalism. This nonsense made for a somewhat useful talking point so long as hawks didn’t get too specific about what they meant, but when forced to describe what Obama’s “retreat” was they had to acknowledge that they meant that he didn’t start or escalate enough wars to their satisfaction. According to them, Obama’s big failing is that he didn’t involve the U.S. enough in the killing of Syrians. To put it mildly, that is an odd understanding of what internationalism means.

Source: ‘American Exceptionalism’ and Our Warped Foreign Policy ‘Idealists’ | The American Conservative

Then we have the Trump mantra of America First…..,but if he is successful could there be consequences?

Chinese president Xi Jinping has vowed for the first time that China should take the lead in shaping the “new world order” and safeguarding international security, one of the latest moves putting him in stark contrast to Donald Trump and the US president’s “America First” policy.

Xi had on numerous occasions called for China to play an important part in building the new world order. But during a Feb. 17 national security seminar in Beijing, he indicated China should “guide” the international community in the effort. A Feb. 20 commentary (link in Chinese) by the Chinese Communist Party’s central party school, which trains officials, noted the distinction. It has since been widely shared by state-controlled media.

Source: Chinese president Xi Jinping has vowed to lead the “new world order” — Quartz

I love foreign policy and this situation needs observing closely….the fate of this globe could be the balance……


Closing Thought–27Feb17

Subject:  Immigrants!

Do you recall the faux outrage when the report of wandering gangs of immigrants were attacking and raping Germans?  I believe it was big on alt-Right sites (not to be confused with real Conservative sites) around the first of this year.

I reported that their insane claims were debunked by German police authorities….these massive attacks did not occur….and the alt-Right was silent on this revelation….and some still refer to these non-existent attacks to feed their hatred and bigotry.

Source: Mass sexual assault in Frankfurt by refugees ‘completely made up’ | The Independent

Now more news has coming about immigrants in Germany…..and I bet the alt-Right will by-pass this news or claim, like everything else, is fake…….

More attacks on refugees were reported in Germany last year with more than 3,500 registered across the country, amounting to nearly 10 acts of anti-migrant violence a day while far-right parties have enjoyed a sharp increase in popularity. There were 3,533 attacks on refugees and refugee accommodation and welcoming centers across Germany in 2016, according to a recent report by the German Funke Mediengruppe, as reported by DW. These attacks, apparently motivated by anti-immigration sentiment, left 560 people injured, among them 43 of which were underage.

The numbers, which take into account attacks that occurred outside asylum centers as well, show a slight decline from 2015, the year Chancellor Angela Merkel decided to open the country’s borders to any and all refugees and asylum seekers, a policy which has been widely utilized by economic migrants as well as Islamic State militants and other terrorists.

The report also says that an additional 217 NGOs helping immigrants and volunteers were attacked as well.

These figures are preliminary and may be adjusted.

The rise of populist, anti-globalist and nationalist parties on the European continent was well underway even before 2015 as domestic problems were already being disproportionately created by citizens with immigrant backgrounds, though they never posed a direct threat to the European establishments.


Once again….the alt-Right and its minions report on lies to feed their hatred…personally I say let the bastards starve.

This situation will get NO ink of their sites… does not feed their need for hatred.

My day is done!  Have a good day and I will return tomorrow with more stuff….chuq