Do You Remember Your First Car?

It is a Sunday and for the life of me I could find anything that was of interest to me….so I decided to go off on one of my tangents……what say we give the immigrants a break?

Time for some nostalgia……

We Americans seem to define ourselves by the stuff we accumulate and own….in my day we were defined by our cars….so I thought I would try a human interest tact for today…..

What was your first car?

Mine was a Kharman-Ghia, a sporty little thing with an air cooled VW engine mounted in the rear…..a tan over brown coupe …..of course I had to tweak it a bit…better carb, better cam and driving lights…..pipes were included in the $250 I paid for my man wheels….I loved that car!

All my pics of my first car were destroyed in Katrina…if you need a reminder of what a Kharman-Ghia was then the link below will help……

Source: kharman-ghia – Yahoo Image Search Results

We parted ways when I joined the Army and sold it to my neighbor’s son for $200….I have regretted that action ever since.  Damn!  I miss that car.

Please join the conversation and let me know about your first car….

But if that does not float your boat then here is a bit of “Fusion Jazz”……

Time to go out and enjoy the rest of the weekend…be well, be safe….chuq