Closing Thought–10Feb17

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In the words of Osama……

Recently the CIA released a massive amount of declassified documents gave an old researched something to do in his spare time…..and then another bonanza for researchers….the release of the works of Osama bin Laden.

After his death in Pakistan the SEALs collected many documents that were valuable intel source… a parting shot Obama has released the documents for all to see…..

From Thomas Joscelyn, The Weekly Standard: “The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released 98 additional items from Osama bin Laden’s compound Thursday. If the ODNI has its way, then these files will be the last the American people see for some time. The accompanying announcement is titled, “Closing the Book on bin Laden: Intelligence Community Releases Final Abbottabad Documents.” The ODNI says today’s release “marks the end of a two-and-a-half-year effort to declassify several hundred documents recovered” during the Abbottabad raid. But the total number of files released thus far, including today’s document dump, is just a drop in the bucket compared to what was found in the al Qaeda master’s compound.”

In its last day running the country, the Obama administration has released a final batch of documents once belonging to Osama bin Laden, the AP reports. The 49 documents made public Thursday were part of the hundreds taken during the 2011 raid that led to bin Laden’s death. Intelligence officials have been working for years to declassify them. Despite multiple releases over the past two years, there are believed to be between 100 and 200 documents still classified, according to CNN. It will be up to the Trump administration whether to release them.

The 49 documents released Thursday include letters to and from bin Laden, his mother, and his deputies. They include instructions to multiple sons about how to travel safely and without being detected by enemies, including the CIA, and a rare letter from one of his daughters, who discusses her multiple ailments. The documents show bin Laden arguing with an al-Qaeda splinter group that would become ISIS, whose methods he found “brutal and violent,” the Mirror reports. They also include memos about al-Qaeda “best practices,” complaint boxes, monthly revenues, and an “oversight committee.”

As a person who loves research this will be a valuable resource for me……for those interested in what Osama was thinking and how he was reacting…..

Source: Bin Laden’s Bookshelf

It is the researcher in me…..time to start the weekend…..please everyone thanx for all the visits and comments they are much appreciated….be well, be safe….chuq

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How Important Are Vet Groups?

Apparently not as important as we were led to believe……

There has been lots of talk about the future of the VA with the election of this person as leader…..there are many that find Trump as a disingenuous toad….and to be honest his supporters think he will save the country from itself……and these supporters think he, Trump, will be the magic wand that will cure the ills of the VA….personally I do not think he gives one iota of care about these brave Americans…..

Recently he did what any good president does….he went on a listening tour…..

White House officials held their first listening session on problems with the Department of Veterans Affairs on Tuesday, but without inviting prominent members of the veterans community to the event.

Officials from the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans and the Veterans of Foreign Wars said they were not invited to the morning event and did not know about it until it was announced late Monday night, as part of the White House’s routine schedule outline.

Other prominent veterans groups were surprised Tuesday morning by news of the event, and unsure who was invited to take part in the discussion.

Source: Trump held his first VA listening session without veterans advocates

This illustrates what I said before….Trump cares little for the Vet and their families….his words are all smoke and mirrors……

Pentagon–North Annex

It is imperative the the president have his advisers close by….especially the military adviser just in case something goes to Hell in the world and the US needs to react.

The Pentagon has many of the president’s most usable advisers…..and now there is a story of a possible, I emphasize the word…POSSIBLE, way to solve any problems with Trump traveling between DC and NYC……

Questions about presidential conflicts of interest resurfaced Wednesday after a Pentagon announcement that it’s looking into leasing space in Trump Tower, the New York Times reports. DOD spokesman Lt. Col. JB Brindle said in a statement that, to “meet official mission requirements,” it may be necessary to lock down a “limited amount of space” in the New York City building. President Trump’s wife, Melania, and 10-year-old son, Barron, still reside at Trump Tower, and ABC News notes the president has suggested he’ll spend weekends there. Trump has “personnel and equipment” he needs at the tower to support his presidential duties, per Brindle, including the military staff responsible for keeping the “nuclear football” (the bag with the instructions and codes to OK a nuclear strike) close to Trump, CNN notes.

Brindle assures that the department would work through “appropriate channels” to make the lease legal. A worker for the company that rents commercial space in the tower tells CNN that floors available for rent run about $1.5 million a year. Similar space arrangements have been made for other presidents, including in Chicago for former President Obama, but the difference is that the Trump Organization, which owns Trump Tower, would be profiting from taxpayer dollars. “I have never heard of a president charging rent to the DOD or any other part of the government so they can be near him on his travels,” Richard Painter, an ethics lawyer under George W. Bush, tells the Chicago Tribune, adding he thinks Trump should offer a “very limited amount of space” free and let the DOD rent other space in non-Trump-owned properties.

Once again the old “conflict of interests” comes into play…..I am sure if this ever occurs there will be a wealth of lawsuits to stop this move…..

This is a bad idea….no matter how it is cut…it stinks!


Can the Left Weaponize Russia?

Of course it can….anything can be weaponized in politics……

The Dems need a plan…..could they do what the Right did in the 50’s……weaponize Russia to gain support and in turn gain voters?

The best weapon the GOP had 60 years ago was their hared of the USSR….their self-induced fear help them control the foreign policy that still hangs on to this day…..

The Dems had their asses handed to them in the elections of 2016….they need a plan….they need a plan that the American people will embrace and in doing so gain them votes…that magic wand that leads to power…..

Below link is a good look back at the days of the communism hysteria…..

Anti-Soviet sentiment used to be a powerful political unifier for the right. Fifty years later, some liberals think they can replicate that model.

With every passing week, President Donald Trump has furnished Democrats and a growing number of establishment Republicans with reason to worry that there is more to the president’s relationship with Russia than meets the eye. There is his ingratiating posture toward Vladimir Putin. His campaign’s machinations to change the Republican Party plank on Ukraine. Ominous threats to undermine NATO. The mysterious opposition research dossier suggesting that Moscow may possess “kompromat” of both a personal and business nature on Trump, though Moscow denies it. And now, a Fox interview in which the president drew moral equivalency between the Russian government, which imprisons and assassinates both dissidents and journalists, and the government in Washington.

Source: Can the Left Weaponize Russia? – POLITICO Magazine

The Dems will need all the ammo they can muster if they are to reverse the trend they created for themselves in the last decade…..

“Our House Is A Mighty Fine House”

The presidents of the US since FDR have had alternate residences…..well since FDR the Secret Service has been responsible for their security other than in DC…….

Yes, Irene this is a bit of the professor’s historical perspectives…..

We have a new president and does not seem to want to spend much time in the White House…..that means the SS needs to provide security in NYC at Trump Tower and at the resort in Florida Mar-a-Lago.  There has been some concern about the costs to the taxpayer with all this added extra security.  The question most asked is “is there a spending limit for this situation”?

Well….yes there is and we can thank Nixon for it……

Franklin D. Roosevelt had Hyde Park. Lyndon Johnson had his ranches. The first President Bush had a house in Kennebunkport, Maine, and the second a ranch in Crawford, Texas. Even after they’re elected, U.S. presidents often keep their private homes as retreats from the White House; America’s newest president, Donald Trump, has at least two.

Since his election in November, President Trump and his family have spent time at his Fifth Avenue apartment, where the First Lady and their son continue to live, and Mar-a-Lago, the president’s Florida resort. In the decades since the Kennedy assassination, when presidential protection became more rigorous, no president has kept a home in the thick of a city as big as New York, and critics havequestioned the millions of dollars being spent on securing the president’s apartment in Trump Tower.

The Secret Service is required to protect the president wherever he goes. But Congress has, in the past, been sensitive to the costs of that protection, especially when it involves the president’s private property. How much should be spent? Is there a limit? In the 1970s, in fact, after reports of “excesses and abuses” of public money spent at President Nixon’s private residences, Congress went so far as to pass a law that aimed to limit public spending on securing a president’s private property.

Source: U.S. Presidents Do Have Spending Limits for Securing Private Homes | Atlas Obscura

This will be interesting to see how Trump gets around this….after all every thing must conform to his will or he attacks endlessly on Twitter…..

How do you think he will approach this affront to his ego?