Closing Thought–17Feb17

Before I begin my closing thought….

Ohio Players front man, Junie Morrison, has died….The Dayton, Ohio, vocalist and producer responsible for founding The Ohio Players and contributing to the rise of the Parliament-Funkadelic passed away today at age 62.

May he Rest in Peace.  He will be missed!

Because you will not hear this from racist bastards that push a lie!

With the New Year came the report that migrants/refugees went batcrap crazy in Germany and sexually attack many women…some say as many as 55 migrants committed these crimes…..

And of course those tiny mind slobbering at their keyboards on the Right jumped on this report and are still using it as of today to denigrate anyone that is not white.

But the report was baseless according to the police…..

Prosecutors are investigating two people for allegedly fabricating an account of a mass sex attack by Arab migrants in Frankfurt.

Claims that a “sex rioting mob” of around 50 men assaulted a group of women over the new year were reported by German tabloid Bild earlier this month.

The report, which suggested the attackers lived at a refugee shelter in central Hasse, was widely re-circulated by right-wing news sites.

Source: Mass sexual assault in Frankfurt by refugees ‘completely made up’ | The Independent

Sad how these few bigoted a/holes will hold on the a lie just to spread their disgusting paradigm….

In closing please enjoy the Ohio Players….Fire

Today is Friday and I am tapped out…..I go and begin a restful weekend (hopefully) and you do the same…..Be well, be safe….chuq

Reiteration At Its Best

Same Song Different Day.

I did something yesterday that I am not proud of doing….I watch Trump’s latest “I am the greatest tour”…his 75 minute press conference.  This is my first and definitely my last Trump news conference unless something major is about to happen….I had never heard such egocentric babbling in a very long time.

Before I go…..let me give you a short synopsis of the time in Hell…..the lines that got the most chuckles out of me.  I did not listen for policy but rather the tone and the words…..I was not disappointed….just a list of the lines that I found laughable.

President Trump held forth with reporters at a lengthy news conference Thursday afternoon, defending his first weeks in office and again going after the media over “fake news.” A sampling, via the Washington Post, the Guardian, and the New York Times:

  • On his White House: “I open the paper and I see stories of chaos, chaos. It’s the exact opposite. This administration is running like a fine-tuned machine, despite not being able to get my Cabinet approved.”
  • On his progress: “I don’t think there’s ever been a president elected who in this short period of time has done what we have done.”
  • On the travel ban: “We had a very smooth rollout of the travel ban, but we had a bad court. We got a bad decision.”
  • A swipe at Obama? “To be honest, I inherited a mess. It’s a mess. At home and abroad, it’s a mess. Jobs are pouring out of the country.”
  • On Michael Flynn: The ousted NSA chief is a “fine person,” but “he didn’t tell the vice president of the United States the facts. And then he didn’t remember. And that just wasn’t acceptable to me.”
  • On the media: “The press has become so dishonest that if we don’t talk about it we are doing a tremendous disservice to the American people. The press are out of control. The level of dishonesty is out of control.”
  • On Russia: The Russia story “is a ruse. … I have nothing to do with Russia.”
  • On leaks/fake news: “The leaks are real, but the news is fake.”
  • To an African-American reporter: “Are they friends of yours?” when she asked about the Congressional Black Caucus.
  • On “dreamers”: “We are going to deal with DACA with heart,” he said of the Obama program to protect undocumented immigrants brought to the US as kids.
  • On himself: “I’m not a bad person by the way. … I do get good ratings.”

Don’t fret, you Trump worshipers, there will plenty of others that will contradict me…..and they you will believe….(go figure)…..

After only a month and I have had enough foolishness from the White House….

Again the movie “Idiocracy” comes to mind……

When Is It a Humanitarian Crisis?

A new year and the plight of the Palestinian people has not changed much since 1967 with the exception of the loss of land, crops and lives.

The Plight of the Palestinians hits close to home for me….when I was working in the Middle East I worked with a Palestinian named Rafiq, he was my interpreter and friend….when we would go on vacation we would go to his family’s home in Hebron….so I am have been doing my part to help the world understand the plight of the Palestinians in their desire for the nation to return….

As of today the countries that recognize Palestine as a Nation are in green……

Image result for countries that recognize Palestine

Look at the map….notice anything about the countries that do not recognize Palestine?

Last year I was asked to write for a site, Legationes, and my first op-ed was about the state of Palestine…

Source: Let the Wall define Palestine – In Saner Thought

Israel is building an apartheid wall around the West Bank….

Image result for Palestine Wall images

Do you remember the Berlin Wall?

Image result for Palestine Wall images

Image result for Palestine Wall images

I know the wall is a wall of separation….but why not let it define Palestine from the rest of the region……please just read my Legationes op-ed for further clarification.

But with that intro out of the way I want to talk about the humanitarian crises that the US has gotten involved in recently….

The US has used a humanitarian crisis to start a war…Syria, Iraq and Libya come to mind……

Iraq it was a couple of thousand Yazidis trapped on a mountain top without food , water or shelter and the US used airstrikes to keep ISIS at bay so that aid could make its way to those that needed it….then there is Libya….Qaddafi was poised to use airstrikes against his people who were up in arms and demanding more freedoms….the US used airstrikes to stop the airstrikes and eventually ended the life of Qaddafi

I bring this up because there is a real humanitarian crisis in Gaza……

After the total destruction wrought by Israel in 2014…not much has been done to repair the damage done by massive airstrikes and tank attacks…..

Image result for Gaza images

Since 2014 there is no food, fishermen prevented from fishing, water supplies are contaminated or none existent, building material banned by Israel and aid is help up in Israel…..all in all this is a humanitarian crisis.

If the US truly wants to do the humanitarian thing then this would be the perfect spot to practice what they preach.

Image result for Gaza images

Here’s my plan……since Gaza borders on Egypt then the US should put together an aid convoy with water, food and building supplies then drive in from Egypt……have the convoy with tanks and armored vehicles accompany the trucks and air cover from Cobras and A-10s.  Supplies would be those from aid NGOs…the US would be providing security only.

Unlike most Westerners I do have plans…none of which my country will sign onto….but at least they are plans…..this one is an op-ed that I wrote for an Italian site……

Source: Let the Wall define Palestine – Legationes

It is 2017….time for the Palestinian people to go global with their pleas and concerns…….the US has deaf ears…..

Another op-ed of mine this one was for Ace News Room……

Source: Palestine–2017 | Ace News Room

The Palestinian people have suffered much in 60 years….time for a realistic plan to end the cycle of violence and bring peace to a troubled land.

…And Those Regular Press Conferences… Yikes!

This is a “Press” of an article written by a friend of IST from his new blog, “Finding Political Sanity”….stop by and help him get it up and running….

“You know what it is? Here’s the thing. The public isn’t — you know, they read newspapers, they see television, they watch. They don’t know if it’s true or false because they’re not involved. I’m involved. I’ve been involved with this stuff all my life. But I’m involved. So I know when you’re telling the truth or when you’re not. I just see many, many untruthful things.”

Source: …And Those Regular Press Conferences… Yikes! |

Thanx for your time….chuq

Coming Of A Police State?

If you follow the news, and most of the readers of IST do, then you will recall the Ferguson Missouri problems a few years ago…the protests and the reactions…… will also recall the the police appeared to be a military force confronting the protesters….and this situation has occurred over and over…..the police armed and equipped like a military force…..

Like I said this appears to e the wave of the future……

Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “An injustice anywhere is a threat to just everywhere.” We should all be cognizant of King’s quote. In the 20th and 21rst centuries, U.S. policies around the world, both economically and militarily, have been questionable at best. They started with the Philippines in the beginning of the 20th century up to the Middle East today. These policies, more often incredibly violent, are coming back to haunt us. An example of this includes the U.S. international policy of “Low-Intensity Conflict” (LIC).

Source: The Militarization of U.S. Police Departments

What got me to thinking along this road was something the Trump said when he was addressing the Chicago wave of violence…..not the quotes about immigrants or thugs or anyhting along those lines….what it was was his statement that he would send in the Feds……”If Chicago doesn’t fix the horrible ‘carnage’ going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I will send in the Feds.”

Send in the Feds?  Would that not be something akin to a police state?

It would appear that some of the folks who were hoping that Donald Trump was actually an isolationist “jobs” president, rather than the authoritarian white nationalist with imperial ambitions he clearly showed himself to be on the stump, are now being forced to face reality. Everything he has done since he was inaugurated proves him to be dead serious about unleashing the military and the police to enact his agenda, and he wants the other branches of government to understand that if they obstruct him he’s going to make sure his rabid followers know who to blame.

Source: Donald Trump’s Coming Police State: We Have a President Who Wants Unlimited Power and Won’t Respect the Rule of Law | Alternet

He may not have meant it in the way it was said….but that kind of talk is disturbing.

God I love it when a plan comes together!

America’s Lost Tradition on Non-Intervention

My regulars know of my interest in foreign policy and international relations.  After my stint in Vietnam (2 1/2 years) I went to university and majored in international relations and after my war experience I became one who believes in non-intervention……that is diplomacy should be exhausted before the consideration of going to war is even on the table……

From the beginning of this country we were following a non-interventionist road….and after WW1 that path became closed and the interventionists, war profiteers, have rule foreign policy ever since……

I found an interesting article that covers this situation from a historical perspective (and you know how I enjoy those?)….

By implicitly criticizing U.S. interventionism, President Trump’s inaugural speech drew denunciations from the Washington establishment as a dangerous deviation, but his message actually fit with U.S. traditions

Although the media trashed Donald Trump’s inaugural address as radical and scary to the United States and the world, his views on American security policy nevertheless may be closest to that of the nation’s founders than those of any U.S. president since the early 1800s.

In his speech, the new president pledged that, “We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example for everyone to follow.”

Source: America’s Lost Tradition on Non-Intervention – Consortiumnews

I still believe that diplomacy should be the first order of any international policies….even in the age of ISIS (please I am NOT talking about negotiating with terrorists…if you cannot understand that the move the Hell on)……

The only people that profit from the state of the world these days are the war profiteers…..the rest if us are just scared.