The Name Game

Was it IS…or ISIS….or Da’nesh…..or maybe ISIL?  For years we all have our way of referring to the bastards in the terrorist group by name…  I have always used ISIS.  But the government, until now, has called it ISIL whenever they referred to the group.

Well sports fans the confusion is now officially over…..for now.

The US Department of Defence has produced a change of terminology in the war against the Islamic State group.

The name preferred by the Obama administration – the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) – has been dropped.

But the name favoured by President Donald Trump – the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has now been adopted by the Pentagon.

A memo dated February 13 from the office of Defence Secretary Jim Mattis says the switch to “ISIS” make the Pentagon “consistent with” Trump’s language in the January 28 directive, in which he called for a new plan to defeat the militant group.

Rest easy….now that this issue has been settled maybe now we can concentrate on beating the crap out of them…..

Speaking of that……after a campaign promise of defeating ISIS soundly by then candidate Trump…we have the new plan to do just that…..

Full details of the plan have not been released yet, but the long-promised Pentagon proposal to escalate the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria has been delivered today, and is said to includes options for large deployments of additional troops to Syria, as well as increased targeting of ISIS the world over.

The plan for the Pentagon is to “rapidly” defeat ISIS, with the assumption that throwing more US troops at the situation will make it go faster. Officials at the Pentagon conceded this strategy might need to be further refined before implemented on the ground.

So far all we have are the talking points….but the one point that is disturbing……”options for large deployments of additional troops to Syria”… we are gonna invade and occupy another Middle East country?

Sounds like just more of the same….NOT a prescription for victory.

You may sleep well tonight.


8 thoughts on “The Name Game

  1. You can bet your bottom dollar that the people behind ISIS are not Muslims….whenever are people gonna wake up? Divide & rule is the name of the game……mercenaries abound… pay the sheep plenty of bakshish & they fight for the highest bidder no matter whose side….after all they need to eat….plus a bit of bloodletting goes a long way! I trust you remember what nationalities were captured in Allepo? Ah,the special ones are creating mayhem….as usual….while I am at it, look no further than the Oscar award for that documentary…we had a field day over here taking the piss….boy, those people in charge in Hollywood are lethal,never underestimate their strength…. Don’t the walking dead luv ’em….. anymore hours doing research & my eyes will turn square 😦
    Trust you slept well chuq.

    1. THanx Pen but I never sleep well….I will be written again soon on more “Blackwater” antics….Oscars I avoid that type of crap with all abandonment…LOL have a great day….chuq

  2. What I really want to know is who are we (the U.S.) going to implant as the new leader of Syria once we destroy the country in the process (thus making contractors in the U.S. richer by rebuilding)? I nominate Eric Trump, he has a facial expression that means business. /sarcasm

  3. There’s a comment made in that old movie, “Greedy” – “When you’ve lost this long, you don’t know how to win.” I am imagining a junior staffer of the joint chiefs raising his hand at a strategy meeting, saying: “I have an idea!” and the entire old guard turning towards him and saying, in unison: “NO YOU DON’T.”

    1. Yep those people are not paid to think they are paid to do…..but to ignore analysts simply because you do not like the analysis that is given is sad….they are paid to analyze without the politics….chuq

  4. Over here, the BBC insist on referring to ISIS as ‘The so-called Islamic State’. That is irritating enough, but when there is s debate programme shown, the panel members get tongue-tied having to keep repeating this whole mantra before every comment.
    Regards, Pete.

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