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WARNING:  Strong words to follow….I seldom offer much of my personal life here in IST but from time to time I feel I need to do so…..so here would be a good place to stop reading if you have a sensitive nature.

It is a Sunday and I have nothing for a post today so I went back into my archives and found something from 2009…….(Archives are a great thing)…..

What made me think of this ancient post was a news item in the local paper that they were asking for people to work at a local Civil War re-enactment….that triggered a memory of something that I had written awhile back…..

A Daily Agitation

I read this article in the AP and just had to get some opinions on this.

We have Revolutionary War re-enactments….we have French and Indian War re-enactment….we have Civil War re-enactments……all which are nothing but  macho BS to help people feel more important than they really are……but is this a wise choice?

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I know I may sound bitter…well there is a good reason……. I AM!


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Back in 1985 the locals wanted to have a parade to welcome home the Viet vets…the parade they had not got before and when a friend asked if I was going I told him what I tell people to this day……”Hell NO!  It is too f*cking late!”  I was not and will not soothe a guilty conscience for these people.

Viet vets are kinda like that “Next Generation” episode about the soldiers that were used during a war and then came home to be segregated from the society that sent them to fight and die…..and treated them like 2nd class citizens…….most combat vets never fully return from their deployment…..years does not matter…..something of their souls stayed in country…..basically they knew when they returned home that NO one would care…….

We always got the same two questions…..what was it like?  And did you ever have to kill anyone?  My standard response was…FUCK OFF!

People have NO idea….and to think that d/bags want to play this war is just offensive and even disgusting.

This is why I seldom talk about my experience…I have a tendency to get angry…..

Finish out your weekend and prepare for the coming week….surely it will be a bigger joke than the past one…..peace out my friends….chuq