Does Anyone Know What Time It Is?

Ah my weekend begins….time to step away from the keyboard and live a bit….

It is 5:30 am or if you prefer 0530 hrs (my preference) and if you are a Trump supporter then Mickey’s little hand is on the 5 and the big is on the 6……let’s get started shall we?

Speaking of time……

You know to be stylish and a man about town one must invest in a Rolex…a magnificent timepiece….I have one and NO I did not buy it it was my late father’s….he did not buy it either it was given to him as a present by a friend when we lived in Spain….. and NO I do not wear it out in public for you see I am an old fart and time is all I have left so I really do not want to watch it fly by for any reason….but I digress…..

But this post is for all those suckers that buy a Rolex…..I know what the Hell am I going on about, right?

Could the end be near for luxury watch brands like Rolex? Probably not anytime soon, but the explosion of smartwatches represents the biggest threat to Swiss watchmakers since Seiko introduced its landmark Quartz watch in 1969, Business Insider reports. Classic analog watches can’t match the technology of wrist computers that do everything from play music to turn on your air-conditioning. Contenders such as the Apple Watch represent the new battleground for watch makers, and Swiss brands “may soon see a large portion of their business threatened,” says Andrea Squatrito. A report by his company, RE Analytics, says high-end makers like Rolex have a lot to lose, with 45% of the company’s business coming from their “lower end” watches with a starting price point of about $2,700.

With those upmarket customers in mind, Apple turned up the heat when it teamed up with Hermes to introduce a sleeker version of the Apple Watch with a choice of stylish leather bands, starting at $1,500. But the future of the smartwatch hasn’t always looked so rosy. A steep drop in sales late last year had analysts questioning the future of do-it-all timepieces, per CNN. Consumers surveyed called smartwatches too expensive, big, and ugly, per Computer World. Still, the new year began with a flood of new smartwatches in stores—and more on the horizon—ranging from upmarket versions by Tag to old standbys like Casio, per Wareable. Countering the “ugly” rap, upmarket brands like Kate Spade and Michael Kors introduced hybrid versions blending the look of traditional analogs with smartwatch features

Really?  A smartwatch will replace a Rolex?  Next you will tell me a driver-less car will replace a Ferrari….NOT IN MY WORLD!

Maybe one of IST more tech savvy visitors could explain just why this is so to us old farts….makes little sense to us.

But smile the weekend has begun…..a little music from the past…..when music was about the sound not the glitz…..enjoy.