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Awhile back after the election of Trump I was concerned about his lack of any actual experience to run a country….some said that he was a successful CEO and I pointed out that a nation is NOT the same as a business…..not many agreed with me…but that is the nature of having an opinion.

Another commenter pointed out that no president has had the experience to run a country….and that I agree….they said that it was basically an OJT gig and he would learn as he goes…..that is somewhat accurate and after reading around the other day I found an article that goes along with my discussion from my recent past…..

Every time it is hoped that things inside the Trump White House will get better, we are hit by the news of another mishap and reports of escalating chaos.  The latest one is the report that Vice Admiral (retired) Bob Harward rejected Trump’s offer to serve as his National Security Adviser.  A confidant of Harward described that offer to CNN as a “s…t sandwich.”  At a more mundane level, Harward turned down the offer because he could not take his personal staff with him to his prospective job.  That is an important reason for any top-level job, but especially for operating as an effective NSA.  Now that Lt. General H. R. McMaster has become Trump’s newest NSA, an interesting question is whether he will have the autonomy to have his own staff.  For President Trump, the dual crises for now are: learning how to handle crises as a greenhorn, while deciding whether to give up or retain America’s global primacy.

Source: Learning on the Job Versus Deciding Between Retaining/Giving Up Global Primacy | Small Wars Journal

His appointment of McMaster to State illustrates a good choice (in my opinion…but one that is unacceptable to others)….is it possible that he, Trump, is learning as he goes?

A good question and as it is right now….I believe it was a bit of luck that put McMaster’s name in front of the president.  He, Trump, still does not show that he has a grip on who to nominate and where.

Yes, it is early….maybe too early to be critical…….but Hell that never stopped me before….why would it now?


11 thoughts on “Presidential OJT

  1. He, Trump, still does not show that he has a grip on who to nominate and where. —–
    Rest assured he is not operating blind. He has plenty of advisers to suggest to him who should receive the appointments.

      1. I have no idea of whether he listens or not and I doubt you do either because unless I am sorely mistaken neither of us has access to him in the hours during which he is contemplating these things. Personal likes and dislikes are going to enter into every decision he makes just the same as it enters into the decisions that all other presidents have made and the decisions that we as individuals make. There will always be a certain level of bias. Nobody is entirely completely neutral. Human Nature does not permit of it.

      2. His actions telegraph his intentions….he is president time to start thinking like one and leave all the petty bickering behind…

  2. Maybe Trump can learn. He did rate himself a C+ in messaging which indicates to me he is starting to consider quality not quantity but who knows? This is not a job where taking your time to learn has much value yet a mad headstrong dash into the unknown has grave consequence. I still sigh but I”m trying to just observe. My hope is small but not withered. ~~dru~~

    1. I agree with your assessment there, but let me elaborate a little. By rating himself at only C+, he is showing much more than I expected him to, he is showing that he recognizes that he has some serious room for improvement. I don’t think anyone can argue that so far his presidency has been free from setbacks and can’t use some serious improvement. By admitting that, it gives me a (very small) glimmer of hope for the future of this country.

  3. In some ways, I find the idea of an inexperienced politician being in charge quite refreshing. But it would be nice to have seen a former schoolteacher, perhaps a military veteran, or someone involved in the community. Rather than a billionaire businessman, which is what you got.
    Regards, Pete.

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