Why Not Hide From The Press?

The back and forth of the Trump goons against the press has taken a really cool turn…..

We all know that he banned certain press groups from a briefing…..

Shortly after President Donald Trump vowed to “do something” about the “cunning” media who he’s called “the enemy” of the American people, CNN announced on air it, and other members of the press, had been barred from today’s White House briefing.

CNN reports The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and Politico also were told they were not on the White House list for today’s off-camera briefing. The Washington Post reports it did not have a reporter present, at the time.

The New York Times also reported that it, CNN and Politico were not allowed to enter White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s office, calling it “an unsual breach of protocol.

It does not stop there.  Trump has decided that he will not appear at the “Nerd Prom”, the Correspondence Dinner, for whatever reason.

Well as could be predicted there has been a bunch of ink wasted on this turn of events…..it is nothing new for him to hide from the press…..

About here it is time for another of the Professor’s historical perspectives…..

Our 3rd president, Thomas Jefferson (another Repub, go figure), had his problems with the press of his day…..

Trump is by no means the first American leader to fall out with the press and fail to see the joke. Thomas Jefferson, the third US president, complained bitterly about what would now be called fake news, a subject close to Trump’s heart. “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle,” Jefferson wrote in 1807.

Luckily for him, perhaps, Jefferson did not have to break bread with journalists in front of television cameras. The WHCA was not formed until 1914 and its annual dinners began in 1921. But age-old tensions were not dispelled.

Source: Donald Trump is not the first US president to boycott press events | US news | The Guardian

Jefferson’s problems with the press seems to have been a harbinger of things to come for Republican presidents…..and it never ended….now did it?

Personally I think Trump had to not go to this Nerd Prom for his fragile ego would not let him sit there and take what is dealt out…..that is without some sort of retaliation.


6 thoughts on “Why Not Hide From The Press?

  1. I doubt it matters much if he goes or not. They will only compare his performance to previous incumbents, and that, as we say here, ‘will end in tears’.
    Regards, Pete.

  2. The press problem Jefferson had was reports that he fathered children with his slave, Sally Hemings, which, in fact, was true. Perhaps Trump’s issue with the press is that there is something to the Russian business he is trying to hide or other funny business. Frankly, I hope the press continues to dog Trump and his minions.

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