American Exceptionalism And The Beat Goes On

An interesting topic…..go to the streets and ask any 10 people the definition of American Exceptionalism and I would wager you would get 10 different answers.

Some Americans love the idea but few have any idea what that idea is all about.  The American Conservative has issued an article……

One of the more tedious arguments from hawks over the last eight years is that the U.S. “retreated” under Obama. This was always false, and there was no real “retreat” from the world. Nonetheless, the lie became a habit and it has since hardened into conventional D.C. wisdom. Obama didn’t “retreat” from internationalism, but the purpose in promoting this falsehood was to identify internationalism with extremely meddlesome interventionism and to treat everything else as the rejection of internationalism. This nonsense made for a somewhat useful talking point so long as hawks didn’t get too specific about what they meant, but when forced to describe what Obama’s “retreat” was they had to acknowledge that they meant that he didn’t start or escalate enough wars to their satisfaction. According to them, Obama’s big failing is that he didn’t involve the U.S. enough in the killing of Syrians. To put it mildly, that is an odd understanding of what internationalism means.

Source: ‘American Exceptionalism’ and Our Warped Foreign Policy ‘Idealists’ | The American Conservative

Then we have the Trump mantra of America First…..,but if he is successful could there be consequences?

Chinese president Xi Jinping has vowed for the first time that China should take the lead in shaping the “new world order” and safeguarding international security, one of the latest moves putting him in stark contrast to Donald Trump and the US president’s “America First” policy.

Xi had on numerous occasions called for China to play an important part in building the new world order. But during a Feb. 17 national security seminar in Beijing, he indicated China should “guide” the international community in the effort. A Feb. 20 commentary (link in Chinese) by the Chinese Communist Party’s central party school, which trains officials, noted the distinction. It has since been widely shared by state-controlled media.

Source: Chinese president Xi Jinping has vowed to lead the “new world order” — Quartz

I love foreign policy and this situation needs observing closely….the fate of this globe could be the balance……


16 thoughts on “American Exceptionalism And The Beat Goes On

  1. Thoughts?
    Too late mate…..
    Trust I will meet an early death b/f the shit really hits the fan…..tough for the kids.

  2. You know, a lot of (international) people use that phrase “new world order” and I have yet to read what the hell that even means. In the past when someone mumbled about some “new world order” one might conjure up a political mental image of “1984” or something out of fascist Nazism from WW2 wanting to conquer the world. I mean, what does a new Chinese world order even mean? They want to spread their version of communism around the globe? They’ve done very little in their modern history to suggest they want to conquer anything (save for a couple local border nations). They have a gazillion man military but for the life of me I dunno what they do. They have one aircraft carrier and a small military base in the Spratley chain in the South China Sea (likely because they need crude oil).. and everyone is thinking they are becoming imperialistic. Do they bear watching? Of course. Prudence dictates that. But they are way invested economically in the world markets… and they are getting rich as a result. Internally they have such a great imbalance and inequity in their distribution of wealth and that is causing a lot of internal problems. I am sure internally Xi’s mumblings about a new world order dictated by China is great for the local party politic but it seems to lack some reality.

    1. Doug I apologize this comment of yours went to Spam….I still do not know why it does that for you are approved to comment anytime.

      NWO is one of those terms that means little except to people that are trying to make the point that we are controlled by some shadowy force….I agree with the China thing….I think that they are now a “bad guy” as a diversion from something they would not like us to know…..I have been lookig at this situation…although I am not an Asian expert it does bear watching…

      BTW the alt-righters use “globalist” as an insult for anyone remotely liberal thinking and they use the “Godwin Law” to shut down any debate they do not agree with….

      The rhetoric is definitely there…just like so many other situations….it is for local consumption only…but that evades the irrationality of some….there is way too much one dimensional thinking out there….blogs are full of it…

      Damn…sorry rambling on and on….chuq

  3. The propaganda kung-fu is strong with the MSM and the corporations that own the MSM. Until people seek out their own truth, instead of believing MSM, China has a good chance of pulling off their grand plans to guide the new world order (aka Capitalist Communism). Trump is not the man to counter this threat as he knows less foreign policy than my 10 year old daughter.

  4. Seeking truth is difficult when all one reads is filled with labels, each of which prompts a response in the reader’s mind, prejudicing their thoughts according to the connotation of the words, or the attached adjectives of quality… Just as an exercise, I copied the pertinent words in the quoted material above, (not from chuq’s text or comments), which are, in the order they appeared…

    “Exceptionalism American Conservative hawks internationalism extremely meddlesome interventionism Syrians China  new world order Communist Party  widely shared by state-controlled media.”

    Is it any wonder whoever reads this is distracted from whatever there may be, actually connected to reality? I don’t think so, and I am six sheets to the wind right now….

    Each of those words, by labeling people and/or ideas into one group or another, implies a hierarchy, an order in which one group/person/idea MUST be higher/better/more important than another. This, ultimately, and incontrovertibly, always leads to manipulation, lies, and conflict….

    It really is as simple as that, but, our true talent as humans is to deny both our own nature, and reality, in favor of what we imagine or desire to be true….

    I guess I get a little maudlin after a few fingers of the beast… Ah, well, it’s well punctuated, isn’t it?


    gigoid, the dubious

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