MSM: Give Third Parties More Exposure

Believe it or not there are other candidates for the presidency beyond the corrupted 2 parties we hear about every day.

The Mainstream Media could do the right thing and let the American people know they have more choices than tweedle-dee and Tweedle -dum…….as a matter of fact CNN has gained some support from the town halls they held with Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson…..

The Libertarian Party Town Hall event hosted by CNN on Wednesday night was the highest rated show on cable news in the coveted 25-54 demographic for the night.

More than 1.6 million viewers tuned in to the hour-long event featuring Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson and vice presidential candidate William Weld.

Perhaps more important than the raw numbers is the massive uptick in viewership for Wednesday’s event compared to a similar Libertarian Town Hall discussion hosted by CNN on June 22. Overall viewership was up 74 percent and viewership in the 25-54 demographic increased by 101 percent—more than doubling the “in demographic” audience for the first town hall with Johnson and Weld, CNN reported Thursday.

Source: Huge Ratings Uptick for CNN’s Second Libertarian Town Hall, As 1.6 Million Tune In – Hit & Run :

My hat goes off to them for having the alternative townhall….the American voter needs more exposure to alternative candidates…..maybe then we can get down to repairing this f*cked up process.

Here’s a thought….why not do the same with the Green Party…..that require backbone and I just somehow do not think they can manage it.

After I wrote that thought about CNN…news has come down that they will hold a Green Party townhall on 17 August

As the Green Party convenes in Houston this weekend to formally nominate Dr. Jill Stein for president, the party’s stars appear more aligned than ever. The Greens have a catchy unofficial slogan: “Jill, Not Hill.” There’s a new generation of politically rootless democratic socialists to woo. The Green Party is predicting it will be on the most state ballots in its history. And Stein is getting more media coverage than any Green since 2000 nominee Ralph Nader, having just secured a prime-time CNN town hall for August 17.

The town hall is a critical opportunity, since Stein is the least known of the four top candidates, including Libertarian Party nominee and former Governor Gary Johnson. And while she has certainly been to political candidate school—male pundits won’t have to remind her to smile—she doesn’t have the inspiring cadence of an Obama or the gruff everyman shtick of a Sanders. Her even keel and consistently left-wing outlook goes down easily with the Democracy Now! audience, but she’ll need to raise her game if she’s to connect on CNN.

Source: Can the Green Party Win With ‘Jill, Not Hill’? – POLITICO Magazine

I stand corrected…..and I will be watching…..will you?

9 thoughts on “MSM: Give Third Parties More Exposure

  1. Dah? They should have been doing this all along. All thru this campaign lots of people have openly rued the obvious choices; you’d think MSM would get on board if only from the profit standpoint. Yes, I’m saying media is now completely concerned about profits and unbiased reporting, without regard to money, is a thing of the very far past. News teams give reviews about the follow up shows, advertisers probably pay for product exposure, just like in the movies, etc. etc. etc. Of course the sponsers of the “obvious choices” have more money than JQ Public but in the aggregate? ~~dru~~

    1. Everything you said is accurate…..since corporations could own the media it has been about profit not news….but at least CNN is trying to reclaim their place in the news industry….maybe it will start a trend….chuq

  2. Well, frankly let’s see if they can actually get elected. Hill is still better than Trump. Trump has a very interesting name in brother’s business class. “The World’s Richest Con artist!”

  3. GEESH!!! You know I’ll be watching. And, if I didn’t have this move … I would be there. I am certain to catch one of the next scheduled events and I can’t wait. I’d love it if it were in Compton while I’m there. BUT, not very f*ck’n likely would any Presidential Candidate ever venture there … sad but true!

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