Why Is He So Damn Popular?

With the rise of Donald Trump I have been asking myself that very question……I mean I am not real clear on his policies other than the wall thing or the Muslim ban or the ban of refugees…..all of which I cannot agree with….but what is his specific economic policy?  And there are similar questions about other important issues…at least in my mind….I am an apologist (so I have been told) but if that means educated and inquisitive then I accept that characterization….

But the question still remains….just why is he so damn popular?

So far the people that support him undying are what I call low information voters….these voters fall for diatribes and slogans that have NOTHING to do with the actual act of governing…..(I could be a lot more cruel but I am trying to keep my cool on this subject)…..

Just who are the people that swear by the Bible that they will vote for Trump?

I found an article that bases the answer on statistics…..

The latest Huffington Post Poll of Polls shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump 47.1 percent to 39.7 percent. Many political observers feel that Trump’s voter “ceiling” is 40 percent of the electorate. Who are these voters?

Two years ago, Pew Research Center released a typology of American politics. The typology distinguished between three classes of voters: the general public, registered voters, and the “politically engaged.” In the category “politically engaged” there were three categories of Republicans: “Steadfast Conservatives: socially conservative populists” at 19 percent; “Business Conservatives: Pro-Wall street, pro-immigrant” at 17 percent; “Young Outsiders: conservative views on government, not on social issues” at 11 percent.

Source: Who Are Trump Voters?

So basically it is the voters that are the most angry at the government and the system that will vote for this person…..no matter what he says or does….they will vote for the man……

Three placards were waved prominently and defiantly in front of the podium before Donald Trump addressed a rally in Des Moines, Iowa, on Friday. “Veterans for Trump.”

They were an indication that, despite what pundits have described as the worst campaign week for any presidential candidate in living memory, the Republican nominee still has a solid core of supporters who either do not know or do not care – even as Republicans in Congress who served in the military struggle with their candidate.

Source: ‘I’m still for him’: Trump fans undaunted by string of campaign blunders | US news | The Guardian

His, Trump’s, rhetoric has got Americans, some Americans, lathered up to the point of anger for the first time……is that what you are thinking?

Anti-immigrant rage? Warnings that the America we know and love is dying? We’ve seen this before………

On a stormy Monday afternoon in the spring of 1844, a stout, well-built, 35-year-old Philadelphia newspaper editor ascended a makeshift podium assembled from a stack of packing boxes. Surrounded by some three thousand of his fervent supporters — butchers, grocers, carpenters and craftsman, many armed for this occasion — Lewis Charles Levin had come to the main market in Philly’s heavily Irish-Catholic neighborhood of Kensington. He was there to rail against the rising tide of Catholic immigrants taking jobs from proud Pennsylvania-born Protestants, and the resulting “consequence upon American liberty” he vowed would surely come of admitting even more foreigners.

Unsurprisingly, Kensington’s Irish residents did not take kindly to Levin’s provocation and within minutes he had more to dodge than the water pouring down from the heavens. Vegetables were hurled his way, followed by bricks and stones. Levin’s livid supporters responded in kind, sending the Irish streaming into the streets, guns soon blazing on both sides. By the time they were run out of the neighborhood later that week, Levin’s acolytes had set fire to some thirty homes throughout the neighborhood, even burning two Catholic churches to the ground. At least seven people were killed, with dozens injured on both sides.

Source: Meet the Donald Trump of the 1840s: Lewis Charles Levin rode the wave of righteous anger – Salon.com

I know that some of my more Right leaning nose pickers do not appreciate a history lesson….but tough it out…….ya see this yutz is NOTHING new.


WE DEMAND the UN ADOPT OUR: The 2016 Humane Protocol | ForceChange

My friend and regular reader and commenter on IST, Maid, screen name on IST, has started a petition campaign…..please take some time and check out the petition and sign if you agree with her….

Target: UNITED NATIONS Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, The dead child’s image was the photo SHOT seen ROUND the WORLD. It should have been enough for the UNIT

Source: WE DEMAND the UN ADOPT OUR: The 2016 Humane Protocol | ForceChange

I like people that get involved….they are not just talk…..we need more people that feel it is their duty to do the right thing……and get involved.

KUDOS to @Maid…….you have my support!

Who Cares About Africa?

There is a line in the movie “Sahara” when a corrupt leader was told that the international community was looking to investigate his doings and the leader said…”Not to worry….nobody cares about Africa”

In the 21st century that is not quite accurate…..the US has a command structure there…Russia is making in-roads, so is India and China….but what is it that makes all these nations so damn interested in the continent of Africa?

That is an easy question to answer……


Does it make sense now?

The Myth of the ‘War on Terrorism’

After the attacks on 9/11 Pres. Bush us a new “war” that we must fight….the War on Terror……if you recall the speech he made in the ruins of the Towers where we were told that the best way to fight this terror was to go shopping (a paraphrase)……

The one thing that all the terror “experts” neglect to tell the American public is that terrorism is a tactic not an entity…..and another thing is that most Americans do not give crap what is happening a thousand miles from our shores.

The “War On Terrorism” is a slogan….a slogan for simple minds that need molding….

Remember “We’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here”? That was the justification for the worldwide war on terrorism the Bush administration trumpeted in the early days of the post-9/11 era. Keeping in mind that the American people don’t really care about what goes on thousands of miles away, […]

Source: The Myth of the ‘War on Terrorism’ – Antiwar.com Original by — Antiwar.com

A war against terrorism cannot be won!  At best it can be managed to the point that there is very little activity….but the tactic will always be handy if needed.