Food Nazi Speaks

Day breaks on another Saturday and I will try to sit back and enjoy my couple of days away from the desk… better half has challenged me to a game of Scrabble……and today is the Gold medal game of Handball, a great sport that combines basketball with water polo without the water and little bit of volleyball thrown in for good measure.

But before all that I must eat…..and speaking of food……

Back in the day I thought I could handle multi-blogs….I had a state blog and a food blog, Food Nazi, as well as IST….it got to be a bit much so I slimmed it down to this blog that gets all my attention…..

Food Nazi?  Yep, I do not appreciate food trends and fads….food should be prepared the way it was intended and that means traditionally.  I have no time for food art….if art is what you are after try a museum… food taste is everything.

It is the weekend and I try to post on stuff that has little to do with the day to day posting here just to give my loyal readers something different for a couple of days…….

Today I would like to talk about our health….when you visit the doc you are usually told about your “good cholesterol” count, right?

You can improve that score by eating more olive oil instead of the fatty crap you normally use….and of course since it is healthier it has got to be more costly……but I need to tell my readers….”buyer beware”!

Walk into your kitchen and pick up your bottle of olive oil. You know, that health-promoting nectar of Mediterranean age-defying prowess, lubricant of pasta, the only thing that makes your kale salad palatable? Yeah, that stuff is almost certainly not what you think it is.

That’s because unless you’ve plucked your own olives from your own backyard grove and crushed the fruit and pressed the oil yourself, that slippery substance was likely cut, adulterated, and deceptively labeled before it reached the bottle in your hands. “It’s amazing how many people there are in America who don’t even know what the real thing tastes like,” laments Larry Olmsted, author of the new book Real Food, Fake Food: Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do About It and our guest on this week’s episode of Bite. “Most oils sold in the United States are fake,” he writes.

Source: Your Olive Oil Is Almost Certainly Fake | Mother Jones

This is why I have 2 olive trees in the orchard…….

Me?  I prefer Tunisian olive oil…it has a distinct flavor and very floral…..Spanish is next on my list……

Hopefully this will be useful to my regulars……

Now that I made you worry….try to go out and have some fun in your life….the weekends are for love and family…..

Bon Appetite my friends….