Looking For A Third Party?

2022 and 2024 elections are getting closer by the day…..and so far I am unimpressed by the successes that the Dems have and the GOP is a laughable pack of slugs….what we need is a viable third party for those of us that are sick of the silliness our government has become.

Since I hold no particular love for either of our two major parties….I am in search for a good third party that will reflect my beliefs and principles….

Well there is a new party in the making….it is the brain child of Andrew Yang, a failed 2020 presidential candidate and failed mayoral candidate for NYC….

Former presidential and New York mayoral candidate Andrew Yang is set to launch a third party next month, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Yang is expected to start the party in conjunction with the Oct. 5 release of his new book, “Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy.”

It’s not clear what the name of Yang’s third party will be or how he plans to deploy it in 2022 or 2024. Yang and his team did not respond to requests for comment.

But the book’s publisher, Crown, did give some clues about the type of platform Yang may pursue. It writes that the book is an indictment of America’s “era of institutional failure” and will introduce “us to the various ‘priests of the decline’ of America, including politicians whose incentives have become divorced from the people they supposedly serve.”

The book is blurbed by businessperson Mark Cuban (“a vitally important book”) and The New York Times’ Kara Swisher (“Can there be another political party in the U.S.?…In Forward, Yang does not just give us a laundry list of intractable problems, but shows how we can find solutions if we think in new ways and summon the courage to do so.”).

A former businessperson, Yang surprised many in the political world with creative, outsider campaigns for both president and mayor. His presidential campaign outlasted and raised more money than those of much more seasoned politicians. But, ultimately, that did not translate to votes as he dropped out shortly after the New Hampshire primary and faded in the polls as the mayoral race came to a close.

He ran predominantly on the idea of a universal basic income, which would see the government give citizens a monthly $1,000 check. It was a quirky policy proposal that did not fit neatly into the ideological prism of either party and won Yang converts among many apolitical figures online and in the media — some of whom dubbed themselves the “Yang Gang.”


It is good to see someone trying to put a stop to the strangle-hold of the 2 parties of this country.

I have made my thoughts known during the 2020 presidential campaigns….

A President Yang?

Sorry but this guy is NOT the third party I am looking for…..Yang is too much a capitalist and is just looking for the spotlight….his policies are no better than those of the other two capitalist parties we have to deal with in our elections.

All I can do is move on and continue my search…..

While I was holding this draft waiting for the best time to posy….Yang made it official…..

Andrew Yang wants to overhaul politics, from the two-party system to political campaigns, as he writes in a new book out Tuesday. In the final chapter of Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy, the former Democratic presidential and New York City mayoral candidate reveals the name of a third party he’s founded, reports Business Insider. The Forward Party involves six key principles of “ranked-choice voting and open primaries”; “fact-based governance”; “human-centered capitalism”; “effective and modern-day government”; “universal basic income” and “grace and tolerance.” And “it’s inclusive,” Yang tells the New York Times.

Without it, “the dysfunction is going to kill us,” Yang writes in his book, per Insider. “The two sides will be trapped in a war that both sides win—they will still be hovering in one of the most affluent areas in the country trading power—but the people will lose.” In an excerpt shared by Politico, Yang dives into the problems of power, noting it makes people “more impulsive, more reckless and less able to see things from others’ points of view.” In presidential politics, “the job was simply the seeking of attention” and “the people around me treated me as either a celebrity or a product that hundreds of staffers were focused on selling,” he writes.

It’s no wonder that politicians grow “out of touch.” Now, they’re “being set up to attack each other and be at each other’s throats because that’s the way they’re going to raise more money, gain more stature and keep their own jobs,” Yang says in an NPR interview. He argues the closed party primary system forces politicians to cater “to the 20% most ideologically extreme voters in their party.” But “my mission is to change the process to open primaries and ranked choice voting so that every legislator has to try and appeal to a majority of us and not the folks on either extreme.”

I am still not impressed by Yang….moving on……

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

Libertarians and War: A Bibliographical Essay

This past election showed that the American voter was looking for something new and different…..during that election the Libertarians got a great amount of support from the voter.

I have been reading about more and more people are starting to look to the Libertarian Party for the future….now I cannot say if this will continue or they will be successful…..but the interest is growing.

I also like parts of the Libertarian platform……their concern for war and their stands of individual rights…..they kinda turn me off with some of their economic policies….

This is an essay on the relationship between war and Libertarian thought…..maybe this will help my readers that are looking for an alternative…..

The relationship between war and libertarianism has interested me since 9/11. In the aftermath of those terrorist attacks, I witnessed in grim fascination many libertarians make excuses for government in the realm of national security. The proper libertarian position on war has become a matter of controversy, although I believe it shouldn’t be. “War is the health of the state,” as Randolph Bourne said, as well as being “mass murder,” in the words of Murray Rothbard.

The following essay presents some of the most relevant materials and readings on this controversy. It is unapologetically tilted toward the antiwar position, although it includes some references to pro-interventionist writings. It is idiosyncratic and not comprehensive, and its omissions are not always deliberate. I am always interested in reading suggestions. As for the citations, I include publishing information for books but generally leave it out for articles written for or available on the web, so as to avoid extraneous clutter. Please follow the links to learn more.

Source: Libertarians and War: A Bibliographical Essay – The Libertarian Institute

I would like to help readers look beyond the two party system for it has been screwing the American people for decades……time for a change.

Why I Voted Jill Stein For President

The day has finally arrived….maybe this long nightmare of lies and unrealistic promises will come to a close…..but first a little music before you head out……

There is no secret here that I voted for Stein and with every post I have explained why I am not voting for one of the two major players…..I have received push back from some on my choice which does not matter for I made my choice and did what I said I would do…voted for the person that I think would be the best for the country and its people……

With all that said I ran across an article by a person that explained why they were voting for Dr. Jill Stein and in more eloquent words explains the reasons that I chose to do so…….and yes I know that she is a flawed candidate….but to me way less so than the other two……

Keep in mind that this was written during the highly contested primaries…..

A dire prospect I’ve long anticipated became reality last week: Bernie Sanders, the independent Senator from Vermont-turned-Democratic presidential candidate, endorsed Hillary Clinton ahead of the Democratic National Convention.

Even as the system crumbled around them, Sanders’ millions of supporters have done work that’s nothing short of miraculous. Their fight against the party establishment and that establishment’s friends in the corporate media brought Sanders closer to victory than many thought possible and heightened awareness around crucial issues like economic inequality and the corruption of our democracy.

To continue to force the gears of political change to turn, we can’t just hold our noses and vote for Clinton or sit this one out and wait another four years for a revolution.

Source: Why I’m Choosing Peace & Voting Jill Stein For President

The one leading indicator for me was when Jill Stein promises to re-invest the billions wasted on America’s foreign policy into job creation and universal healthcare.

I am pleased with my vote….are you?

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I’m headed out now to see what is happening at the polls around my area….a bit of rain for the first time in 75 days…..gonna be messy out.

Go Ahead, Throw Your Vote Away – Reason.com

Tomorrow you will go and cast your vote, if you have not already, and most will do it for either Trump or Clinton…..very few of us will brave the backlash and vote a third party…..what the Hell…I never was a herd animal…….

I do not buy the standard cop out that my vote will be a vote for the “other” guy and will assure this candidate or that the win.

A math lesson for critics of third-party voters

This is a post by a Libertarian leaning site but the points may work for any third party vote…..

My correspondent fired back: “Opportunity cost is Trump gets elected.”

I stand by my recklessness.

Here’s where the curious nature of the American Electoral College comes in handy. Even where my vote—or the votes of my 100 closest, most easily influenced “inner circle”—might swing an election, there is simply no real chance that pushing either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton over the top in South Carolina, where I live, will determine the outcome of the presidential race. If Hillary wobbles to victory in my current state of residence, she would have already demolished The Donald in the Electoral College. Similarly, in Maryland (where our family lived until 2014), a squeaker for Mr. Trump would indicate that Ms. Clinton had been vanquished in a yuuuuuge landslide elsewhere.

Source: Go Ahead, Throw Your Vote Away – Reason.com

Know your candidate and to Hell with the backlash.

On another note….there are those people that show their grit and do what their conscience tells them….I have a new HERO……

A Democratic presidential elector in Washington state says he will not vote for Hillary Clinton.

Former Bernie Sanders delegate Robert Satiacum told ABC News Friday night that the Democratic presidential candidate‘s stance on the environment clashed with his Native American heritage. “I will not vote for Hillary Clinton,” he told ABC News. “I will not write her name. I will not. I will not.”

The member of the Puyallup Tribe in the Evergreen State says he believes Clinton lied about using a private email server, calling it a “heinous act of stupidity.”

“She has done nothing remarkable as Secretary of State or as the senator of New York,” he continued. “She’s bought and paid for … I just can’t get behind her. There’s no character there.”

He added, “Maybe I’ll vote Mickey Mouse. In all seriousness, maybe I should vote for Bozo the Clown.”

Satiacum’s defection would matter only if Clinton landed at exactly 270 electoral votes on election night — and Satiacum still went rogue in the face of immense pressure and weeks of unprecedented litigation.


We need more people that are willing to vote their conscience and not for some celeb with a big mouth or some war mongering witch……

Do Not Vote Third Party! (A Rebuttal)

AS the election slowly arrives the call now is from the candidates that are telling the American voter that if they vote for anyone other than the two clowns then they will be handing the election to the other camp…..personally I believe that it is bullshit from the ground up.

Of course these naysayers will trot out the 2000 election and the Bush win as an example….you remember the old “wasted vote” dodge, right?

This whole paradigm they have set up is a MYTH (do I need to explain what a myth is?)

Third parties split votes

“A vote for a third party is a vote for the (Republican or Democrat) party candidate,” equals “You must vote for the (Republican or Democrat) party candidate.”

First, the two parties do not “own” any votes. Therefore, a vote for the Veterans Party of America’s candidate does not take a vote from either party as it was never theirs in the first place. Just because a group of voters pushed a candidate in the primary does not obligate everyone else to vote that way.

Think about it, would all registered Republicans, as well as conservative and Independent voters seriously be expected to vote for Michelle Obama if she ran as a Republican and received the nomination? No. Because the individual owns their vote.

There is lots of stuff that craps all over this attempted blackmail of the voters…..

The biggest objection by allies to voting for a Third Party is the “wasted vote” argument — the idea that if you vote for someone who will not win, then the vote does not count.

Join any third party and merely suggest that another person consider voting for a third party candidate and you will hear, ad nauseum, “I don’t want to waste my vote.”

What is a Wasted Vote?

An unprincipled vote is the only wasted vote.

Voting for a third party, contrary to popular belief, is not a wasted vote.

What is voting? It’s a chance to tell the country — and perhaps even the world — what your vision of government and society really is.

Source: The wasted vote myth | Freepress.org

In this election cycle, many voters, especially first time voters like college students, are having a tough time deciding who to vote for.

Some don’t like Donald Trump, but they also can’t stand Hillary Clinton. I’m one of those people who is seriously considering voting for a third party candidate — and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

There are more than two candidates in the race, such as Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party Nominee Jill Stein.

Some say a vote for Johnson is a vote for Clinton or a vote for Stein is a vote for Trump, but in reality it’s not. A vote for Johnson is a vote for Johnson and a vote for Stein is a vote for Stein.

Source: Voting for a third party isn’t wasting your vote – The State Press

Source: No, Voting Third Party Is Not A Wasted Vote

But if you are lazy and want this information boiled down to simple easy understandable reasons……

Vote with pride, fellow Americans.

This November will be my first election that I can vote in, and I’ve already got my candidate picked out.

I’m not a Trump supporter, I’m not vying for Hillary, and I’m definitely not “feeling the Bern” (which, by the way, is a tagline that really just makes me think of a bad UTI). I’m supporting a third party candidate.

Ultimately, the response that I get when I tell others I’m voting third party is that I’m “wasting” my vote. To all my third party friends who are getting the same backlash: don’t listen to them. You’re vote isn’t wasted, and I’m about to tell you why.

To all my political bullies: you’re wrong, and I’m about to tell you why.

Source: 5 Reasons Why Voting Third Party Is Not A Wasted Vote

So to answer the accusation….the only WASTED vote is a vote for a candidate that you do not like just to keep the other candidate you do not like from winning…..you claim you want CHANGE and yet you will not change your voting habits……

Then my friend YOURS is the wasted vote…..NOT MINE!

I am out for the day…..please enjoy your weekend and I will return as soon as available…..

Is The U.S. Green Party Irrelevant?

A good question…..and the answer is yes….not because of the issues but rather because the media does not want to gum up the system with more than two parties……and because the 2 parties do not want to relinquish their strangle hold on the political system.

This piece covers the history and the directions of the two Green Parties, Germany and USA…..(a historical perspective and thank you)

In countries like Germany, the Green Party wields real power. But in America, not so much.

Many Americans value environmental protection and want to see more of it. But Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate, is drawing only 1 to 3 percent in recent polls, even in an election where many voters dislike the major candidates and are looking for alternatives.

Stein certainly has worked to differentiate herself from the two major party candidates. In July she asserted that electing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton—probably the choice of most pro-environment voters—would “fan the flames of … right-wing extremism,” and be as bad as electing Donald Trump.

Source: Why Is the U.S. Green Party So Irrelevant? | New Republic

The media would have to actually report political news if there were more than the 2 parties…instead of driving the conversation and being used as a propaganda tool.

The system has kept the Green Party from its rightful place in American politics…..work must be done if we are to ever move past the domination of the wealthy in our politics….

Nothing irrelevant about the Green Party…..just worthless diatribes and recriminations by the political elites……

Do the country a favor and at least check out the party before you vote.  The US deserves a party of the common people….Dems have long since relinquished that mantle……why not the Green Party-US?

Do NOT believe the hype…the Green Party is relevant and much needed.

2016: Slip Sliding Away

A week away and as usual any third party candidates start taking heat from the press and the idiots that support the 2 major candidates……but not being one that will bow to the constant ribbing from those of lesser minds I will continue to report on the “other” candidates.

This time around it is Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party…..he was up in some areas as much as 10% but has slowly but slowly slid down the charts…..the closer the day comes the less support he seems to have…..

Gary Johnson has been making a valiant go of it, but the Libertarian Party’s candidate for president is starting to see his numbers slip away at the polls—or, as the Boston Globe puts it, “Gary Johnson is no longer a thing.” Politico reports that about half of his supporters have abandoned ship over the last two months, from an almost 10% polling average in September to about 5.6% more recently. And that means that although Johnson could still raise some dust and complicate matters for the two major-party candidates in states where third parties have historically done well, it doesn’t look definite he’s going to have a significant impact on the race, as Ralph Nader did in two states in 2000 (and Nader’s poll numbers were less than half that of Johnson’s in late August of their respective election years, per FiveThirtyEight).

Johnson’s numbers began to drop after he didn’t qualify for the first presidential debate in September. His standing has also been affected by the fact that polls are now looking more closely at likely voters, not just registered ones: A CNN/ORC poll from this weekend, for example, gave Johnson a 5% among registered voters, but only 3% for those likely to show on Election Day (down from 7% three weeks earlier). And the Globe notes Johnson’s flubbedforeign policyremarks likely haven’t helped, either. But Intelligencer says this “crash” is “right on schedule,” as third-party candidates in years with close races tend to start seeing declining numbers as the election nears. If Johnson can hold on to 5%, he could earn federal funding for the Libertarian Party in 2020.

I can understand why he might be more popular this election than in a normal year….he stands where most Repubs stand and the GOP has shown that it will not support Trump….well that is the line but they will come around and like most cowards will bow to conventional pressure and vote straight GOP ticket……

At least Johnson and Stein are talking issues while the other two are focusing on the sideshow situations that have NOTHING to do with this election….

And as usual Americans, most Americans, will vote for the biggest ass-wad and then bitch about it for 4 years……I can hardly wait.

Vote2016: Dr. Jill Stein On The Issues

I am always saying that I am thinking Green for this election…..I would rather marry a head of lettuce than vote for either GOP or Dem candidate…

I will show why I support Dr. Stein in her bid for the presidency……of course I do not agree with everything she has on the issues……but they are a damn sight better than either of the other two……


The United States should stop isolating and intimidating China, including in the East and South China Seas, where Beijing has territorial disputes with its neighbors, Stein said in July 2016. She says that if the United States made deep cuts to its military, China could follow suit and then both countries could redirect those savings toward converting their economies to green energy, which she says is needed to address the global warming crisis.

Read on…her international positions on the important issues in this election…..

Source: Jill Stein on The Issues – Campaign 2016 – Council on Foreign Relations

I am still thinking Green.

Are 3rd Party Candidates Useless?

Note:  This is a press of an article written in Salon.com…..I do NOT agree with their conclusion…..but in all fairness I would like to offer this critique to my readers……

For the last 25 years , probably longer, I have been voting outside the box in general elections…….meaning I have been a supporter of third party candidates.

I do not agree with all those weirdos that say I am throwing my vote away when I vote for an alternative candidate……what they want is for the voter to just accept the two worthless major party candidates and vote for the least objectionable one.

The American electorate goes to the polls in November to elect the next President of the United States. To be fair, a little more than half of the eligible U.S. population votes in presidential elections—57.5 per cent in 2012. The rest of the voters do not bother. They either find it too onerous to get to the polling booths (the election is conducted on a workday) or they simply do not find the choices vibrant enough. This election is not an ordinary election. The two candidates are the most hated people to run for the U.S. presidency. Polling data show that the two of them, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, are running very close to each other. What seems to drive voters to the candidates is not enthusiasm for them but dislike of the opponent.

Source: Clinton Trump Avoid Issues – LA Progressive

To me…that is a thrown away vote!

This article in Salon is a perfect illustration of how the press wants the elections to go……

The problem is that a presidential race is not the place to air these views if one is not a truly viable presidential candidate. Relegated to the low-single digits in the polls (Public Policy Polling’s latest national poll has these three candidates pulling a collective 9 percent), the Libertarians and the Green Party are a sideshow, entertaining us mostly by being silly distractions from the intense, constant, laser-like focus on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his rival Hillary Clinton.

Source: These jokes aren’t funny anymore: Can we all agree now that the third-party candidates are useless? – Salon.com

Their assumptions are BULLSHIT!

They are basing this on polls which at best are a mere sideshow to reality….it is a popularity contest that is skewed in whatever direction they want it to be.

Personally I look at platform……let’s say candidate A has a 10 point platform (usually more) and you agree with 8 of the points and candidate B also has a 10 point plan and you agree with 3…..why would I vote for the lesser?

I do not look for popularity in a candidate but rather sound platform points.

This is why there is no viable 3rd party candidacy…..the media and the pundits do not want a 3rd party and they will use every mean available to keep it the same 2 stale and outta touch parties.

I refuse to allow any media outlet determine who my candidate for president will be.

As long as the population allows this to continue we will NEVER have a true “open” election.  I agree with Dr.  Stein…..”I would rather go down swinging than committing politician suicide by voting for either of the two major candidates” (a paraphrase)…..

2016: Slip Sliding Away

In a little over 50 days we will have a new president and then the finger pointing will begin…..all searching for excuses for their candidates loss.

May I see a show of hands…..how many think that GW Bush won in 2000 because Nader sucked votes away from Gore?

If you voted yes then you have voted for the common excuse that the Dems use to explain the defeat of Gore.  The diatribe is that Nader sucked off votes from people that would have probably voted for Gore had he not been opposed by Nader……

I think that is a cowardly statement…..Gore lost because he was a horrible candidate that progressive Dems did not like and did not vote for him.  It is just that simple….a terrible candidate.

Fast forward to this year’s election…..Clinton began the Summer leading Trump by double digits in many regions and slowly but slowly that lead has eroded to the point that the election is close to a toss up….either Trump or Clinton could win.

Personally I think that the two major parties are presenting the worst candidates possible.  Only 2000 had candidates that were this suck ass.

Voters that actually think see the weakness of the candidates and have begun looking for an alternative (smells like 2000 all over again)……We have the candidate of the old angry white men and the candidate of the 1%….neither represent the bulk of the voting public.

The Repubs are setting up the scenario it they lose the election….it will be voter fraud…..and the Dems it will be the same as 2000 people wasted their vote on a third party candidate.

The wasted vote premise is a myth….

The biggest objection by allies to voting for a Third Party is the “wasted vote” argument — the idea that if you vote for someone who will not win, then the vote does not count.

Join any third party and merely suggest that another person consider voting for a third party candidate and you will hear, ad nauseum, “I don’t want to waste my vote.”

What is a Wasted Vote?

An unprincipled vote is the only wasted vote.

Voting for a third party, contrary to popular belief, is not a wasted vote.

What is voting? It’s a chance to tell the country — and perhaps even the world — what your vision of government and society really is.

Source: The wasted vote myth | Freepress.org

I have already covered this in a previous post….(for your reading delight)…..

Source: Why Your Third-Party Vote Is Not Wasted – In Saner Thought

I refuse to fall the giant shell game the major parties play om the voters….for 100 years talk has been cheap and yet we keep settling for the same promises every election.

If you do not vote for principles then YOUR vote is the wasted vote….NOT MINE!