Primer For The US Presidential Election

As Summer drags on I find myself nostalgic for some cooler temps……lots of rain recently but still damn hot……sorry enough bitching’ on my part…..onward!

My Sunday and I thought since my granddaughter seems a bit interested in the political process I would let her see this article I found on-line…..we have talked about what is being said by the candidates and she wanted to understand the process a bit better…..

I wanted to help her but without getting into a deep philosophical dissertation…..

This is a bit simplistic but it does shed some light of the process…especially for a young mind that is coping with a complex issue…..

See the Republican. Voters are angry. He feeds off their anger. Voters are scared. He feeds off their fear. He watches himself on television. This would make a good television show.

See the Democrat. She is not the Republican. When she wakes up in the morning, she is not the Republican. At bedtime, she is not the Republican. She takes a knife and cuts a juicy steak for dinner. It oozes. Would the steak ooze like that for a Republican?

See the presidential candidates, who are not Republican or Democrat. They wait in line at grocery stores. They park their own cars. They give speeches on sidewalks near train stations. Passengers walk by without noticing them. “Vote for me.” Sorry, I don’t know you, one man replies.

Source: A Child’s Primer For The US Presidential Election

I printed it out for her to keep with her….it seems there are some in her 8th grade class that think they are political geniuses…..I just wanted her to be armed for any BS that may come her way…..

My granddaughter talked about all the back and forth between the two camps….she said that they seem to be “butt hurt”…..meaning feelings are fragile with both these two….even she sees how ridiculous the candidates are acting…..then she asked…”how did we end up with only 2 parties?”

How Did The U.S. End Up With A Two-Party System?

The last thing she said was….”can’t fix stupid”….smart girl.

That be it for today my friends….gotta bounce……Enjoy the rest of your day….I will return to my regular posting schedule tomorrow…..Peace Out……