Baffle Them With Bullsh*t

Thanx Mrs. Clinton I needed a good chuckle today…….

There is no secret that I think that a vote for Clinton is the biggest mistake a person could possibly make…..with the exception of a vote for her opponent.

The Clinton State Dept made many deals with countries that benefited the Clinton Foundation….lots of cash between corporations and the Clintons were standard operating procedure……but how will that effect a president Clinton?

Her campaign has made an announcement concerning this issue…….

Hillary Clinton’s family foundation will no longer accept foreign and corporate donations if she is elected president, and will bring an end to its annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting regardless of the outcome of the November election, the AP reports. Former President Bill Clinton made the announcement at an afternoon meeting with foundation staff members. Bill Clinton said the foundation plans to continue its work, but intends to refocus its efforts in a process that will take up to a year to complete. The former president, who turns 70 on Friday, said he will resign from the board, and the foundation will only accept contributions from US citizens and independent charities. It will no longer take money from any foreign entity, government, foreign or domestic corporations, or corporate charities.

At the staff meeting, Clinton said he and his daughter, Chelsea, did not face any external pressure to make the changes, but wanted to avoid any potential issues or second guessing for Hillary Clinton should she move into the White House. The future of the Clinton Foundation has been one of the overarching questions shadowing Clinton’s campaign. The sprawling charitable network, founded after Bill Clinton left office in 2001, has raised more than $2 billion for initiatives focused on global health, climate change, economic development, and increasing opportunities for women and girls. While Hillary Clinton stepped down from its board after launching her 2016 campaign, her husband and daughter have remained in leadership roles, prompting questions about the ability of the organization to continue its work should Clinton win the White House.

First let me say….if you believe this steaming pile of manure then would you be interested in some land in Florida that I will sell by the gallon?

Does anyone truly believe that the Clintons will not find a way around this piece of crap?

I would keep my eye on Chelsea… guess is she will be running things while the loving couple occupy the White House…..and there will be no way that the cash will stop pour into the foundation.

I could be wrong……but I am NOT!

The Clinton Foundation has reportedly decided it will no longer accept foreign and corporate donations if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.

Source: Don’t Fall For False Promises, Clinton Foundation’s Announcement is Practically Meaningless | LawNewz

Any thoughts?

How to Lose an Election

I recently wrote a piece about Trump’s continuous accusations that the election is rigged……(but in case you missed my post)…….

Source: “The Election Is Rigged” – In Saner Thought

To me it seems like he has a feeling that he may lose this election and he is searching for anything that will and can be blamed for that loss…..that is anything but him.

– In what the AP calls a “rare moment of humility,” Donald Trump is beginning to signal that he is aware that he could be something other than a winner in November. “We’re having a problem,” he told a gathering of evangelical ministers on Florida on Thursday. “It could cost us the Supreme Court.” Politico reports that Trump complained about the “tremendous problem” he is having winning votes in Utah. He went on to blame evangelicals for Mitt Romney’s loss in 2012. “You did not vote for Romney,” he told the ministers. “Evangelicals, religion, did not get out and vote. And I don’t know why. Whatever the reason, I’m not sure why.” In other developments:

  • Reuters reports that Trump will hold meetings with Republican National Committee officials in Florida on Friday. Officials say it will be a normal meeting, though it comes as Republicans circulate an open letter to the RNC calling for it to spend money on local races instead of Trump because of his “divisiveness, recklessness, incompetence, and record-breaking unpopularity.”
  • The Hill reports that Trump warns he will “stop funding the Republican Party” if it shifts funds from him to candidates in other races. “I’m the one raising the money for them,” he told Fox’s Bill O’Reilly. “In fact, right now I’m in Orlando, I’m going to a fundraiser for the Republican Party. If they want to do that they can save me a lot of time and a lot of energy.”
  • Trump slammed Clinton for her “short-circuiting” brain at a Thursday night rally in Florida, where he got the day of the week wrong at least twice, the Guardian reports. “By the way, is there any place to be that’s better than a Friday night in Florida at a Trump rally?” he asked the crowd. “No place.”
  • The New York Times reports that in a CNBC interview Thursday, Trump said he wouldn’t change his campaigning style, but again acknowledged that he could be the loser this fall. “At the end, it’s either going to work or I’m going to, you know, I’m going to have a very, very nice long vacation,” he said.
  • In a Miami Herald interview Thursday, Trump said he would consider having Americans accused of terror offenses tried in military courts at Guantanamo Bay. “I would say they could be tried there, that would be fine,” said Trump, who went on to say he isn’t a “big believer in man-made climate change,” and he believes US climate policy is making American businesses noncompetitive.
  • Politico polled Republican insiders and found that nearly half of them think the race is over already. “Trump is underperforming so comprehensively across states and demographics it would take video evidence of a smiling Hillary drowning a litter of puppies while terrorists surrounded her with chants of ‘Death to America!'” said a Republican from Iowa. “But in 2016, stranger things have happened.” Democrats were more cautious, with only 28% saying the race is already effectively over.

I will admit that some of those sources are not sources that I trust very much but they had some good thoughts in them…..Trump is becoming his own worse enemy…..

But you make up your own mind…..

Time for the old professor to bow out for the day…..please have a good day and enjoy your weekend….I will be back in full form Monday…until then….peace out!

Did Green Party Pitch for ‘Greater Good’ Resonate with National Audience?

I have constantly stated that this election was in need of a good alternative to the two major candidates….neither of which will do anything to make this a better country….

On Wednesday, 17Aug2016, CNN did something that NO other network will do…they gave an outlet to alternative candidates….first it was the Libertarians and Johnson and now it was Stein of the Green Party…..below is an op-ed on the subject…….

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and vice presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka took part in CNN’s first Green Party town hall Wednesday night, laying out their proposals to abolish all student debt, establish a single-payer healthcare system, create a foreign policy based on humanitarian values, and to establish a “Green New Deal” that would both create millions of jobs nationwide and help transition the country to 100 percent renewable energy by 2030.

Source: Did Green Party Pitch for ‘Greater Good’ Resonate with National Audience? | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

I watched and I liked what I saw and heard…..but that is me…..confused voters or those on the fence need to at least give the Green Party a look….I think they can find something in their platform that would appeal to their sensibilities….

In case you missed the town hall on CNN…..I had considered given my breakdown of the townhall but if the reader is not interested they will just blow it off….but if there is interests then why not form your own opinion……

Anything would be better than the two sleazoids that come from the major parties…

Let me reiterate….Think Green!

Relying on Millions of Dollars in Food Stamps

How many times have you read something by the nose picking bunch on the Right that makes you feel dirty?  Well….most of it……..

Mostly they go on and on about all those people that are looking for hand-outs…all the freebies the government has to offer….it really gets their goat when a poor family needs food stamps just to feed their children….and of course they say if they weren’t so damn lazy then they would have a good job and not need any government help….ever read this ranting crap?

Remember an attack on one is an attack on all…….

I cannot wait to hear what moronic excuse they have for not showing any interest in this story….

The Department of Defense has shown little concern about food security among active-duty military personnel.

Military service members on active duty spent $24 million in food stamps at military commissary shops from September 2014 to August 2015, and 45 percent of students in schools run by the military are eligible for free or reduced-price meal programs.

For years, the military has been embarrassed by reports showing that some active-duty service members struggle to feed their families and use government benefits to get by. A recent report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that the Department of Defense (DoD) does not fully understand the scope of the problem.

Source: US Soldiers Are Relying on Millions of Dollars in Food Stamps to Survive

Well what does the “Patriotic Right” have to say about this?

I realize that the troops are only important at rally times or during some holiday in their honor…..

We ask out troops to “defend” this country with their lives and yet we cannot see that their families do not have to depend on food stamps to feed their children…..kinda pathetic.

But what can you expect from a country where 98% has no idea what it means to serve?

Our troops and vets deserve so much more than this country is willing to give them and yet their fate depends on the cowards that hide behind them….the American way!

America’s Forgotten War

That would be Afghanistan…..that little war that No one seems to give a crap about….a war that still has Americans in harm’s way……a war that Americans will continue fight….a war that few know why we continue to fight…..

It is Summer and the Taleban has decided to make another push in southern Afghanistan…..

With the Taliban controlling most of the southern Afghan province of Helmand, the capital city of Lashkar Gah has looked less and less secure. It looks like that city could be facing another direct offensive quite soon, as major battles were reported just south of the city.

The Afghan government is rushing military reinforcements into the area, and insists the district of Nawa, where the fighting is ongoing, has yet to fall. US officials have similarly insisted they will “not allow” the city of Lashkar Gah to be captured, but whether they can do anything about it is unclear.

The largely rural Helmand Province is the center of the lucrative opium poppy farming operations in Afghanistan, and Taliban control over many districts, including the districts bordering neighboring Pakistan, allow them to control the flow of opium traffic out of the country

we have de-fanged Al-Qaeda and the Taleban can only operate one region at a time without massive losses…..just what was our objective in Afghanistan…..the boss of the group that did the 9/11 attacks is dead…dead….dead…..

Afghanistan is a money pit… you know what that is?  A hole in the earth into which you pour money.

What the US needs is a way out of this quagmire, right?

The failure of U.S. policy in Afghanistan has been obvious for years, but neither President Bush nor President Obama wanted the defeat hung on them, so the bloody folly goes on, a test for the next president, says Alon Ben-Meir.

Two weeks ago, President Obama announced that the U.S. will draw down its troops in Afghanistan from 9,800 to 8,400, altering his original plan to reduce the number to 5,500. His decision suggests that conditions on the ground are not as promising as he expected them to be, and maintaining a larger number of troops is important as he believes “it is in our national security interests … that we give our Afghan partners the best opportunities to succeed.”

The President, however, did not spell out what success actually means. If he meant that Afghanistan will eventually become a stable and functioning democracy, he is fundamentally mistaken. Indeed, even if the U.S. stations three times as many troops for another 15 years or more, given the multiple conflicts, ruthlessness and duplicity of the players involved and the country’s long history, the U.S. cannot rescue Afghanistan from the quagmire in which it finds itself.

Source: Needing an Exit from Afghan Quagmire – Consortiumnews

This election will bring NO relief for our troops and their families and most Americans will just keep thumping their chests and waving their flags and the troops keep living dangerously….

Time for someone to step up and make the government face reality….we had such a person, Chuck Hagel, but he would not play ball with the M-IC so he had to go in favor of the bobble head yes man Carter.

If not your grandchildren will be fighting this unwinnable war….is that what you desire?

Is Populism is Here to Stay?

This election cycle has seen the rise of a more populist attitude of the American people….Sanders popularity and the nomination of Trump illustrate just hoe deep the ideology runs….

Clinton is the nominee that is more establishment than she would like to admit…..but Trump has tapped into the resentment of the American Right….if he is not successful in defeating Clinton…the question is ….will this populism remain?

The neoliberal consensus that has dominated the globe for the past 40 years is collapsing. As the old dies, two forms of populism are rising in its wake. What are progressives and those of us on the left to do?

Last week was a bad one for Donald Trump. While the Republican presidential nominee’s campaign feeds on media scandals, the last few days have been over the top: fights with the family of a slain Muslim American soldier and top Republican leadership, potential leaks of top-secret information, even removing babies and silent protesters holding up copies of the U.S. Constitution from his rallies.

Pair that with plummeting poll numbers and a series of high-profile defections – including that of Maine Republican Sen. Susan Collins late Monday – and some liberal commentators have predicted the full-scale implosion of Trump’s campaign. Others have been speculating that Trump may drop out of the race, and some Republicans have called on him to do just that.

Source: Whatever Happens to Trump in November, Populism is Here to Stay

Do you, my reader, think that this rise in populism is here to stay or even if it is a good thing for the country?  Or is it just a phenom for this election?