Gaza resilience( mawasi… A failure of humanity )

This is an article written by a friend of mine in Palestine…..she writes some amazingly cutting edge stuff….she needs to be read….

نادية حرحش

Somewhere , between north and south Gaza exists an area called Mawasi…part of the One third of Gaza geographical land that was ‘dropped’ by mistake and given to Israel during Oslo by ‘mistake’. Since the disengagement of 2005 , a tribe named Tarabin , became part of the marginalized marginalization of their existence. They were enclaved by settlements first to end up in a no existence zone. In the last aggression on gaza, the people of this area were displaced from slums to shelters , to go back to their de-slummed places poorer and just more miserable . I pretend that I encountered some difficult scenes in my life . No words can describe the misery of the tragedy that is ongoing their. Total dis belonging or actual existence. They literally live worse than animals . The government doesn’t even bother to consider them and surrounded by strong patriarchal cleanish…

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This is my last post before I set off on my weekend activities… let’s end this week on a “creepy” note……

Have you seen that advert for a power drink where they use the term “puppymoneybaby”?

To say that it is an irritating thing is an understatement…but I found something more creepy than the “puppymonkeybaby”……it is “Deathmetalbaby”!

Flying baby: The Swiss have put on one of the most bizarre opening ceremonies in history to mark the completion of the world's longest tunnel

This is part of the celebration in Switzerland for the opening of the world’s deepest tunnel…….check out other parts of the celebration…….

Source: How Switzerland decided to mark opening of Gotthard Base

I am having a hard time adjusting to the strange and sometimes creepy celebration……whatever the organizers were smoking must be illegal….

You tell me…..

Everyone please have a great weekend and don’t do anything I wouldn’t…..

Paper Or Plastic?

Are you a person that cares about the environment?  If so, then this post has nothing to do with the environment.

You have heard this question in grocery stores….but there is another sector where this could be the question asked…..

The money in your wallet……

The Bank of England introduced a five-pound note Thursday that marks the beginning of the end of a three-century run for paper money in the UK, reports the Guardian. This particular note is made of a thin plastic and designed to last more than twice as long as its paper counterpart. It features the queen on the front and Winston Churchill on the back, and it goes into circulation in September. The current five-pound paper note will remain in use for another year. Next up comes up a 10-pound plastic note featuring Jane Austen in 2017 and a 20-pound note featuring painter JMW Turner by 2020.

The unveiling comes ahead of Britain’s crucial vote on whether to exit the European Union, and Bloomberg notes that both sides of the debate have claimed none other than Churchill to be in their camp. Asked on Thursday about how Churchill might view the question, Bank of England Gov. Mark Carney opted to play it safe. “It’s not for me to make any inference about that,” he said.

Libertarians should be watching this….I mean they are against paper money….will they embrace this experiment?

How long before this makes it to the shores of the colonies?

Clinton’s Foreign Policy Predicament

After her dismal “foreign policy” speech there are problems with the foreign policy of Clinton…..

Some people seem to think that the election is in the bag for Clinton….that she can do no wrong and will be crowned as soon as possible……

Me?  I am worried that if she does win the election that this country will be ass deep in conflicts for many years to come…..Clinton is more neocon than Cheney……

Her foreign policy has me in a dither……

The Clinton campaign has some strange ideas about what motivates voters. The New York Times reports:

While Mrs. Clinton must be cautious not to alienate liberal Democrats who oppose some of her hawkish foreign policy stances, her campaign says national security could be the catalyst that drives independents and wavering Republicans to support her this fall.

There are probably a handful of voters that vote primarily on foreign policy that choose Clinton for this reason, but other than that it is more likely not to matter or might even be a liability for her. The safe bet is that foreign policy qualifications will have almost no effect on voting intentions, but if it does have an effect it probably won’t be the one that Clinton’s allies want.

Source: Clinton’s Foreign Policy Predicament | The American Conservative

The media is on-board with Clinton and her hawkish policies…..after listening to her on the stump I am not confident with her international “blueprint”……

Two weeks ago the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) released a report entitled “Extending American Power: Strategies to Expand U.S. Engagement in a Competitive World Order.” It could just as easily have been entitled “What Hillary Should Do When She Gets Elected, and Why She Should Hire Us to Do It.” The report’s authors run the gamut from interventionist Republican neocons like Robert Kagan to Democratic hawks like Michele Fluornoy, the co-founder of CNAS and a possible candidate for Secretary of Defense in a Hillary Clinton administration. There is not a fresh or independent voice in the lot. As Stephen Walt rightly points out in his take-down of the report in Foreign Policy, this is at best a status quo document, and at worst a doubling down on the failed policies of the past two decades. And why should we expect otherwise? After all, as Walt notes, “the report’s signatories helped create many of the problems they now seek to fix, so you’d hardly expect them to cast a critical eye on their own handiwork.”

Source: The Foreign Policy Blueprint Hillary Shouldn’t Follow

Like I have said….her policies disturb me……I want to see the extent of the US interventionism grow smaller not be extended….Clinton will stretch this country’s capabilities to the max……possibly to the breaking point.

There is only one thing I can say….Clinton CANNOT count on me for a vote.

How about you?

It Was A Brilliant Speech!

I am not sure if the MSM saw the same speech that I watched……

Yesterday Hillary made what was billed as a foreign policy and national security speech…..and after the press was fawning all over her…..calling it brilliant (Andrea Mitchell), timely (CNN), and the accolades went on and on….I sat there listening and then reading the transcript and still have not found where it was either brilliant or timely……but I am not on the payroll of some corporation so my analysis is probably more accurate.

Everybody knows that my field of interest is foreign policy and international relations….so when this was billed as a speech on foreign policy I looked forward to her laying out her plans in the arena of foreign policy….and as usual I was disappointed…..

Hillary Clinton may not have locked down the Democratic nomination just yet, but she will use what aides are billing as a major speech on Thursday to go after Donald Trump, not Bernie Sanders. The speech in San Diego, less than a week before the California primary, will be all about foreign policy—and why she thinks Trump as president would make the world a far more dangerous place, reports NBC News. Specifically, she’ll hit him on topics including his support for Japan, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea acquiring nukes; his disdain of NATO; his advocacy of torture against suspected terrorists, along with going after their families; and his support of a ban on Muslims coming to the US, reports the New York Times. Though Clinton has hit upon this same theme on the campaign trail, this will be her first big foreign policy speech since Trump became the presumptive nominee.

She “will go into specifics in a very direct and clear way about what makes Donald Trump unfit, both in terms of temperament and ideas,” says adviser Jake Sullivan, per the AP. “This is as full-throated and full-bodied a case as you will have seen from anyone on the danger that Donald Trump poses.”

There is NOTHING in this speech that speaks to her plans….nope she went straight to a political speech dissing Trump…..trashing Trump is NOT a policy speech…I mean anybody can carry that task out without much thought.

  • “Donald Trump’s ideas aren’t just different, they’re dangerously incoherent. They’re not even really ideas, just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds, and outright lies.”
  • “Making Donald Trump our commander-in-chief would be a historic mistake.”
  • “He is not just unprepared, he is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability, and immense responsibility.”
  • “He should not have the nuclear codes because it’s very easy to imagine Donald Trump leading us into a war just because someone got under his very thin skin.”
  • “There’s no risk of people losing their lives if you blow up a golf course deal, but it doesn’t work like that in world affairs. … The stakes in global statecraft are infinitely higher and more complex than in the world of luxury hotels.”

Really?  There is NOTHING new in all this….most of us know that Trump is a bit light on foreign policy…..

If my reader would like to check my facts then please do so…..

Source: Read Hillary Clinton’s Speech on Donald Trump and National Security | TIME

The pundits are mistaken…….There was absolutely NOTHING brilliant or timely about this speech….it was a typical political speech…..a long winded piece of crap.

If I am hard pressed to describe her speech with one word….then that word will be…..YAWN!

The Truth About Populism and Foreign Policy

The most popular buzzword in this election is….Populism.

The media has analyzed the populism of the Right with Trump and the populism on the Left with Sanders….they have left NO stone unturned trying to explain the rise of Trump and Sanders…..

If you subscribe to the premise that there is a rising sentiment among the voters toward populism….and if you feel as I do, that foreign policy will play heavily in the next few years…the the logic question would be…..What is the truth about populism and foreign policy?

Last week in Foreign AffairsRichard Fontaine and Robert D. Kaplan analyzed the impact of this year’s campaign populism on U.S. foreign policy. Domestic economic difficulties, they argued, have made Americans less willing to have their country play a large role abroad. Even if neither Donald Trump nor Bernie Sanders ends up as president, future policymakers will have to heed the strong sentiments these candidates have tapped.

At first glance, the data confirm this view. A Pew Research Center report published May 5 found that 65 percent of Republicans and 73 percent of Democrats want the next president to focus on domestic rather than foreign affairs. Almost two-thirds of Trump supporters—and a narrow majority of Sanders backers—agreed that the United States has suffered from its involvement in the global economy. And 61 percent of Americans (as well as 71 percent of Republicans) agreed that the United States has lost the international respect it once enjoyed.

Source: The Truth About Populism and Foreign Policy | Foreign Affairs

The US is spreading its troops and resources around the globe like peanut butter on a cracker…..with the rise of populism will this effect our commitments that the M-IC needs to stay afloat?

Wii the campaigns of Trump and Sanders influence the two major parties in their international dealings?

What will be the outcome of the rise of populism?

Is China Really That Dangerous?

I remember the days when Japan was our chief adversary because they were buying up America…..then slowly it became China…..and now the war hawks are determined that this should be the dialog these days….oh yeah…they still want terrorism stopped….but the big deals are made with the trade agreements that lets the M-IC throw weapons around like Mardi Gras beads.

Then there is the dialog that gives us a dangerous China especially for their actions in the South China Sea……Think Tanks are spreading white papers around like peanut butter……helping the M-IC make the case for more weapon systems to our “allies”…..

Overstating the danger to America can lead to bad policy.

The United States dominates the globe militarily. Washington possesses the most powerful armed forces, accounts for roughly 40 percent of the globe’s military outlays, and is allied with every major industrialized state save China and Russia.

Yet the bipartisan hawks who dominate U.S. foreign policy see threats at every turn. For some, the People’s Republic of China is replacing the Soviet Union as America’s chief adversary. They view another military buildup as the only answer.

Source: Is China Really That Dangerous? | The National Interest Blog

My question is…if we concentrate on China what will Russia be doing to counter any actions that US will be contemplating?

Anybody have any ideas?