USS Liberty Veterans Association | Letter to Bibi

A letter was sent to Israel’s PM BiBi about the attack so many years ago…..[lease take some time and read the thoughts of those who lived through the attack…..

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,
Usually I write America’s political and military leaders on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  I try to remind them about the men and women who serve this Country and the obligation that they have in protecting them and honoring their sacrifice.  I tell them about protecting our rights and freedoms and not let their ambitions stand in the way of the decisions they make.
I sympathize with the Jewish people with the horrors of World War II.
I also lost relatives during the war to the Nazis.  An uncle and a cousin, and two of my uncles were in slave labor camps.  I realize that the Jewish people need a homeland.  But the size of Israel has changed dramatically since 1948 through the acquisition of lands due to wars.  And this is where my sympathy with Israel ends.

Source: USS Liberty Veterans Association | Letter to Bibi

SAfter you have read this letter take a good look at the signees of said letter…..see anyone you recognize?

In case you were too f*cking lazy or uninterested enough to take a few moments to read then among the names are Obama, Biden, Boehner, Clinton, et al……and yet it is still taboo to mention this attack and the murder of American sailors in public.

Why is that?

USS Liberty–A Day To Remember

Congrats America….you now have your two candidates and the two people that will do whatever it takes to white wash Israeli’s war crimes.

Note:  There is a massive amount of information for the reader to digest…..but please take the time to learn about a forgotten piece of American history……and forgotten American heroes who died doing their duty to their country.

A couple of days ago was the 72 anniversary of the landing of D-Day and I was surprised that there was not more about the “Greatest Generation’s” contribution to the destruction of the Nazi war machine…..

Since few seem to care I feel that the deaths of a handful of Americans on the USS Liberty in 1967 will get even less attention from my fellow Americans…..

I dedicate this day, 08 June to the memory of those American sailors killed aboard the USS Liberty when it was attacked by the Israelis in 1967…..they are all but forgotten…..but not by ME!

How many Americans are pissed off about the Iranian capture of those American sailors a couple months ago?

How many Americans are pissed off at the attacks in Libya that killed Americans?

How many Americans are pissed off about the American sailors deaths when the USS Cole was attacked in Aden, Yemen?

And yet with all that anger over the attacks on Americans we somehow removed an attack from our memories that killed 34 American sailors…..why is that?

08 June, 49 years ago the USS Liberty was attacked and 34 Americans died and 171  were injured in a cowardly attack by the Israeli military on this day in 1967.

Every year I try to bring light to this attack….I want Americans to wake up and protest the deaths of Americans….they do so for 4 killed in Libya but the Liberty means NOTHING to them.  I find that shameful and disgusting…….I do all I can to force the world to recognize the cowardly attack and finally to make those responsible to be held accountable……

I know it is an uphill battle….but these are Americans that died in service to their country……and that country has turned their backs on them and their families……NOTHING is more disgusting and shameful…..

Names of the forgotten…….

Below is the archive that I have built up over the years here on IST….I post them with the hope that my readers will check them out and possibly pass them on so that more people know the dastardly attack was from an “ally” and has NEVER been held accountable for their murders.

The USS Liberty must NEVER be forgotten…….

Source: The USS Liberty Must Not Be Forgotten – The Unz Review

I will continue my crusade on behalf of the USS Liberty until my last breath……though the incident must not be forgotten… has been for almost a half century…….

It is truly unfortunate that Americans care so little for the sailors that died on this day in 1967…..

These are the articles that I wrote along with several other authors as well on the subject of the USS Liberty…..please take some time and learn about this attack……and then join in the crusade to force the country and the world to remember these brave Americans…..

I realize that this a lot of information to take in…..but please take the time to learn the story of those Americans that died at the hands of the murderous Israeli military……

PEOPLE!  STOP idolizing Israel….they are no better than the cowards that killed Americans in Libya.

Israel’s chokehold over U.S. politics and politicians has been so powerful for so many decades that this obvious reality is routinely denied, a collective gagging of the truth that is itself a measure of how strong the Israeli grip is. The most potent and poignant example of how much American independence has been surrendered to […]

Source: Still Waiting for USS Liberty’s Truth – Original by —

The deaths of Americans at the hands of cowards is NEVER acceptable in my mind and I refuse to stand by silent while the rest of my country tries so hard to forget these American veterans…….this country is always angry at this country or that, this group or that, when they have attacked and killed Americans…..and yet this incident goes mostly unnoticed and seldom mentioned….I want to correct that!

For you see…I am NOT a “Sunshine Patriot” that remembers our fallen vets once a year or try to use them for my personal goals……I have NO time for these so-called Patriots….they are nothing more than opportunists and flying a flag will change NOTHING!

I will NEVER forget…..and I definitely will NEVER forgive!

And neither should YOU!

Why you should always cast a suspicious eye on American power

Most of us Americans are proud to be a citizen of this country….,the problem is, as I see it, NO one is willing to question the US and its actions for fear of being labelled somehoe… know being political correct or worse a traitor for not blindly supporting the various interventions of conquest…..and make NO mistake these are conquest…maybe not in land area but something is gained for the situation.

Over the weekend Daniel Drezner, professor at Tufts University and writer for The Washington Post, got into an interesting debate with a number of leftists on Twitter. The question at issue was worldwide American military hegemony: Is it good or bad? Drezner took the “good” position, while Adam Johnson of Alternet took the contrary view.

Both sides make some pretty good points. But regardless of one’s position on the American empire, anyone in Drezner’s position must recognize a basic duty to keep a suspicious eye on government activity — especially when it involves the use of force.

When in doubt, call for more oversight

Source: Why you should always cast a suspicious eye on American power

I believe that all Americans should question their government’s involvement internationally……they should asked what is to be gained….and by whom?

Terror in the skies

I am old enough to remember when all this crap started in the Middle East….the terror that is…..

I remember back in the mid-70’s when the PFLP, Red October, Black September and others were carrying out random acts of terrorism….skyjackings, attacks, etc… a matter of fact back in 1979 I applied for a gig as a Sky Marshall but never got the chance for in 1980 Reagan was elected and he did not appreciate the necessity for armed guards on plane flights, especially to overseas destinations……and cancelled the program for the most part.

Now I have found a good article that will do what I always do….give a bit of historical perspective…..

The advent of air travel was perhaps one of the most remarkable feats achieved in the early twentieth century. This amazing achievement, however, would soon make for a horrifyingly spectacular means for terrorists and criminals to gain leverage for their own ends.
From commandeering planes to alternative destinations, to crashing airliners into world famous landmarks, the use of planes as tools for political continues to pose a huge concern for travellers and security authorities around the world.

Source: Terror in the skies: Skyjacking and sabotage through history

You see terrorism is not a new phenom……it has been with us for a very long time….and we still have no idea how to respond to it other than massive interventions…..