But It’s Fruity

As the weekend begins I am reminded that we Americans are suckers for fads and trendy crap.

Look at kale…..the perfect example of the premise that you can sell anything to the gullible.  Or the rush to find the hottest pepper…..why would you want to eat something that is painful?  And then there is that damn silly fad of putting a lime in beer…..silly.

Then there are the boozes out there….flavored vodka, bourbon, gin, wine etc………. and what about beer?

And this is where this post picks up….

“It’s about us geeking out with flavor and pushing the boundaries of beer. It’s sort of how craft beer in America has always been. We’ve always been pushing the boundaries.”

That’s Erik Jensen, brewmaster at San Diego’s Green Flash brewery, talking about the next big thing in craft beer. He’s not referring to bitter IPAs or nitrogen-carbonated brews; he’s talking about fruit beer. That’s right: It’s time to stop throwing shade at the shandy and say hello to your new, go-to summer beverage.

At its core, craft beer has always been about experimentation. As Gerard Leary, owner of New York craft beer bar One Mile House, puts it, “American breweries are ballsy,” and fruit beer’s newfound popularity is the latest manifestation of that attitude.

Source: Why fruit beers are going to be your go-to summer beverages

Fruity beer?  Sorry I want my beer to taste the way God intended….like beer.

There are certain constants in life….an onion taste like an onion, coffee taste like coffee and ……..(this is a bit risque and will be shared upon request) and beer to taste like BEER!

And the finally the ultimate fad…rename your beer something trendy for the Summer….a name like…America (what a pathetic gimmick)….but if you want to change the name why not go for something a little more accurate…..like URINE!

If you want a great beer then may I suggest…..

Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Or this one……

Guinness Blonde American Lager

And finally one of the best

Now have a beer and enjoy your Saturday…I know I shall…..maybe a steak…..also.