Assault Weapon Ban?

Okay this subject has the NRA a bit twitchy….and the Right is slobbering all over themselves…..and damn the talking points!

Many have been calling for this ban for some time…..I for one….I own guns and if someone needs a 30 round assault weapon for protection then may I suggest you buy a shotgun because you are a terrible shot…..

Sorry I digress….meanwhile back to the assault weapon ban thingy……(at least for now and we know how quickly minds change in DC)…….

A most unlikely person has come out on the side of the ban…..

You know the issue of gun control has hit peak outrage when even the denizens of disaster over at Fox News are calling for stricter measures.

Bill O’Reilly joined his colleague Gretchen Carlson in speaking out against the easy availability of assault weapons in the wake of the Orlando massacre.

Source: Bill O’Reilly Has Brief Bout of Sanity: Calls for Assault Weapons Ban | Alternet

That’s right Irene….you heard it on FOX News…..

Now I sit back and wait to see what Conserv has the balls to call out O’Reilly……

Will there be a person of principle?  Or will this one one of those times where he gets a pass because he will eventually come to his senses and recant?

True to my word…this will be my final post on the incident in Orlando…..unless something really horrendous happens…….hear that?  That is me moving on!


Who’s To Blame?

I have been watching and listening to all the finger pointing surrounding the attack in Orlando……my first reaction was to ask why all the accusations not much is said about the attacks in South Carolina last year…these “people” bring up the Boston bomb and the attack in California but nothing on the attack in SC….I have a good idea why but refuse to be part of this…..

Some blame Muslims while others blame the guns……and few put the blame where it belongs…..the FBI.

The FBI is grappling with the aftermath of what a former Homeland Security counterterrorism coordinator calls one of its “great nightmares: someone they looked at who ultimately goes out and carries out a successful attack.” The FBI—which investigated and cleared gunman Omar Mateen twice—also investigated but failed to stop Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Texas gunman Elton Simpson, leading some experts to say the agency is hampered by strict guidelines and limited resources, the Washington Post reports. The FBI’s initial probe of Mateen, which began when colleagues at security firm G4S reported suspicious statements in 2013, took 10 months and involved phone surveillance, interviews, and the use of informants. It found no evidence of radicalization, but experts now wonder if more clues could have been found if more agents had been used.

The FBI is hampered not just by guidelines, but by the sheer volume of counterterrorism tips, with up to 10,000 investigations open at any one time, reports the New York Times. Sources say the agency is currently investigating more than 1,000 suspected “homegrown violent extremists,” a task that involves thousands of agents and analysts. Authorities say they’re trying to determine whether any leads were missed in the Mateen case. He was no longer on an FBI watch list when he bought the weapons used in the nightclub massacre, meaning the agency was not alerted, and Deputy Attorney General Sally Q. Yates says authorities are considering changing the system to ensure the FBI is notified when somebody previously investigated for terrorism links buys guns. (The FBI is considering charges against Mateen’s wife, who may have known about the attack beforehand.)

To try and change the conversation the government and the media have thrown suspicion on the present wife….

This is a typical story…..just change the name of the location and it would be the same worthless information it always is…..

Hate Crime or Domestic Terrorism?

Orlando the site of the latest piece of domestic terrorism…….and this country spends its time pouting and whining about what to call the act.

Sad part of this incident is the mindless speculation from the media and most of the Right…..

Like all forms of terrorism…the subject is boiled down to it’s simplest parts…..that way the speculation appears to be news when all it does is obfuscate the subject……

So was this attack a hate crime or possibly domestic terrorism?

US law enforcement is at least initially categorizing the horrific Orlando shootings as “domestic terrorism.”

I don’t think it probably was terrorism in any useful sense of the term.

I used to know what domestic terrorism was, before the term became politicized in the past decade. It was defined right there in the Federal code of 1992:

Source: Omar Mateen and Rightwing Homophobia: Hate Crime or Domestic Terrorism? | Informed Comment

I know that most people have arrived at what they believe is the root cause of this act….but I ask that before a reply is sent at least read the article and address the parts that you either agree with or those with which you disagree….

Off I go to see what fresh Hell the doctor’s have planned for me……I shall return a little later……

the lies, the exploitation and unasked questions

Sorry sports fans but this whole conversation about the attack in Orlando has gone from a horrific act to a condemnation of a religion to the ban of all guns……

And as always happens with this type of violent act…..the diversions are numerous…..the media needs the speculation and the political arena needs the focus to go where it does not belong…..

Keep in mind that this site tends to voice a Libertarian point of view…..

The “Islamic homophobe” thesis bites the dust in less than 24 hours

Right from the start, the Orlando shooting made no sense to me and I said so pretty clearly in an article I posted the same day. You can read the full article here, so I will only mention my main conclusion: that this event had nothing to do with homosexuality, Islam or guns and that:

If this is not about homosexuality, Islam or guns, what is it about?

It is about making us believe that is is about homosexuality, Islam and guns, of course!

Less than 24 hours later, two of the key aspects of the official narrative (really, “spin”) are now already falling apart.

Source: The Orlando massacre: the lies, the exploitation and unasked questions – The Unz Review

Drawing Wrong Lessons

I apologize for today is my day for all the doctors to poke and probe… I will be posting articles with a little opinion thrown in….hopefully I can return to my normal posting schedule tomorrow….

Since this is the story en vogue for now…I will spend today posting on this situation….after that I will move on……

The big argument these days is the horrendous attack in Orlando……it is not about the victims but rather the terminology on the attacker……and of course someone has got to mention assault weapons and the Right-osphere will go batcrap crazy…..

America’s mass shootings, especially those linked to Islamic terrorism like the slaughter in Orlando, Florida, prompt a reflex of responses, but some reactions are particularly unhelpful, says ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar.

Here we go again. Another terrorist incident, and another iteration of the depressingly familiar suite of responses we hear each time in the subsequent surge of rhetoric and commentary. Much of what we hear is what careful consideration of the circumstances and evidence associated with many of these incidents would show to be wrong.

And this is even without including most of the politically driven reactions that have become common amid the partisanship of contemporary America and that one ought to be able to see through without the need of careful consideration.

Source: Drawing Wrong Lessons from Orlando – Consortiumnews

There were 50 deaths and over 50 injured…..and the best we can do is argue about terminology……that is just sad….

I prepare myself for the endless justification over terminology……and none of which addresses the real problem…..until we are serious about the problem then maybe someone can spend some quality time finding solutions for this violence.

But the big question is….How long will Disney allow the kid taken by gator to be a news item?