The Rise Of Evil

I know that there are many in this world that are concerned with the rise of the refugee population in their countries…..the horrifying stories get lots more press than any heart warming one…….and in most countries in Europe there is a rise in the far right political parties…..

An Argentinian man has purchased more than 50 items of Nazi memorabilia from a controversial auction in Munich. The single purchase, said to have totaled more than $683, 000 (£462,000), included a jacket owned by Adolf Hitler and silk underwear that once belonged to Nazi military leader Hermann Goering.

Though the event was closed to press following public outcry, the items under the hammer were sold under the theme,“Hitler and the Nazi Grandees — a look into the abyss of evil,” and hailed from the private collection of John K. Latimer, the physician at the Nuremberg trials.

According to Bild, 50 people attended the auction of more than 169 Nazi relics. An undercover journalist from the German newspaper reported the room was filled with young couples, elderly men, and muscular men with shaved heads and tribal tattoos. The buyer reportedly used the number 888 — the neo-Nazi code for “Heil Hitler” — to make his purchases. One of the items he bought was a brass container Goering used to kill himself with hydrogen cyanide.

Source: Surging Far-Right Movements Across Europe Are Making Hitler Popular Again

It is sad….but at least we here in the good old USA do not have to worry about this sort of thing…….

A Polk County, Tenn., restaurant owner running for a congressional seat is outraging neighbors and the internet with an exceptionally racist campaign billboard, WTVC reports. “I am so enraged I can barely express myself without copious amounts of profanity,” Amy Hines Woody captioned her photo of the billboard on Facebook in a post that has apparently since been taken down. The billboard, which reads “Make America White Again,” was erected near her home by Rick Tyler. Tyler, who says he’s inspired by Donald Trump, is running a “campaign of explicit white nationalism,” according to Gawker. On his campaign website (which is also down; cached version here), Tyler says Trump has “loosened up the overall spectrum of political discourse.” He goes on to claim the “white American super majority,” needed to fight tyranny, is being destroyed.

While the “Make America White Again” billboard was removed Tuesday, Tyler is asking for donations to fund his other billboard ideas, including ones that read “Stop the Muslim invasion” and “Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be miscegenators.” Tyler, who is running as an Independent and got a whopping 0.4% of the vote when he previously ran in 2014, has no realistic shot at winning. Therefore, Gawker states that “his candidacy is probably best read as an example of that which Donald Trump hath wrought.” Meanwhile, calls for a boycott of Tyler’s business, the Whitewater Grille, are coming from former customers and the Kiwanis of Ocoee, which calls his billboard “repugnant.”

The Theory of Recurring Cycles…….

Historic recurrence is the repetition of similar events in history.  The concept of historic recurrence has variously been applied to the overall history of the world (e.g., to the rises and falls of empires), to repetitive patterns in the history of a given polity, and to any two specific events which bear a striking similarity.  (Wikipedia)

Here we go yet again……


“Duty Bound To Protect Them”

Since my class was cancelled for the Summer session I thought I would spend the day irritating as many people as possible…..

This post will not be met with much interest because most Americans do not want to hear this… see it does not fit the paradigm that has been set in motion….

I do not really give a shit about what you think of Muslims…this is not open to discussion….I just wanted the naysayers to know that some of their misguided beliefs are wrong….and border on outright lies.

According to Muhammad Muslims are duty bound to protect Christians…..another thing that westerners do not seem to realize is the the Quran and a Hadith are not the same thing……a Hadith is an interpretation of what the Prophet has said…..there are some Muslims that reject all Hadiths…they do not consider them as important as the Quran…..they reject the authority of the hadith…..

Prophet Muhammad’s covenants state that Muslims are duty bound to protect Christians. It is time that IS sympathizers heeded his call

Picture this. A Muslim leader reaches out to a group of Christians and invites them to his country. The Christians happily accept the invitation, while the Muslim leader prepares his people for their arrival. This is the first time the two communities have met in an official delegation. Matters of state, politics and religion are the topics of discussion. The two groups see eye-to-eye on most issues, but also agree to disagree on theological issues. If one phrase can best describe their meeting, it is “mutual respect”.

At the end of their talks, the Christians tell the Muslims, “It is time for us to pray”. The problem for the Christians is that there is no church nearby to worship. Instead of letting the Christians pray on the dirty street, the Muslim leader tells the Christians, “You are followers of the one true God, so please come pray inside my mosque. We are all brothers in humanity.” The Christians agree to use the “Islamic space” as their own. A bridge between these religious communities is made in the name of peace and goodwill.

This story is not some fairytale. It is a historical fact (I did, however, make-up quotes based on how the interaction might have played out). The Muslim leader of the story is Prophet Muhammad and the Christians are from Najran, or modern-day Yemen. The event happened in Medina in 631 AD. This moment in time represents one of the first examples of Muslim-Christian dialogue, but more importantly, one of the first acts of religious pluralism in Islamic history.

Source: What Prophet Muhammad’s covenants with Christians say about IS | Middle East Eye

You see what ISIS is doing is NOT part of the Muslim belief…..I know this will be as popular as saying that Reagan was the anti-Christ but the fact is there….most choose to ignore the fact and follow or believe a lie….because it fits the paradigm they want…..hate without thought proves that you are a moron.

I await the mindless dribble to commence…

What Option Syria?

I recently wrote a piece about the neocons hiding in the State Dept sending a memo to Obama stating that the best option to fight ISIS was to attack Assad and try to install a friendly government……(in case you are an occasional visitor let me offer the piece for you to read now)…..

Source: Mutual Defense League – In Saner Thought

I bring this all up again because it seems the the biggest neocon in the Sate Dept agrees with the memo…..

In a move that adds to the pressure on President Obama to shift the Syria War strategy, Secretary of State John Kerry has come out in favor of the “dissent memo” signed by unnamed State Department officials demanding a change, saying he believes it to be a “well-crafted argument.”

State Department spokesman John Kirby said Kerry’s comments were somewhat short of a “full-throated endorsement” of the plan, but it is unsurprising to hear he supports the idea of shifting to a war of regime change, as he was the primary architect of the failed attempt to start such a war in 2013.

Kerry had previously only addressed the memo by saying he believed the process of dissent memos is an important one, and that he would meet with some of the authors. Kirby suggested Kerry is now eager to talk to the authors to flush out the idea, and suggested Kerry was open to endorsing the policy change.

Sounds like another experiment in nation building for the US…that has not gone well in the recent past….now has it?

In an opinion piece written The National thew writer agrees with the neocons in the State Dept…..

Last week, news emerged that 51 officers at the US State Department signed an internal memo urging a more muscular approach in Syria. Without action, the diplomats warned, the regime of Bashar Al Assad will have no reason to abide by the cessation of hostilities or negotiate in good faith. And to stem the appeal of extremists, the US should recognise that Mr Al Assad is responsible for the vast majority of the hundreds of thousands of victims in this conflict.

The call comes amid a desperate situation for the Free Syrian Army’s Southern Front in Deraa, arguably the only place where the US policy deserves true praise. The one-eyed policy of focusing on extremists and neglecting the regime is quickly eroding what was a successful effort. Whether the rebel coalition will overcome the brewing crisis there will hinge on whether the diplomats’ advice will be heard.

For those that have not seen or read the memo from the dorks in the State Dept… below……

Source: State Department Draft Dissent Memo on Syria – The New York Times

There seems to be some dissent to the dissent….(could not resist using that)…….

Several prominent law professors who were formerly members of the Obama national security legal team are debating the “dissent memo” signed by 51 mid-level career State Department diplomats about the administration’s current policy toward Syria. The diplomats think the United States should carry out airstrikes against the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad, not just against the Islamic State. The debate has raised a section of Power Wars that reported out the behind-the-scenes legal policy deliberations over the 2012-13 “Syria red line” episode, including the existence and contents of a secret 17-page administration legal memo that assessed the legality of using force unilaterally against Assad’s forces. But I don’t think the debate has perfectly reflected what my reporting showed.

Source: The Obama Legal Team and the Lawfulness of Attacking Assad – Lawfare

Now that you have as much info as you could possibly use…..

After reading the material…do you agree that this is the best way to fight ISIS?

Pick Your Poison

Yes, I think this election will be historical but not for the reason everyone else does….personally I could care less the gender of the person or for that matter the person from the wrong side of the tracks…..this election will be historical because the person who wins will face a uncertain world and a dangerous one at that…..decisions will be epic and dangerous….

So who to choose in 2016?

In their remarks to the nation following the Orlando massacre, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump made their differences—and disturbing similarities—crystal clear.

Trump attacked Hillary Clinton for refusing to label the violence carried out by a mentally-disturbed American-born gunmen of Muslim background as a manifestation of “radical Islam,” leading her to begin using the less-inflammatory but still problematic term “radical Islamism.” More seriously, he reiterated his call to ban Muslims from entering the United States and to subject American Muslims to special surveillance and restrictions.

Source: Pick Your Poison: Clinton Vs. Trump on Foreign Policy

A dangerous world lead by a neocon or a novice……cannot get more dire than that.