JEB! Can’t Buy The Love

The 2016 election is just sad on so many levels….but the best is poor Jeb Bush,  He just cannot win……he has out spent his rivals by a wide margin and what has all the cash bought him?

He just keeps sliding in the polls….presently he stands at about 5% but it will depend on which poll you care to quote……

Trump absorbed 3 points, boosting him to a healthy lead of 27%. Ascending to second-place position in the poll: Marco Rubio, who gained 3 percentage points for a total of 17%. Ted Cruz also drew in 3 additional points to tie Carson at 16%, while Jeb Bush languishes in a distant fifth place with 5%. The rest of the GOP comes in at 3% or less.

As he continues to slide he has not lost his donors……apparently they will stick with him (at least for now) with the hopes that Trump will crash and burn and then his only rival after that will be Rubio……so what does he need to do to impress the GOP voters?

A “did I just say that out loud?” moment in politics usually means someone’s foot has been deftly inserted in someone’s mouth, but in Jeb Bush’s case, it may be a harbinger of a more gender-balanced campaign. Appearing at a town hall in Waterloo, Iowa, on Tuesday, Bush was asked by an audience member about his take on the vice president’s role, per the Daily Caller. After waxing nostalgic on the respectful relationship that had existed between his dad and President Ronald Reagan, Bush added, “That kind of relationship I think is really important. And should I be elected president, I would have my vice president—I think she will be a great partner.”

Whether his use of the pronoun “she” was a slip of the tongue or a calculated move, Bush “quickly walked back the remark,” the Hill notes. “I mean, did I say that out loud?” he asked the audience. “We always talk about this with one gender in mind. I think we’ve reached the point in our country where maybe we should be a little less gender-specific about this.” And, just to give himself an out in case he a) does surprise naysayers and actually get the GOP nomination, and b) picks a guy as his running mate, Bush added, “Frankly, the one important element of selecting a vice presidential candidate is whether he or she is qualified to be president. Everything else is secondary.”

Sad attempt at subtly….maybe someone should tell him that it has been done already….the American people been there, done that and they have the T-shirt…….

Maybe attacking the Dem front runner would help…..

Over the weekend Jeb Bush, the US presidential hopeful, told CBS News that if it came to it he would support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, “because anybody is better than Hillary Clinton”. You can see why he felt obliged to say so, but it won’t be easy for him to defend the idea that Clinton is the worst presidential prospect he can think of.

Really Jeb?  You really cannot think of anyone that could possibly be worse?

But wait…he will use resources as president to force Americans to buy Israeli goods……

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has promised that if he is elected president next November he will deploy the full might of the US Department of Justice to crack down on the movement to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel.

“On day one I will work with the next attorney general to stop the BDS movement in the United States, to use whatever resources that exist,” the former Florida governor told the Republican Jewish Coalition in a speech on Thursday.

Seriously Jeb?  You gonna make it illegal to boycott?  You’re a tool!

Poor Jeb is struggling……how long before the GOP donors see him for what is is…..a presidential loser?

freedom of expression , or fear of expression

Another powerful piece by my friend, Nadia…..she has a way of describing her world that is both understandable and very complex…..please take some time to read her words and maybe gain a little better understanding of the Middle East and the situations she faces everyday….chuq


With each blog I post, I think of how critical is it and how angry some people may get.

I am often faced with the question: on whose side are you? And my answer is as simple as I am on the people’s side. The nation’s side. I am with Fateh when Fateh serves this nation, as much as I am with Hamas when it serves the nation. I am critical of both when their actions are not serving the nation and the cause.

I am critical of Israel because Israel is a state of occupation. I am a Muslim who is probably a secular. But this doesn’t mean that I have anything against those who are not secular. I have a problem with the state of Islam today as a consequence of the behavior of Muslims. I am against fundamentalists from all faiths and beliefs. And I stand up…

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Women May Go To War

Buried in the day….after the horrendous attack in California all eyes are on the story of the week…..but while we were trying to find the reason for the attack news came out that many have been waiting on…..

After decades of debate on whether women are capable of handling combat a decision has been made……afer women passed the rigorous training of the Rangers the debate got more intense….and a final decision has been announced….

Repealing a 21-year-old rule, defense secretary Ash Carter announced Thursday that all military combat positions will now be open to women, the New York Times reports. According to CNN, that includes about 220,000 jobs in reconnaissance, infantry, and more that had previously been open only to men. “Women will now be able to contribute to our mission in ways they could not before,” Carter says. “They’ll be able to drive tanks, give orders, lead infantry soldiers into combat.” While the previous restrictions kept women from moving up the ranks as quickly as male counterparts, they often found themselves in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq anyway, the Times reports. “It’s a thrilling day for women serving in the military—and for women across the country,” the co-president of the National Women’s Law Center says.

Politico reports the Marine Corps was against the move, pointing to an internal study that “suggested” combat units that included women weren’t as effective as entirely male units. But a Marine Corps study also found morale in integrated units was equal to all-male units, and sexual assault levels were no higher than in the Marines as a whole, according to the Times. Carter says a 50-50 gender split in combat roles is unlikely, as only a small number of women so far have met the “high physical standards” for certain units, CNN reports. He also says integration will not come at the “cost of combat effectiveness.” “The military has long prided itself on being a meritocracy,” Carter says.

There is an open question with the this decision…..all males when turning 18 must register with the draft board in case there becomes a need for the reinstatement of the draft…..the open question is… that women are not barred from combat….will they need to register also?

Any thoughts?

This Should Make All Those People Smile

Let me begin with a quote from comedian Ron White…..”Can’t Fix Stupid”

It is no secret…..I think people that support Trump have latent racists characteristics…..I do not support many conservative issues but I really dislike neo-liberal ideology even more….and Trump is a prime example of this type of thinking….

Any way I digress……people that are supporting Trump should be pleased with themselves about now…….

I truly thought that Trump would be one of those flash in the pan candidates….you know the type that gets some support early but then the voters start seeing them for what they were…..clowns.  I was mistaken……I did not known the extent of the hate that some Americans were harboring…..I knew there was some of it but not to the extent as it is manifesting itself now…..

I also thought that rational and logical thought would prevail…..again….I was mistaken……

It seems the Trump is rewriting the GOP ideals…..kinda like…”if you cannot beat them then join them”…..the GOP loyal are flocking to the front runner…..

Source: Donald Trump is reinventing the GOP in his image: The secret Republican memo that admits what already should have been obvious –

I hate to see the American political system reduced to this…..and the society that condones so much hatred.


Arab intellectuals must act now!

I have written many posts on the Palestinian cause and the conflict that is ensuing between them and the Israelis….I have given an alternative to the “wall of separation” that Israel has constructed…..I have written about the institutionalization of conflict and how destructive it can be….

My concern for this situation stems from my friend Rafiq who worked with me as an interpreter when I was working in the Middle East….he was Palestinian and I got to see the situation in his homeland first hand….it is nothing like the western media would have us believe….it is far worse especially if you are Palestinian…..

I read this op-ed by a Palestinian analyst and thought that it was a good write and made a lot of sense……I offer it here for others to read his thoughts……

Regrettably too many Americans cannot believe that there are actual Arab intellectuals….most want to believe that Arabs are backwards and prone to violence…..we can thank the media for giving us that limited vision……but there are many intellectuals in the Arab world and they have some great insights… Palestinian author and political analyst Nassar Ibrahim appeals to Arab intellectuals: act now to protect our heritage!

Source: Arab intellectuals must act now!

I spend a lot of time reading news about the Middle East as well as on-line with friends in the region so I get news that most Americans do not get…..that is a good thing for I can report stuff that is not readily available to most Americans…..but it has a down side…..some refuse to read about what is being said in the Middle east for they know best because they listen to FOX News or read InfoWars which is so skewed that it is all so laughable…..there are some good opinions by people of the region and their thoughts should be taken into consideration……that is if they want to know or not…..

This op-ed was from a friend in Iraq….he sent it to me with the hope that it would help Americans to understand what is being said…..

Source: Mullahs And Media Must Do More To Combat Extremism | Niqash

There are people in the region that are concerned about the rise in extremism…..and many want change….