We Have Nothing To Fear Except Fear-Mongering Politicians

For over a year I have been telling people about ISIS….mostly I have been hitting the foreign policy of the US the hardest…..I have gotten some interests comments on my posts…..some not so interesting and a bit insulting…..but that is what you expect when you try to teach a horse to sing……..

I have found that David Stockman has an excellent mind and his writings are right on target…..I do not agree with him on some of his thoughts but for the most part he is dead on with this subject.

In all my writings I have tried to point out the fear mongering politicians are self-serving and are not looking after the best interests of the country…..Mr. Stockman covers this subject well…..

Source: We Have Nothing To Fear Except Fear-Mongering Politicians | David Stockman’s Contra Corner

Any questions?

Just How Confusing Could It Be?

I have been asked in the past about what some see as a preoccupation with the Middle East……that is two fold…..my university years were spent on achieving degrees in political science and international relations with a specialty in the Middle East…..and two I lived and worked in the region for a couple of years………..

So I spend more time than most reading reports and papers on the region and I have learned and try to pass on to my readers at the Middle East is more complex than the cut and dry solutions that one hears daily from the media.

I attempt to try and make the news that I learn as simple as possible so everyone can grasp what is going on in the region….that is a daunting task for black and white does not explain anything…..good and evil does not either…..

I recently found a great flow chart that makes it a lot easier to explain and does so with few words…..

Simple, huh?


I am sure that there are some that are hoping that I will take some time off from blogging…..for you see I am a bit testy some times…..

I hate to be the bearer of bad news for the aforementioned but I am going NO where……I will be posting less over the next month or so…..

This announcement is two-fold…..”the lonelyauthorblog” comments have made me look at my writings….. I have decided to take his advice and change the attitude of IST…..during one of our exchanges he pointed out that I was using some pretty insulting rhetoric….that I was beginning to read like so many others on the right (this part is my words not his)…..after some deliberation I see what he meant……I had become that which I detested……truthfully it is not something that I would want to admit……but I feel I must.

I will attempt to be more reasonable in my criticism of people that I disagree with on issues….I cannot promise that my sharp tongue will completely disappear….only that I will try to be more understanding and word my post thusly…..I thank him for his honesty and his words….

Now for the main reason for this post…..I have been asked to lecture at a local college on the Middle East and American foreign policy in the Middle East…..so I will be limited in the time that I am able to write and post.  Most of my time will be spent putting together a plan for the class and some research…..I start this adventure on 04Jan2016……

And while I am there I will audit a course on American Foreign policy…never hurts to be refreshed in your knowledge……that is if you desire knowledge….if not just listen to Right wingers and be stuck in 1920’s…..

There will be posts everyday just not as many as I usually post….plus I will answer all comments just maybe not as quickly as before….so please do not fret there will be a reply coming.

I want to thank all of my followers for their time and attention to In Saner Thought…..it is always a joy to interact with each and every one that cares to do so…..and I want you guys to know that I appreciate your patronage of IST.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions please feel free to let me know….I am always open to my readers…..

Never fear…Chuq is near!

Who Will Fight the Islamic State?

I had a restful weekend…..now it is time for the important stuff that makes our little planet go round…..

Every body concerned agrees that we can only defeat ISIS with a ground action….the problem is NO one wants their troops to be the ones pulling the action.

Lots of macho BS going around and lots of big talk and big promises but still NO one wants to do the heavy lifting……

So the question becomes……if ISIS is to be defeated…..then…..who will do the fighting?

Originally posted at TomDispatch. In the many strategies proposed to defeat the Islamic State (IS) by presidential candidates, policymakers, and media pundits alike across the American political spectrum, one common element stands out: someone else should really do it. The United States will send in planes, advisers, and special ops guys, but it would be […]

Source: Who Will Fight the Islamic State? – Antiwar.com Original by — Antiwar.com