It’s Kosovo Again……

Back in the 1980’s when the world focused on the Balkans and armed conflict was everywhere….one of the regions effected was an area known as Kososvo….but to this day how many Americans know what or where Kososvo is located?

Let’s start with a little history/geography……

The central Balkans were part of the Roman and Byzantine Empires before ethnic Serbs migrated to the territories of modern Kosovo in the 7th century. During the medieval period, Kosovo became the center of a Serbian Empire and saw the construction of many important Serb religious sites, including many architecturally significant Serbian Orthodox monasteries. The defeat of Serbian forces at the Battle of Kosovo in 1389 led to five centuries of Ottoman rule during which large numbers of Turks and Albanians moved to Kosovo. By the end of the 19th century, Albanians replaced the Serbs as the dominant ethnic group in Kosovo. Serbia reacquired control over Kosovo from the Ottoman Empire during the First Balkan War of 1912. After World War II, Kosovo became an autonomous province of Serbia in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (S.F.R.Y.). Despite legislative concessions, Albanian nationalism increased in the 1980s, which led to riots and calls for Kosovo’s independence. The Serbs – many of whom viewed Kosovo as their cultural heartland – instituted a new constitution in 1989 revoking Kosovo’s autonomous status. Kosovo’s Albanian leaders responded in 1991 by organizing a referendum declaring Kosovo independent. Serbia undertook repressive measures against the Kosovar Albanians in the 1990s, provoking an Albanian insurgency.
Beginning in 1998, Serbia conducted a brutal counterinsurgency campaign that resulted in massacres and massive expulsions of ethnic Albanians (some 800,000 ethnic Albanians were forced from their homes in Kosovo). After international attempts to mediate the conflict failed, a three-month NATO military operation against Serbia beginning in March 1999 forced the Serbs to agree to withdraw their military and police forces from Kosovo. UN Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999) placed Kosovo under a transitional administration, the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), pending a determination of Kosovo’s future status. A UN-led process began in late 2005 to determine Kosovo’s final status. The negotiations ran in stages between 2006 and 2007, but ended without agreement between Belgrade and Pristina. On 17 February 2008, the Kosovo Assembly declared Kosovo independent. Since then, over 100 countries have recognized Kosovo, and it has joined numerous international organizations. In October 2008, Serbia sought an advisory opinion from the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the legality under international law of Kosovo’s declaration of independence. The ICJ released the advisory opinion in July 2010 affirming that Kosovo’s declaration of independence did not violate general principles of international law, UN Security Council Resolution 1244, or the Constitutive Framework. The opinion was closely tailored to Kosovo’s unique history and circumstances. Serbia continues to reject Kosovo’s independence, but the two countries reached an agreement to normalize their relations in April 2013 through EU-facilitated talks and are currently engaged in the implementation process.
With that out of the way and my  readers have a good idea where and what Kosovo is I will move on to why this post……
It appears that violence is once again raising its head in the country…..

Riots erupted in Kosovo on Wednesday in a deepening crisis over relations with former ruler Serbia, with protesters setting fire to garbage containers and government vehicles in the capital Pristina.

A hardcore of several hundred protesters fought running battles with police, who used tear gas and armored vehicles to try to disperse them.

Almost eight years after Kosovo won its independence from Serbia, the European Union is trying to smooth relations between the Balkan neighbors, but many among Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian majority are opposed to concessions made to Belgrade.

An opposition bloc headed by prominent protest leader-turned politician Albin Kurti has repeatedly disrupted the work of parliament with tear gas and pepper spray, demanding that the government scrap an EU-brokered accord offering minority ethnic Serbs greater local powers and the possibility of some financing from Belgrade.


Even religious leaders are talking the talk for conflict…..

The head of Serbia’s Orthodox Church Tuesday warned of using “force” if Kosovo were accepted as a member of the UN cultural agency UNESCO and holy sites there were recognised as belonging to the breakaway territory.

The predominantly ethnic Albanian territory unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in 2008 — a move Serbia refused to recognise despite more than 100 countries, including the United States and a majority of EU member states recognising Kosovo as an independent state.

“If force is deployed” to deprive Serbia of its cultural and historical heritage, “we will do all we can to defend them by peaceful means or by force,” Patriarch Irinej said on state television.

(yahoo news)

Once again tensions are running high…..the area is becoming a hot bed of conflict once again….the situation in Syria is not helping already strained relationships with countries that surround Kosovo.

Will the World return to the Balkans….yet again?

These international “HOT” spots are becoming too numerous to keep track of by the normal individual…..that is why I am here.

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Getting Smaller All The Time

Another one bites the dust…..yep the GOP has lost yet another candidate…..he was not misplaced and for the most part very few people even knew who he is or that he was an actually candidate……

Say good-bye to George of the “Kiddie Table” debates…….Who?  Exactly!

And then there were 12: George Pataki is dropping out of the presidential race, reports the New York Times. The reason is pretty clear: The former New York governor was averaging 0% in national polls and never once qualified for the main debate stage, reports Politico. The Washington Post also observes that his big moments—upsetting Mario Cuomo in New York in 1994 and leading his home state after the 9/11 attacks—were well in the past. Also not helping: The 70-year-old hasn’t held office since 2006, and he is pro-choice, backs gun control, and champions compromise across party lines, putting him out of step with leading rivals in the GOP. Pataki told his supporters of his decision Tuesday, and made it official in a Tuesday night announcement.

“While tonight I suspend my campaign for president, I am confident we can elect the right person,” he said.

I wish I could be magnanimous and say that he will be missed….but since few know who he is…….it would be an outright lie….

Okay…..anyone like to predict the next GOP wannabe to drop the “campaign suspension” bomb?

U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress

There is so much more happening in the world than the “one trick pony” thinking of most people…..and who better to point these out than….ME!

Okay I admit it….I was appalled to hear that the NSA was spying on just about everyone…..but then I read something that made me think about the whole spying on foreign “allies” thing.

The National Security Agency’s targeting of Israeli leaders also swept up the content of private conversations with U.S. lawmakers.

Source: U.S. Spy Net on Israel Snares Congress – WSJ

Some will be up in arms about this but me….. I am not at all….you see the Congress reps the people and in as such there is no privacy when dealing with foreign “allies”……if these people are making side deals with others countries then it is a crime…..

Were some members of Congress working as agents of the Israeli government?  If so, time for some prosecutions.  Anyone that knowingly works against the interests of the country is due for some court time.  Personally, I think that all of them should be drawn and quartered for wasting taxpayer funds……but that is just me….I would be happy if someone embarrassed these twats publicly…..I have the feeling that will not occur…..oh well….wishful thinking.

Before anyone gets all testy and stuff….Israel has been spying on the US for decades….so in my opinion, fair is fair…….what’s the old saying…..”if you cannot stand the heat then stay out of the kitchen”…..Mr. BiBi.

That is it for now…..please return your head to the sand….I will wake you up later.

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Inside Kyrgyzstan

Inside Kyrgyzstan

Part two in my series on Central Asia published on Legationes…..I am glad to find others that are willing to learn about new places and things….if you get a chance stop by Legationes and check out the site….very informative and thoughtful…..