freedom of expression , or fear of expression

Another powerful piece by my friend, Nadia…..she has a way of describing her world that is both understandable and very complex…..please take some time to read her words and maybe gain a little better understanding of the Middle East and the situations she faces everyday….chuq


With each blog I post, I think of how critical is it and how angry some people may get.

I am often faced with the question: on whose side are you? And my answer is as simple as I am on the people’s side. The nation’s side. I am with Fateh when Fateh serves this nation, as much as I am with Hamas when it serves the nation. I am critical of both when their actions are not serving the nation and the cause.

I am critical of Israel because Israel is a state of occupation. I am a Muslim who is probably a secular. But this doesn’t mean that I have anything against those who are not secular. I have a problem with the state of Islam today as a consequence of the behavior of Muslims. I am against fundamentalists from all faiths and beliefs. And I stand up…

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6 thoughts on “freedom of expression , or fear of expression

  1. Self-censorship serves those who want to maintain the status quo, and is therefore inherently dangerous. It devalues us when we worry too much about what others will think instead of saying what we believe.

  2. I agree with the above comment, but only up to a point….Nadia demonstrates just how strong the human will really is, for she speaks out, in spite of the criticism and static she gets, from both sides of the issues in which she is embroiled. She is, in my opinion, possibly the finest example of the power of individual will, and of courage, that mankind ever displays. As well, she makes both her own government, the government of Israel, and every other government in the world look just like what they are…. a bunch of ignorant, brutish bullies.

    I would regard any self-censorship she might employ to be merely common sense…. kind of like refusing to paint a larger target on your own back, y’know?

    gigoid, the dubious….

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