Are You Politically Correct?

A subject that begs a few words.

These days of political rhetoric the term “politically correct” and variations of the word are everywhere…..especially it one is prone to what pretends to be conservatism……and this election is ripe for the use of the term.  It is a term when used the wombats on the Right cheer and applaud…..

But what is meant by the term “politically correct”?

In today’s usage it is an off-handed insult to anyone that disagrees with Right minded individuals.  In other words if you do not use the terminology that the GOP uses then you are suffering from “political correctness”…..if you do not use the term “radical Islamic terrorism” then you are being PC……so if you disagree with these people on any subject then you are being PC while they feel they are well informed……no matter how many times they are proven to be mistaken.

The use of the term is in place of other terms they like but try to be somehow intellectual….terms like “panty waste” or  “bleeding heart” or “apologist” and other such derogatory forms of name calling.

The election of 2016 is full of the term PC…..for example….if you refer to undocumented aliens instead of illegal aliens…… then you are being PC…..if you use Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas…..then you are being PC…..or so on and so on….(you probably have others)…..

Basically it boils down to one simple fact…..if you do not use the term they want you to use then you are suffering from “political correctness”.  And if you choose not to use their demented terminology then you are the worst kind of PC….a LIBERAL.

Another thing I find fascinating……has anyone (people who think Trump is some sort of messiah) taken the time to listen to all the low class rhetoric surrounding Trump?

Apparently not.  If they had then they would worried about the direction he would take this country if he were successful… it is most of these people are so concerned with what is happening in the US because of all the PC talk……and all the time Trump is talking about taking this country down the path they are so afraid the country will follow if he is not elected….

I would say it is because they will not take the time to think about what is happening…..but I know that is not the case…..sadly I know exactly why…..and so do they.

Your Illusion Of Choice

Readers know what I think of the MSM…..that it controls every aspect of our lives….instead of news it force feeds its consumers with speculation and sensationalism…….

So the question is……do we as consumers of news have a real choice?


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Reporters no longer search for the truth in the news……the best we can say is that they are mercenary….sell themselves to the highest bidder…….

Can you dig it?

Is The Middle Class The Key?

Time for another break from all this darn research…….

2016 will be an interesting election…..we have al sorts of candidates, none of whom I see as good for the country……we have those that spread fear and loathing and those that have a variation of hope and some that feel they deserve to win….all in all a group of politicians…..not a group of statesmen…….NOTHING good will come out of this election… far as I can see.

We have the angry white people….the angry black people…..the angry Latinos….all in all a whole bunch of angry people….of all those people who could whole the key to winning the election?

There are many that think the disappearing middle class could possibly hoild the key to this election……

Source: Working-Class Voters Hold Key to 2016

I have heard people ask why would this class hold the key?

An easy answer that these people see their way of life disappearing and looks like forever…….

In 1971, the middle class made up 61% of the US population. That figure has now plummeted to just below half, and analysts are worried about the breakdown of what the Los Angeles Times calls “a pillar of the US economy.” A Pew Research Center report released Wednesday culled data from the Census Bureau, Labor Department, and Federal Reserve to determine that 120.8 American adults are in middle-class households, while 121.3 million are in the lower- or upper-class tiers. Pew defined middle class as any household making two-thirds to twice the overall median income; for a family of three, that range is $42,000 to $126,000. What’s led to what Pew calls a “thinning in the middle and bulking up at the edges”: more low-skilled immigrants to bolster the lower class, and more women in the workforce and increased college enrollment on the upper end.

All of the tiers suffered during and after the Great Recession, but the middle class saw the financial gains it had reaped over the last quarter-century virtually wiped out: The median wealth of a middle-class household in 1983 was $95,879, a number that rose to $161,050 by 2007. But after the recession, median wealth for this group was back down to $98,000 in 2010 and remained at that number until at least 2013, the Pew report notes. A recent Gallup poll also shows that people’s perceptions are in line with what the Pew report shows: In 2008, 63% of Americans identified as being part of the middle class, while the poll given this spring shows that number has dropped to 51%.

Then there are those angry at everything and these people are drawn, like a moth to a flame, to Trump……

My problem with him is his falsehoods and NO one seems to mind that he lies almost constantly….they are afraid and he hits all the right buttons of a fearful group…..

Source: Trump’s Untruths Woo Working-Class White Voters | Al Jazeera America

If the middle class is truly the key….it will be interesting to see which way they break in 2016…..will lies and one liners be all it takes to be elected…..