This Man Knows Everything He Needs To Know About Muslims

I read this piece and just had to post it here on IST……there has been so much said about Muslims and their religion and this piece is excellent…..I will not post a link because it will spoil the post…..I hope the author will forgive me for posting the whole thing……(I will explain my reasoning later)……

SALINA, KS—Local man Scott Gentries told reporters Wednesday that his deliberately limited grasp of Islamic history and culture was still more than sufficient to shape his views of the entire Muslim world.

Gentries, 48, said he had absolutely no interest in exposing himself to further knowledge of Islamic civilization or putting his sweeping opinions into a broader context of any kind, and confirmed he was “perfectly happy” to make a handful of emotionally charged words the basis of his mistrust toward all members of the world’s second-largest religion.

“I learned all that really matters about the Muslim faith on 9/11,” Gentries said in reference to the terrorist attacks on the United States undertaken by 19 of Islam’s approximately 1.6 billion practitioners. “What more do I need to know to stigmatize Muslims everywhere as inherently violent radicals?”

“And now they want to build a mosque at Ground Zero,” continued Gentries, eliminating any distinction between the 9/11 hijackers and Muslims in general. “No, I won’t examine the accuracy of that statement, but yes, I will allow myself to be outraged by it and use it as evidence of these people’s universal callousness toward Americans who lost loved ones when the Twin Towers fell.”

“Even though I am not one of those people,” he added.

When told that the proposed “Ground Zero mosque” is actually a community center two blocks north of the site that would include, in addition to a public prayer space, a 500-seat auditorium, a restaurant, and athletic facilities, Gentries shook his head and said, “I know all I’m going to let myself know.”

Gentries explained that it “didn’t take long” to find out as much about the tenets of Islam as he needed to. He said he knew Muslims stoned their women for committing adultery, trained for terrorist attacks at fundamentalist madrassas, and believed in jihad, which Gentries described as the thing they used to justify killing infidels.

“All Muslims are at war with America, and I will resist any attempt to challenge that assertion with potentially illuminating facts,” said Gentries, who threatened to leave the room if presented with the number of Muslims who live peacefully in the United States, serve in the country’s armed forces, or were victims themselves of the 9/11 attacks. “Period.”

“If you don’t believe me, wait until they put your wife in a burka,” Gentries continued in reference to the face-and-body-covering worn by a small minority of Muslim women and banned in the universities of Turkey, Tunisia, and Syria. “Or worse, a rape camp. That’s right: For reasons I am content being totally unable to articulate, I am choosing to associate Muslims with rape camps.”

Over the past decade, Gentries said he has taken pains to avoid personal interactions or media that might have the potential to compromise his point of view. He told reporters that the closest he had come to confronting a contrary standpoint was tuning in to the first few seconds of an interview with a moderate Muslim cleric before hastily turning off the television.

“I almost gave in and listened to that guy defend Islam with words I didn’t want to hear,” Gentries said. “But then I remembered how much easier it is to live in a world of black-and-white in which I can assign the label of ‘other’ to someone and use him as a vessel for all my fears and insecurities.”

Added Gentries, “That really put things back into perspective.”

I know I have some more Right wing readers and they will be pleased that I posted such a piece……and after they read it I will let them know what this is all about…..and I pray that the author will understand why I broke protocol and posted the entire piece……

Now……check out the first comment to see where this piece originated……

The Islam No One Knows

There is much suspicion surrounding Muslims worldwide….mostly because groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS have sucked all the air out of the religion leading people to believe that that is all there is to Islam….not so……

In an apartment in Amman, Jordan, three men sit with a man named Mohammed. Their goal: convince the 20-year-old Syrian not to join an armed jihadist group. Later, after Mohammed agreed to hold off for at least 40 days, one of the men declared victory. “Once they open their hearts and join us,” he says, “they never go back.” The men are adherents to Dawah, an Islamic movement that may have up to 50 million followers worldwide—and a reported 50,000 in the US, the Christian Science Monitor reports. Rooted in a 1921 Islamic revival in northwest India, Dawah calls on followers to convey the virtue of “loving thy fellow Muslims and non-Muslims.” Now proselytizing in more than 200 countries, Dawah members give a short talk, offer a blessing, and ask people to join them at a mosque for a prayer and lecture.

Dawah is an apolitical movement that its leaders call nonviolent; followers don’t debate their beliefs or broadcast them via social media. Critics, however, say Dawah’s adherence to conservative practices (like segregating men and women in public and requiring women to cover themselves) make it a possible gateway to extremism. Indeed, shoe bomber Richard Reid followed Dawah and John Walker Lindh, who joined the Taliban, apparently went to Dawah events in the US. Still, former CIA analyst Graham Fuller says the movement should be welcomed as a nonviolent alternative to extremist groups. “If some people say, ‘Look, we don’t want Dawah here at all,’ then they are not living in the real world,” he says. “[Dawah] is speaking to a very basic need to express one’s faith beyond prayer.”

I know this is not what some people want to hear and will ignore any positive aspects of a religion they do not like…..

All I do is try to help in the understanding…..not convert.  I dislike it when religion is used to fuel the dislike of a people…..

Bah! Humbug!

‘Tis the day before Christmas and all through the blog

The day has become a consumerist bog…….

It is that time of the year when people say “peace and joy to the world”….but how many actually mean it from their heart?

These days there seems to be a whole lot of disdain for any compassion…..which is truly sad for I know that Americans are much better than the rhetoric of the day.

But while some are bad mouthing a religion they do not understand….there is a similar discourse by one that they feel some how akin to…..I read an article that I felt I needed to pass on during this season of “glad tidings”…..

Lehava group’s Benzi Gopstein says Christmas not wanted in Israel, and says of Christians: ‘Remove the vampires before they drink our blood’ –

Israeli anti-racism activists have called for an investigation after a far-right Jewish leader urged a ban on Christmas celebrations in the country and called Christians “vampires”.

Benzi Gopstein, who heads the far-right Lehava organisation and has been arrested a number of times, made the comments in an article on the ultra-Orthodox Jewish website Kooker.

“Christmas has no place in the Holy Land,” wrote Gopstein, who lives in a Jewish settlement in Hebron in the occupied West Bank.

He spoke of the “fall of the line of defence of the Jewish people for hundreds of years against our enemies, the Catholic Church.”

“The mission of those vampires and bloodsuckers remains. If Jews cannot be killed, they can be converted,” he wrote.

“We must remove the vampires before they drink our blood once again.”

The Coalition Against Racism in Israel and others have called on authorities to investigate Gopstein.

In August, Israeli police questioned Gopstein after he condoned torching churches amid an uproar over recent hate crimes, including the firebombing of a Palestinian home that killed a small child and both his parents.

On June 18, an arson attack occurred at a shrine on the shores of the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel where Jesus is believed to have performed the miracle of loaves and fishes.

Israeli prosecutors have charged three Israelis in that case.

Lehava claims to fight for Jewish identity, in particular by opposing marriages between Jews and gentiles.

This pervert and those that think along those lines are destroying this world with their hatred… is not limited to one religion or the other…..maybe the world needs a little more compassion and understanding….it could not hurt… least in my opinion……

You see stupid is everywhere…….tolerance is in short supply….even in this season of joy……