10th Anniversary

Did everyone have a great day yesterday?

The day after…I do hope that everyone had a pleasant and happy Christmas…..I apologize for my laziness during this last week or so….I have been up to my butt in prep work for teaching and of course the prep work for the big day….I do hope that all will understand the absence at times…..thank you.

A decade ago my life changed….a change that would have a lasting effect on my life as I go forward…….

Ten years ago today I fell from a ladder while working in a house damaged by Hurricane Katrina…..the fall broke my right leg in 5 places and my right hand (concrete is extremely hard)……after 2 operations and lots of rehab I had to retire….that was the hardest part of the accident…..learning to deal with a bum leg and retirement.

I did what many people do….I started feeling sorry for myself and playing with depression….you see I began to believe that my usefulness was at an end…..the more I thought about it the deeper I sank into depression and self-pity…..

After about a year I thought my days of writing political commentary were over…I was never a big computer user….that is until I discovered blogging.  That was perfect for my mental rehab and my source of commentary….

I thought that I was going to just sit and wait for the days to click by until my dirt nap….blogging gave me an outlet and a new outlook on retirement….and as they say….”the rest is history”……

It is Saturday and one of my days that I post on anything but the daily news…..so go out and enjoy the rest of your days off and Monday will begin again…..