Beware Of Those Pesky Anarchists

Tomorrow is Halloween and according to the FBI the popular custom this year will be that of an ANARCHIST!

From time to time the DHS will issue warnings of possible terrorists attacks or civil disobedience….actually most of it is just fear mongering….so far they have been less than accurate (polite way of saying “fucking wrong”)……

With Halloween approaching most people are concerned about what custom their child will wear and what “treats” will they get……but not the FBI….they are warning of possible attacks, of all things, anarchists……

The FBI has issued an alert to police warning anarchists dressed in Halloween costumes plan to create disturbances and attack responding police.

The “Halloween Revolt,” according to the federal law enforcement agency, is planned by the National Liberation Militia, a group reportedly from Eugene, Oregon, and said to be responsible for violence in Seattle during the World Trade Organization conference in 1999.

According to the New York Post the group is calling for members to wear Halloween masks and use weapons such as bricks, bottles and firearms.


First of all….what the Hell is ANARCHY?

Anarchy is a confusing word to define, since it has several possible definitions. The word comes from the Greek word anarchia, which simply translates as without or lacking in authority. In the modern sense, it may be used negatively or positively, but most often, the word is used in a negative sense to imply a complete lack of order.

In another sense, anarchism may refer to the idea that people would better profit without a government of any kind. Anarchists believe that most people can govern themselves and would be happier doing so. Within this idea of self-government, as opposed to government by the state, fall many theories of how lack of a government could possibly work. There are questions of whether people, for instance, have the same currency, be asked to abide by the same laws, or have any types of organized assistance.

It would be hard to argue that all individuals are capable of doing this. For instance, in a society that is deliberately anarchist, there is the question or what would be done with a person who was severely incapacitated by mental retardation. The person might not be able to act in his or her own best self-interest or for the welfare of the society. If that person had no caretakers, it’s unclear what provisions in an ungoverned society there would be for caring for such a person.


About here my reader knows that there has got to be a history lesson in here somewhere, right?

You are in luck!

Anarchy is a form of socialism……it became associated with violent protests back in the 1890’s……a group of anarchists at a labor parade started acting violently and the media immediately made it the tenet of anarchy……and it has been used in that context ever since…….

As they say in “Starship Troopers”…….”would you like to know more?”

Source: Anarchists! Militias! War on Cops! Halloween! It’s All Connected, Sheeple! – Hit & Run :

Is this a true threat or is it just the FBI attempting to look as if they are effective?  (Something that they desperately need….good PR)

Or better……has the FBI been punked?

13 thoughts on “Beware Of Those Pesky Anarchists

  1. I read this and hope it doesn’t happen. That said, Detroit did mischief first with Devils’ Night. On Oct 30, people would amuse themselves by burning down the city.

    I never understood why people associated the word anarchy with violence until now. Thanks.

    Happy 🎃 Halloween (seriously it is my fave).

    1. I just happened to be watching the WDIV news last night and saw this hilariously sad story.

      Only in Detroit can 28 fires be considered an “unprecedented success” worthy of celebration. Especially considering Detroit is less than half the size it was in 1984 (There’s like, what, 5,000 people left?), 28 fires is an enormous number. My city doesn’t have that many fires in an entire year.

      But what was Detroit’s secret? According to the grinning Mayor Duggan, “When you take out 7,000 targets of opportunity, the arsons go down and we are going to keep on going.”

      Yup. Because Detroit has 7,000 fewer homes “targets of opportunity” than last year, this success was made possible. He neglected to mention the curfew and the gasoline sales restrictions. But that’s right, Mayor McGenius, just keep knocking your city down and you’ll fix everything!!!

      1. Smh. I was in the area in 1984 and it was horrible. I have since moved away. I remember the first year in Chicago area and they thought i was nuts when i asked if they sat up all night with a hose. Not sure where you are from but happy for you. Those targets should have been long gone. I don’t have a whole lot of info on McD. I do remember people who lost their homes because they lived next to those targets. In that way good riddancd.

  2. Did’ja happen to notice the rather obvious absence of “Muhammad” costumes this year? Or Burkhas? Or Hijabs? ….. I didn’t see too many Donald Trump costumes either ….. But somebody had the inspiration to manufacture a Caitlyn Jenner outfit for sale as a Halloween costume … which I thought was in kind of bad taste. I mean if you are going to make a Halloween costume depicting Caitlyn Jenner why not do it for Christmas which is a season of joy and good will instead of Halloween which is spooky and dark and scary?

    1. I basically agree with Bill Maher’s recent rant on the topic.

      It’s Halloween. It was DESIGNED to be a day where all the angry, “deviant”, anti-social, etc, shit the obedient peasants had to stow away all year could be let out. It’s also a good way to work out societal fears (death) and mock things/people in a safe environment with minimal retribution. It was a brilliant safety valve. But these days, everything you do can & will be held against you…even while everyone is culturally encouraged to be the most self-obsessed dick they can be 24/7. That’s one very strange, unhealthy, dichotomy.

      As for the Bruce (Just can’t make myself say it yet) Jenner costume, Jenner scares a lot of folks way more than Chucky, Leatherface or Jason combined. So, I think it’s a perfectly appropriate costume for Halloween. Just don’t accompany it with a door-to-door tirade about sexuality. Anything that mixes kids, candy & discussions involving “taboo” sex is rarely a good idea.

      Me? I once dressed up as Jimmy Carter and gave a peanut to everyone who gave me candy at the door. Was it nostalgia? A subliminal socialist message? Who knew? I wasn’t saying… Even as a little kid, I was one sarcastic, ironic, politically knowledgeable, little fucker. Still am.

      1. I am a sarcastic, ironic, politically opinionated old fucker myself so thanks for the most enjoyable comment and do come as often as you like and share with us. 🙂

      1. Even Guy Fawk masks?

        Hey, with all the constant surveillance out there, I’m thinking of buying one.

  3. Ever since 2001, the FBI has gotten into the “invent a problem and then solve the problem that never even existed” business. (See: Newburg Sting) It’s a great way to enlarge their budgets, make them “oversight proof”, and get themselves promoted.

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