Jeb: Time For An Obit?

Once again the presumptive nominee a couple of months ago is having a horrible time trying to win over the voters…..and the last debate that all said he had to crunch did NOTHING to help his cause….I hear people mock Carson for being too sedate….apparently they have not witnessed the performance of Jeb Bush in the past 3 months….Carson is like a dude on meth next to Jeb…..

After his dismal performance at the CNBC debate there are many in the political world calling him a dead candidate….or at least should consider going home and playing with his wife….for he is DONE as a GOP candidate…

Please do not take my for for it only…there are plenty of critics……

Think Wednesday night was a rough one for Jeb Bush’s candidacy? Consider these assessments:

  • Politico: “It will also likely be remembered as the night the Jeb Bush 2016 deathwatch began,” writes Glenn Thrush. Candidates can recover from the various missteps Bush has previously suffered, “but you can’t do all those things, and then lay an egg in the most important debate of your political career.”
  • Matt Drudge: “Jeb Bush can eat carbs now… #GOPDebate.”
  • Weekly Standard: “Rubio ended Jeb Bush’s campaign with the kind of body shot that buckles your knees,” writes Jonathan V. Last. “That’s on Bush, who never should have come after Rubio in that spot for a host of strategic and tactical reasons.”
  • New Republic: “The whole [Rubio] exchange exemplified my point that Bush just isn’t very good at this, and would help his party by suspending his campaign,” writes Brian Beutler.
  • Five Thirty Eight: “Yeah, Jeb Bush Is Probably Toast,” reads the headline on a Nate Silver post. The “conventional wisdom” is that he’s in trouble, which is a problem in this case because “Bush is running a conventional campaign.” He “maybe” can recover, “but his problem isn’t a mere lack of ‘momentum,'” writes Silver. “Bush has never looked all that electable or all that conservative.”
  • Slate: “It was do or die,” writes Jamelle Bouie. “And Bush died. … Bush might have cash reserves and support from family backers, but after tonight, he’s slipped to the second tier. He may not leave the race, but he’ll struggle to get traction.”
  • Washington Post: “Oh, Jeb. This was a really bad night for someone who needed a good-to-really-good night,” writes Chris Cillizza. “The buzz about whether Jeb is up to this race, which was at a relatively low level before tonight, is going to start getting a lot louder.”
  • And a counterpoint: “Be patient,” says a GOP strategist quoted in Mike Allen’s Playbook blog at Politico. “He has the cash to stay in until he can retool. Let the new frontrunners tear each other apart. Trust his abilities and résumé will give him a path back. Don’t stop fighting.”

Personally, I do not think all the money that he supposedly squirreled away will do any good…..he is on life support….and rich donors are looking for the plug…..he could make it to Iowa….but is there not a city named Waterloo in Iowa?  That would be poetic!

Please let me have your thoughts on the Bush candidacy……

8 thoughts on “Jeb: Time For An Obit?

      1. I think America already stole the idea. He-he. Sure, but let me flush it out what I mean a bit first.

        The whole thing is a zombie campaign alright. It’s an unwanted virus that spreads and infects people. It takes over and it just won’t die, even though the campaign no longer serves a purpose. A bunch of barely animated candidate-corpses (I hear Dr Blackula is a perfect fit) wander aimlessly around the country, muttering garbled talking points that are meaningless to all with functioning brains. The audience, zombies themselves, grunt loudly on each applause line. But they’re just doing a “call & response”.

        And the democracy itself is a rotten corpse. The majority of people don’t vote. Congress does not function. Yet, it still goes through the motions (campaigning) even though nothing will ever be achieved. Rights are getting chewed up. The national economy is decaying. The military Industrial Spy Complex watches everyone from a safe distance in their untouchable bunkers and drops bombs on anything it feels like knowing there will be no price to pay. (see: The Walking Dead where the military starts bombing the Atlanta “refuge” on the assumption that all who aren’t zombies will soon become them, so kill ’em all!)

        And watching it all eats your brain and turns you into one of them!!!

        I put a little too much thought into it -eh? But it’s an analogy that writes itself…. As an aside, did you see my long rant below?

  1. There is such a thing as timing, and Jeb! Bush is a candidate for (perhaps from) another time and place that has already gone. He said he has a bunch of cool things he could be doing instead of being unhappy running. Doesn’t that make it clear he doesn’t even want it himself? Every candidate goes through down cycles. It’s a test of character to see how they react to that. Some buckle down, get lean and move forward. Others whine.

    1. I agree….Jeb! needs a firecracker up the butt if he wants to go on…..he seems to be losing heart….thanx for the comment….chuq

  2. Without ANY level of self-awareness, the quotes better demonstrate, not what’s wrong with Candidate X, but what’s wrong with American politics. Because I haven’t paid attention to this 2016 bullshit, I’m in a position where my mind hasn’t been polluted by the circus. Therefore, I can look at this objectively. (So, strap yourself in for a long ride!)

    And going by those quotes, it’s fairly safe to say that the media, left or right, are meritless parasites. (Hardly a surprise there.) Even with 75 candidates, they’ve completely run out of gas long before the green flag has dropped.

    1) The length It’s obvious the process is not just weeks, not months, but YEARS too long. We’re STILL months away from the 1st result in this marathon. But already, members of the media are bored out of their trees and are praying for something to happen. But for reasons that are a major part of the problem (election industry), they’re all trapped in this (pre-game) Primary cage. So, like real monkeys trapped in a cage, they start throwing their poop in displays of boredom/dominance.

    In fact, as the quotes show, they’re trying to MAKE something happen. In this case, they’re trying to force out a candidate mostly because they’ve grown tired of looking at his face. His possible departure will interest them for a few days. Then they’ll move on to the next candidate they’re tired of seeing. And I assume most people watching this nonsense have similar urges because they’ve put themselves in the cage too.

    “Poor Performance” is just the excuse to throw their dung on the “weaker” monkey. If this pre-Iowa process only lasted a month, candidates wouldn’t be isolated and victimized. There wouldn’t be time. It’s like prison. Hand out a bunch of multi-year sentences and, suddenly, people start getting shived and ass raped in the shower. That’s how us humans roll.

    2) The media’s self importance & detachment from reality. Most of America has almost no idea who these candidates are, or what they stand for. Nor do they want to know. (Decades of failure in its own right.) To be fair, most are too broke and scared about their future to care. They might look up for a minute or two, once they think it’s actually starting to count. But it’s the media’s “job” to drop everything else and shove this Glue Factory Derby down everyone’s throat.

    The media has spent about a year now telling everyone how much every fucking burrito topping, or helicopter ride, matters. Yet only a tiny percentage give half a shit. And even among the self-abusers paying attention, they haven’t learned anything remotely useful. They just know who is “winning” or “losing” a race that hasn’t even started yet. But the Almighty Media, THEY KNOW, even without a single result. Because they’re the fucking Wizards of Oz!!! (Oswald State Penitentiary, perhaps.) And they have the polls and the 3D holograms to prove it. So you better do what they say. In this case, join their shit-bukkake on Candidate X.

    You’ve heard of “the salesman who could sell ice to Eskimos”. Today’s “news” media can’t even sell water to a man dying of thirst. Not only can’t they get him to recognize the importance of water, they themselves don’t remember what to do with it. Do they pour it on him? Use it as a paperweight? All they know is that the water holds some kind of importance.

    This is who gives citizens the “information” we need to have a properly functioning democracy. Ha! Ha!

    3) It’s got NOTHING to do with policy. “Candidate X must go. So sayeth The Wizards!” Not because his policies suck, but because he’s just not entertaining people anymore. While it’s no excuse, I’m sure all 30 of the Republican candidates’ policies are almost indistinguishable. That says a lot all on its own. It says, “None of this actually matters. You’re only picking a face to put on those identical policies.”

    Kinda like the Big Brother character in George Orwell’s 1984. Big Brother may not have even existed as a real person. As O’Brien said, “It doesn’t really matter”. Ultimately, his only real importance was to put a face on the party machine to give the piddling proletarians something to relate to.

    And it’s pretty clear this is what the never ending election process is all about. It’s a dramedy designed to divert our attention and make us think what’s going on matters. But the reality is that it’s really just about putting a face on the machine.

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