At Day’s End Or “End of Days”?

For my last post of the day…….I want to leave you guys with the best story of the day……once again we are on the eve of destruction (yet another rock reference….I’m on fire)…….Repent Ye Sinner!

Speaking of fire……..

According to the typical religious morons… is the last day… will all end today!

Harold Camping may be gone, but the doomsday predictor’s legacy is not forgotten. According to eBible Fellowship, a Christian group based in Philadelphia, Wednesday is the Earth’s final day—and it’s based on Camping’s former end-time predictions, the Guardian reports. The deceased prophet had originally pegged May 21, 2011, as our collective last day (followed quickly by Oct. 21, 2011, after the first date came and went with no mass destruction), but eBible founder Chris McCann says Camping’s first selected doomsday was just Phase One of our end times: That day in May was actually Judgment Day, at which point God simply stopped deciding who would be saved and who wouldn’t on the day of reckoning scheduled for 1,600 days later—which is Wednesday.

“There are only two groups of people in this world,” the group’s Facebook page reads. “The first group are the unsaved and are of this world. … They will be destroyed forever on the last day. We weep for them.” The second group, naturally, are the saved ones, though McCann doesn’t automatically shoehorn himself and his followers in. “If we are in the second group we know we are there only by God’s Amazing Grace. Otherwise we also would be forever destroyed on the last day which will likely be this October 7th,” the Facebook post adds. The world is set to “pass away” not from water but from fire, McCann says, per the Guardian, and will be “annihilated.” He does hedge his bets, noting “there’s a strong likelihood that this will happen, which means there’s an unlikely possibility that it will not.

More psycho-babble from the same type of group that brought you the “Rapture” fallacy.

I am hedging my bets … case these douche bags are right…I want to go out letting you guys know how much I appreciate for patronage of IST…..and to thank you for making 2015 an excellent year……Thanx and I appreciate you guys so much.

Can I Get An Amen?

If I wake up breathing tomorrow then…….. all I can say is…..NEVER MIND!

A brief history of the term RINO, from Roosevelt to Boehner – Vox

It is election time and the GOP field is as nutty as it has ever been…..and at anytime now someone will use the RINO taunt…..a painful insult to a conservative…….

One of my fave terms in all of politics, well American politics is….RINO (Republican In Name Only)…..when conservatives want to insult their colleagues they call them RINOs……

The latest attack by a Repub on his fellow Repubs is Ted Cruz…….

Cruz took to the Senate well on Monday–to speak before what was effectively an empty chamber–and criticized fellow Republicans Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and his Texas colleague in the Senate John Cornyn. Nominally, Cruz was slamming his colleagues–for an hour– because they did not back him in the fights over the Iran deal and Planned Parenthood.

Though Cruz did not specially use the term RINO….we all know what he was thinking…….RINO?…….A good term….but is there a history that we should know about the term?

Yes there is… on……learn the history (you guys knew that was coming, right?)

Source: A brief history of the term RINO, from Roosevelt to Boehner – Vox

Boehner has decided to cut and run… the GOP has its eyes on Senate leader……..

Several influential Republicans have called for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to resign. Pressure for the Kentucky congressman to step aside follows House Speaker John Boehner’s announcement that he is resigning at the end of October.

According to Business Insider, Republicans who are frustrated with McConnell’s leadership want him to change the Senate rules to enable conservative legislation to pass without needing the required 60-vote super-majority. McConnell’s refusal to use obstruction methods was also a source of Republican frustration, according to The Washington Times.

GOP is trying to rid itself of all RINOs……is this a purity thing?  If I were a conservative I would wear the title like a badge of courage….but that is me…..

See what we can learn by using history…….you will thank me later……

Do You Know The Way To Damascus?

Let us begin this post in Iraq…….as the news is telling us the war in Iraq against the advancing forces of ISIS is not going according to plan… seems that the Sunni tribes are more willing to deal with ISIS than  with the government in Baghdad simply because the head of the government and many of his ministers are of the Shia persuasion……

The Kurds are holding their own but now that Turkey has decided that it will join in the fight and attack Kurds across the region how safe will they be?  The next question is if they do attack the Iraqi Kurds, America’s biggest ally against ISIS in the region, will they be safe from the backstabbing in DC since Turkey is our biggest ally and a member of NATO?  Which group will get the support it needs to continue that fight?

Now what about the Shia militias that are fighting in Iraq….supposedly against the advance of ISIS but all the while also targeting Sunni groups as they push across all provinces…..

Then there is this info that has come out of the region…..the Iraq militias are not exactly the most successful fighting group and now they have joined the fighting in Syria……ir appears the the militias have joined their major supporter Iran and decided that Syria could use their help…..from the ISW blog……

Iran reportedly deployed hundreds of soldiers to Syria starting on September 21 in order to participate in a major ground offensive in northwestern Syria backed by Russian airstrikes. Anonymous U.S. defense sources confirmed that several hundred Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) fighters led by IRGC-Quds Force commander Major General Qassem Suleimani arrived in Syria to conduct an operation alongside forces from the Syrian regime and Lebanese Hezbollah. Lebanese sources quoted by Reuters asserted that the Iranian troops were not advisors but combat troops and suggested that the coming offensive may be focused in the countryside of Idlib and Hama Provinces. The alleged operating areas for the operation suggests that this effort will be directed towards bolstering Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by seizing areas of northwestern Hama Province and southwestern Idlib Province – including the al-Ghab Plain and the city of Jisr al-Shughour – that have been captured by rebel forces led by Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate Jabhat al-Nusra (JN) over recent months. These positions would remove the direct threat that recent rebel advances posed to the regime heartland of Latakia Province and provide a buffer zone against future attacks. If confirmed, this development marks a major step change in the Syrian Civil War and highlights the deepening rapprochement between Iran and Russia after their announcement of a “united front” in Syria.

Iranian-backed Iraqi Shi’a proxy forces may constitute part of the Iranian ground force in question. A prominent Iranian-backed Iraqi Shi’a militia Katai’b al-Imam Ali posted videos of its fighters in a garrison environment in Syria on September 21 and 28, naming one of its leaders as the commander of the group’s operations in Syria. Katai’b al-Imam Ali also claimed it deployed forces to Syria on August 5, 2015. The group is affiliated with Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, an advisor to MG Suleimani who was designated by the U.S. Treasury Department as a leader of a terrorist organization in July 2009. In Iraq, Katai’b al-Imam Ali is mostly active in northern Salah ad-Din province where it has been fighting ISIS at least since August 2014. Together with MG Suleimani and the IRGC, Kata’ib al-Imam Ali’s involvement in ground operations in Syria demonstrates that designated terrorist organizations and entities are likely conducting the ground offensives in Syria supporting Russia’s airstrikes.

Where is the Western media on this turn of events?

Now ask why would they leave the Iraqi battlefield and venture into Syria?

We have American airstrikes…..Russian airstrikes……Free Syrian Army….Assad’s army……Nusra Front…..about a ba-zillion “moderate” rebels group…..Turkish airstrikes…. and the Kurds……..

Who is fighting who?


My next question is…..what is the end game here?

One, Two, Three….Change….One, Two, Three….Change

So goes the game of “musical excuses”…….

The story for this week was not the shooting in Oregon….sad to say that is old news….nope the story is a hospital bombed out of existence……

The blogs have been awash with accusations and innuendos about the airstrike that took out a Doctors Without Borders run hospital in Afghanistan around the embattled city of Kunduz in the North of the country.

The news broke last week that US had called in an airstrike on a hospital…..then the reports was it was the Afghan army that called it in….and the changes continue….

Details continue to emerge about Saturday’s bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, with the US military commander in Afghanistan testifying Tuesday that it was due to US directive. “To be clear, the decision to provide aerial fires was a US decision made within the US chain of command,” Gen. John Campbell told the Senate Armed Services Committee, per the New York Times. “A hospital was mistakenly struck. We would never intentionally target a protected medical facility.” But the nonprofit—also known by its French initials, MSF—wants to know why the official US story has had four incarnations since the airstrike and claims the US is simply trying blame the Afghans, the Guardian reports. “The US military remains responsible for the targets it hits, even though it is part of a coalition,” the MSF director said Tuesday.

First the US claimed it wasn’t sure it had struck the hospital, followed by a statement Sunday that the bombing—which killed at least 22, per the AP—was accidental. On Monday Campbell said it was the Afghans who requested the airstrike, while in Tuesday’s testimony, he said the pilots of the US AC-130 gunship didn’t have direct communication with Afghan forces, but with US special forces on the ground who called in the strike—an admission that has MSF fuming. “Statements from the Afghanistan government have claimed that Taliban forces were using the hospital to fire on coalition forces,” MSF President Joanne Liu said Tuesday, a claim MSF denies. “These statements imply that Afghan and US forces working together decided to raze to the ground a fully functioning hospital, which amounts to an admission of a war crime.” Doctors Without Borders says it wants an impartial probe—i.e., not by the US, Afghanistan, or NATO, the Guardian notes.

This whole farce sounds like the story given in 2o14 by Israel after they attacked a clinic in Gaza……it was their fault…no it was a mistake….no it was……their story was lame our story is lame…..I know wat is Hell….but the GPS coordinates were given for the hospital….a little difficult to believe that a case can be made that no one knew it was a hospital….right?

I do enjoy watching these toads tap dance around the fact that a hospital was attacked and people were killed….

Will we ever know the truth or will some low level officer get whacked as the scapegoat……my money is on the later.

Will someone, anyone make up our minds for us?

Your thoughts?

One Door Closes And Another One Opens

I have waited for a couple of days before I posted this……I wanted see how many pundits made the connection… far not many.

I realize that I may watch international situations more than most but after all the slogans, accusations and innuendos you would think more would be said about the Russian thing in the Middle East……

The media covered the Russian primary airstrikes against targets in Syria and there was some debate on whether they were fighting ISIS or the anti-Assad rebels……all that is just ducky….but what about their other conflict that was all the news 6 months ago……Ukraine.

You remember Ukraine, right?

That “square” country just South of Russia……you know where pro-Russian rebels have been fighting the Ukrainian army in the East of the country…..ring any bells?

At least I can depend on the UK press (the Guardian) for some info….may not always be as accurate as I would like… least it reports stuff……

As Russia ratchets up military action in Syria, the fighting in east Ukraine is winding down. The leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany will meet in Paris on Friday for talks on Ukraine, and while a lasting political solution still seems some way off, there is confidence on all sides that the military action could finally be over, a year after the first ill-fated, and largely ignored, ceasefire agreement was signed in Minsk, Belarus.

With all sides tired of military conflict, the most likely outcome appears to be Moscow pushing the territories back to Ukraine legally, with an ensuing period of uncertain peace as both Moscow and Kiev decide how far they are ready to compromise on their goals.

Putin is weary of the conflict in the Donetsk region and is looking for a way out of the situation……it is costing him lots of cash and he needs to spread the wealth around……but there is the possibility of a settlement in Ukraine……

“If Ukraine gives the regions special status, a full amnesty, recognises the rebel forces as a ‘people’s militia’ and gives the regions the right to its own cultural policy and special economic relations with Russian regions, then we would give the Ukrainians back control of the border.”

With this incident winding down….he, Putin, looks West… Syria.

In Syria Putin can openly use his military instead of the covert ops he was pulling in Ukraine…..basically, he can flex his military muscle and reshape the Middle East if he is successful.

If he, Putin, is successful in Syria then he can always return to Ukraine at a later date and commence his muscle flexing exercises.  His opportunities are almost limitless.

The Vlad and Yuri Show

Kinda early for a stroll down memory lane, right?………but what the Hell…..I am going to feed you history until it comes out your ears…..and you will thank me at a later date……

A historical perspective of what Putin is trying to do within Syria……it appears that Putin is using some of the same techniques that his mentor in the KGB years ago in Afghanistan…..

The whole world is wondering just what Putin is really up to in Syria and his pledge to fight ISIS……this should give all a good look at his intentions…..

Source: Vlad and Yuri: How Putin is applying the lessons of Afghanistan to Syria – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Old habits die a hard death!