Remember All Those Freeloaders?

Sure you do!  All you Right thinking people have bitched and demonized them with every election since Reagan….they have been called “welfare queens” and “freeloaders” and I am sure some others that are not too polite……those people that get those freebies without paying any taxes…..surely you remember all those people that are destroying this country because they get “freebies”.

I am sick of the “freeloader” bullshit!

But let’s be honest…the real cheats are the corporations that do little for this country and in return are allowed to pay little to no taxes……

Apple has skipped out on paying close to $60 billion in taxes on $181 billion it holds offshore, according to a new study. But though the company holds the most profits offshore of any US company, it’s hardly alone: At least 358 American companies hold $2.1 trillion in profits, which would be subject to a 35% corporate tax rate if the funds were to reach the US, according to the review by two left-leaning nonprofits, per Reuters. That means $620 billion could be collected by feds—enough money to eliminate the federal deficit, notes CNBC. Instead, companies move assets to places like Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, where they pay about 6% in taxes. The report finds 60% of companies with tax subsidiaries had at least one in either country, though the Netherlands had the highest number of subsidiaries.

Think $620 billion in potential tax gains is high? The actual number is likely much higher. The report notes just 57 companies disclosed how much they would owe if they transferred their offshore holdings back home. As “nearly 72% of the Fortune 500 operate subsidiaries in tax haven jurisdictions as of the end of 2014 … Congress can and should take strong action to prevent corporations from using offshore tax havens, which in turn would restore basic fairness to the tax system, reduce the deficit, and improve the functioning of markets,” the study from Citizens for Tax Justice and the US Public Interest Research Group Education Fund found. Just 30 companies account for $1.4 trillion in offshore profits. General Electric was found to hold $119 billion in 18 tax havens, Microsoft has $108.3 billion in five, and Pfizer has $74 billion in 151.

This is one of the reason I will NOT buy any of the crap Apple sells…..that and the fact that they use sweat shops to make their crap……so they can charge $600 for a phone made for $10…….

The very people that bitch and moan about this country and its problems are the very ones that spend hours in line to buy a product for $800 that is basically a “freeloader” dissing its country……

Here is an outrageous idea……how about you stop bitching, whining and blaming poor people for the problems in this country and go after the REAL freeloaders.

When a Bad Decision Goes Wrong

For over a year I was anything but cordial to those idiots that put all the eggs in one basket in policy concerning the situation in Syria…..all the while war hawks like McCain was pushing the ultimate plan to avoid having to use American troops…..the failed program of arming and training those knights of virtue….the “moderate” rebels…..

The went to Hell from the beginning with the vetting of the “moderate” rebels… seems no one knew who they were or where to find them….other than in Syria.

The was so flawed that just last week the geniuses in Washington decided to suspend the program because of the glaring failures it has achieved…..the flop has cost the US in the neighborhood of $5oo million….but it has costed so much more than money……

The White House is pulling the plug on a strategy to train Syrian rebels that by all accounts has been an expensive flop. The $500 million Pentagon program that began in December had been designed to put more than 5,000 fighters on the ground this year alone to fight the Islamic State. The actual number of fighting soldiers as of last month: “four or five,” reports the New York Times. The AP notes the total number of soldiers to come out of the program is less than 80, and many of those were killed, captured, or took off. Not only that, but equipment such as pickup trucks and ammunition provided during the training has ended up in the hands of the al-Qaeda affiliate the Nusra Front.

“We have been looking for now several weeks at ways to improve that program,” defense chief Ashton Carter said in London today, per the AP. “I wasn’t satisfied with the early efforts in that regard.” The revised strategy will apparently have a much smaller scope, reports the Times. For example, instead of several training centers scattered around various countries to train rank-and-file soldiers, one smaller center in Turkey will focus on training opposition leaders. The AP reports that the US also plans to work more closely with Kurdish allies to embed recruits in their units, rather than trying to create stand-alone forces.

Mercifully the Pentagon has ended the debacle…..and as they say…..”back to the drawing board”…..hopefully the next brilliant plan will be more successful than this one……

We will not have to wait for very long……..

The Pentagon-run programme to train and equip moderate Syrian rebels to fight Islamic State jihadists is being overhauled, US officials said Friday. Speaking at a news conference in London, Defence Secretary Ashton Carter said he had been dissatisfied with the effort, which suffered disastrous blows in its early days.

“We have devised a number of different approaches… going forward,” Carter said. A senior US defence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, later said the programme was being “refocused to enhance its effectiveness”. The official said some training and embedding of rebels would continue to take place.

The initial results of the programme were roundly denounced as a flop, with one group of trainees giving ammunition and other equipment to an Al-Qaeda-affiliated group in Syria. Carter cited the work US trainers have done with Kurds in northern Syria as an example of how the training may be focused in the future.

Overhaul?  Refocus?  Does that sound like a new plan or just a tweak of a failed one?

But wait there is even more………keep in mind that the prgram is under scrutiny, right  If so then why is this ………

Currently sitting on President Obama’s desk is the National Defense Authorization Act of 2016 that, as could be predicted, doubles down on a bad bet and…wait for it!…authorizes $600 million for the mythical anti-ISIS/anti-Assad fighters. As it is not their money, why not open the national credit card wide to pursue a failed policy.

The authorization is in Section 1225 of the bill. Even as facts on the ground have suddenly gone very much against the US goal of fighting Assad and his enemies in the hopes that a replica of the US would magically emerge in Syria, the Beltway-ites will not back down (as long as it is other people’s blood and money).

Seriously?  Do you NOW see the games being played?

The hard truth is that we will have to back down sooner or later. But the big question is……Will it be $600 million down the road or $6 trillion?

Ain’t this bullshit just amazing?

Why, Big Mac, Why?

Okay…one more for the road…….

Let’s be honest shall we?  The contest for Speaker is about as interesting as watching flies mate……but the people that are dashing in the other direction….now that is a story.

By now we all know that the GOP front runner for Speaker has put his tail between his legs and bowed out of the race for the speakership……which is great….for it gives the media something to do trying to explain his decision…..I mean ….come on!

But why would he give up such a prestigious position?

There might be somebody out there who can unite all 247 House Republicans, but Kevin McCarthy says it definitely isn’t him. The House majority leader tells Politico that his shock decision not to seek the nomination for speaker came after friends said to him: “Why do you want to do it during this time? This time will be the worst time. They’re going to eat you and chew you up.” He says that while he could have won the speakership with around 220 votes, he “was never going to be able to get 247,” which would have left him unable to pass crucial measures like the debt ceiling increase. A big factor was the decision of the House Freedom Caucus to back Rep. Daniel Webster for the job, which could have left McCarthy without enough votes, reports the Washington Post.

There could be murkier factors involved: On Wednesday, Rep. Walter Jones called for candidates who’ve committed “misdeeds” to withdraw from the race, and rumors are circulating that he was referring to an alleged affair between McCarthy and fellow GOP Rep. Renee Ellmers, Gawker reports. Her Wikipedia page was edited on Thursday to say she has allegedly been having an affair since 2011. The edit, which came from a Department of Homeland Security IP address, was quickly reversed to remove the claim, Mediaite reports. Jones says he doesn’t have any proof of misconduct involving McCarthy or any other candidates, the Post reports. (McCarthy’s Benghazi comments didn’t help his cause.)

He bowed out because he was thinking of his next election (nothing else)….I mean how would it look to the voters back home if he could not get the required votes to become Speaker?

Back in the day he was one of the “Young Guns” of the GOP….they all had bright futures with the party and slowly but slowly they became persona non grata……first it was cantor….got his ass handed to him in an election.  Next was McCarthy….do I need to say more?  And last was past VP candidate Ryan who is still in the House but trying to keep a low profile….

But speaking of Ryan……

Senior Republicans are trying to draft Paul Ryan for the job that John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy don’t want. Ryan has repeatedly said that he doesn’t want to be House speaker, either—he announced, “I will not be a candidate” within minutes of McCarthy’s bombshell announcement yesterday, reports the Washington Post—but he’s coming under a lot of pressure from fellow Republicans who see him as the only man left for the job, Politico reports. The House Ways and Means Committee chairman may be starting to crack: Toward the end of Thursday, he went from total denial to telling reporters that he had no comment, reports the Post, which notes that the one-on-one pleas included two calls from Boehner.

Another call came from Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina. “I have spent more time trying to talk him into running than I did my wife into marrying me,” Gowdy tells the New York Times. “Twenty-six years later, she’s still with me. I am just asking Paul for 14 months.” But Ryan, who was Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012, has a long-term plan that does not involve moving up in the House, insiders tell the Post, and taking the speaker job now could end up killing off those ambitions. According to the Post, the last person to retire from the role in “good standing” was Tip O’Neill in 1986.

Ryan is also running scared…..I mean this dude wants to be prez and with the chaos in the House….it would play hard on his chances.

Another coward that is more concerned about image than duty…..

Kurds, Screwed Again!

When we, the US, invaded Iraq in 2003 our greatest ally during those dark days were the Kurds… who stepped up first to take on ISIS when the Iraq military was in a heated retreat?  The Kurds, that is who.

In recent days Turkey has entered the fray against the evil of ISIS (yet to be seen) and immediately started attacking the PKK, a Kurdish rebel group, leading me to believe that they are using the war with ISIS as a cover to destroy the PKK and then bow out giving some nationalistic jargon for the retreat……

this is an op-ed that I wrote for my friends at Ace News Room….please take some time to stop by their site and check out their reports……they cover the world and do it very well….

Source: Kurds, Screwed Again!

Please let me know your thoughts on this situation….

Ten silly ideas for fighting ISIS | Brookings Institution

It is an election year and we are fighting a barbaric group…..the media makes goddamn sure that we as a people stay glued to our chairs and wringing our hands….

But the best ideas (sarcasm) have come to light during this nomination process…..there have been many proposals for the way to fight ISIS and defeat them….and NOT one of them is anything but silly.

In case you have not heard most of them because you have been watching Europe and waiting for the flood of refugees to finally make it to Po Dunk, Ohio….on that subject…here is a thought….do you think maybe they would go home….if there was a home to go to?  Just asking.

Anyway…let us take a look at the solutions that some of the GOP has for fighting and defeating those bastards in ISIS…….

The next U.S. president will have to deal with ISIS on his or her very first day in office. With the second Republican presidential debate coming next week, it makes sense to ask what the candidates intend to do about this problem from hell and whether their views make any sense.

Source: Ten silly ideas for fighting ISIS | Brookings Institution

Oh goody….more moronic solutions to the problem….at least the one made by the DoD had at least a chance of being successful…….these have a chance of being a comedy sketch for SNL……

Creepy is a better description.

Why the U.S. Owns the Rise of Islamic State and the Syria Disaster – Truthdig

Relaxed, refreshed and ready to rant……welcome to this week’s post and opinions……enjoy!

For months now there have been the accusations that the US created ISIS and that we are directly responsible for the problems in Syria…..

Of course there are many that scoff at the prospect…..but unfortunately there is some evidence that would support such accusations……

Over the past three decades, U.S. covert operations and wars have entered repeatedly and powerfully into the chain of causality leading to Islamic State’s present power.

Source: Why the U.S. Owns the Rise of Islamic State and the Syria Disaster – Truthdig

The truth is that the covert ops of the US has been wrong on way too many occasions….Syria is just one in a long list of screw ups….