My Political Truth

The truth is that I use to get excited about the political process….in years past I found the presidential stuff just amazing….but those days are gone.

The question I ask myself these days is… it really about the direction of the country or is it the sideshows?

I ask that question because I truly see nothing in the news that would lead to believe that our political process is anything but a sideshow.  I give you the latest news that the media is laser focused on today…..Joe Biden.

The media has its hands full with the GOP….that institution is nothing but a continuous sideshow.  But the Dems are different…..they are actually talking policies and issues and the media cannot stand it.  That is why they ginned up the Joe Biden for prez sideshow……

The media has not given that speculation a break since they first got wind of it…..last night was the first Dem debate and the big story is that CNN has a special podium waiting in case Biden wants to drop in…..

Politics is one big sideshow……and the voter buys into the carney bullshit every damn time……

If you think the country is in bad shape now…..then just wait until the next election… will really suck after that.

My political truth is that I do not think that the process is worth the time anymore……the games being played in the name of democracy are disgusting.

American politics should be better than some cheesy reality show…..but it is NOT….and it is getting worse with each election.  The voting public has become a quivering lump of paranoia……which allows stupid to run rampant.

Some have been predicting anarchy for some time now…..well sports fans, we have a dysfunctional government……it is only a short hop from there…..


Dirty business in Moldova

Dirty business in Moldova

This is an op-ed that I wrote after I heard about a group trying to sell Nuke material to terrorists….I appreciate the interest shown by Legationes about this story…..these guys know news when they see it…..please stop by their site and see what else they have that you will never hear on your fave news program….

What Happened Last Night?

It was the night of the first Dem debate…….the attack of the horseless headsman………how did the group of 5 do?

It was a yawn if you are not a political geek….but it was more informative than the two GOP debates have been……

The media is reporting the night like this……

After a rocky few months for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, she needed a strong debate performance on Tuesday night—and it looks like she knocked it out of the park. Here’s what the pundits are saying:

  • “This was the best two hours of her candidacy to date,” decides Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post, praising a “confident, relaxed, and good-natured” performance that won the debate by a mile. He notes that she was “aggressive from the start,” going after Bernie Sanders for his past votes on guns and saying it is time the US “stood up against the NRA.”
  • Clinton “crushed it,” according to Shane Goldmacher at Politico, who writes that she summarized her candidacy in one line: “I’m a progressive. But I’m a progressive who likes to get things done.” Another standout line, in response to Sanders’ praise of Scandinavian-style democratic socialism: “We are not Denmark. I love Denmark. We are the United States of America.”
  • Clinton easily sidestepped most attacks, including criticism of her 2002 vote in favor of the Iraq war, writes Josh Voorhees at Slate. “I recall very well being on a debate stage, I think, about 25 times with then–Sen. Obama debating this very issue,” she said. “After the election, he asked me to become secretary of state.” She also deflected Martin O’Malley’s accusation that she was too quick to use military force, Voorhees notes. “I was very pleased when Gov. O’Malley endorsed me for president in 2008 and I enjoyed his strong support in that campaign,” she said.
  • Sanders had his moments, but his focus on income inequality was so intense it “made him sound like a one-note candidate,” according to Frank Bruni at the New York Times. Bruni and other analysts say that Sanders’ best moment was when he defended Clinton, saying people are “sick and tired of hearing about the damn emails.”
  • None of the other three candidates on stage got anything close to the breakout moment they needed. Amanda Marcotte at Salon declares Jim Webb the biggest loser for his “petulant” complaining about not getting enough time to speak, while Cillizza at the Post thinks Lincoln Chafee had a “genuinely awful” night turning in one of the worst debate answers ever when asked to explain his vote in favor of repealing the Glass-Steagall financial regulation act.

Three of the five are wasting time and money…..there were no breakouts……Clinton and Sanders are one and two… will stay this way until someone makes a screw up…..

Anyone want to go for pancakes?

Why Is Israel Protected By The Media?

I have always asked this question…..the media will report every attack by a Palestinian on a Jew down to the minute detail and they overlook all the death that is caused by the IDF….why is that?

This report just yesterday is what I am talking about…..

Two Palestinian men boarded a bus in Jerusalem and began shooting and stabbing passengers, while another assailant rammed a car into a bus station before stabbing bystanders, in near-simultaneous attacks Tuesday that escalated a monthlong wave of violence. Three Israelis and an attacker were killed. The Jerusalem attacks, along with two stabbings in central Israeli city Raanana, marked the most serious outbreak of violence in the current round of tensions. More than 15 people were wounded, many seriously. The violence, coming at a time when peace prospects appear nil, have fueled a sense of panic in Israel and raised fears that the region is on the cusp of a new round of heavy violence. Police closed major highways in and out of Jerusalem, while PM Benjamin Netanyahu called an emergency meeting of his Security Cabinet.

A police rep said a number of immediate steps were under consideration, including sealing off Arab neighborhoods in east Jerusalem, where many attackers have come from, and making it easier to get gun licenses. Some government ministers have called for even more dramatic measures. The Israeli military says hundreds of Palestinian protesters in Gaza gathered Tuesday near the Israeli border and threw stones and burning tires toward Israeli positions. The army says it is using “riot dispersal means” against the crowd. Israeli security officials said Tuesday’s seemingly coordinated attacks indicated the outburst of violence was starting to take on a more organized fashion; they said Israel expects the current wave to last at least a few more weeks.

This made the headlines in the West…..but this list never made to the same “reliable” news sources…….

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Since 01 October the Israelis have killed 24 from Palestine……including 8 children…..and injured 1000+ protesters……Where is the outrage and the news reports on these unfortunate people?

And then there is the price Palestinian women have paid……..

  • At least 535 women have been killed by Israeli occupying forces (IOF) since 29 September 2000.
  • Since 1967, about 10,000 women have been arrested or detained by the IOF; 25 women are currently prisoners. There are 5621 total prisoners, leaving many women to serve as head of household.
  • 48,488 structures have been demolished by Israel since 1967, displacing scores of women.
  • Women are not sheltered from the current deteriorating situation in the OPT. Since 15 September, the IOF has killed at least 4 women, injured 7 and detained 4, while extremist settlers have assaulted at least 4 women.

– See more at:

Why does the MSM protect Israel from criticism?  Is there something they would like to tell the American people about this protection?  I am beginning to believe part of some past accusations could be correct……

This man should be on a wanted poster……

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Here is a wild idea for Israel…..give all Palestinians the equal arms and fight it out….no planes only a coward fights from planes….

I know it is a laugh……why would Israel give up its advantage when trying to eliminate an ethnic group, right?

Speaking of cowards…….Please do not get me started on the USS Liberty incident!

Voices From The Clown Car

The top two GOP candidates are doing all they can to stay one and two……at times it seems that they try to out stupid each other…..Trump yells…..Carson mumbles….different styles but the same results…..

Let me begin with the stupid from Trump…….

Donald Trump said Thursday that Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl should have been executed for leaving his post in Afghanistan. “We’re tired of Sgt. Bergdahl, who’s a traitor, a no-good traitor, who should have been executed,” the Republican presidential front-runner said to cheers at a rowdy rally inside a packed Las Vegas theater at the casino-hotel Treasure Island. “Thirty years ago,” Trump added, “he would have been shot.” Bergdahl’s attorney, Eugene Fidell, said in a statement that Trump “has become a broken record on this subject.” “If he took the time to study what actually emerged at the preliminary hearing he would be singing a different tune,” Fidell said. Trump has, in the past, pantomimed a firing squad, Fidell said.

Bergdahl was charged in March with desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. The Army conducted a hearing on his case earlier this month. Bergdahl has been accused of leaving his post in southeastern Afghanistan in June 2009. He was held prisoner by the Taliban for five years, then exchanged for five Taliban commanders being held by the US. Trump has long railed against the deal.

This situation has been fodder for all those less than accurate Right wing blogs……but Everyone no matter what you think of the person should shut up and let the evidence and his trial determine his fate…..since you were not there then you have NO idea what the situation was all about…..this is still America and like it or not…you are innocent until proven otherwise….

Next on the stupid greatest hits list is Carson,the number 2 in the GOP great pantheon, and his statement about gun control and the Holocaust…..

During a CNN interview Thursday that was largely spent defending his controversial comments after the Oregon campus shootings, Ben Carson made another controversial statement, this time about the Holocaust. “I think the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people had been armed,” he said. “I’m telling you there is a reason these dictatorial people take the guns first.” As ABC News reports, Carson was on the subject in the first place because his new book, A Perfect Union, includes the line: “Through a combination of removing guns and disseminating propaganda, the Nazis were able to carry out their evil intentions with relatively little resistance.” The CNN interviewer asked him, “Just to clarify, if there had been no gun control laws in Europe at that time, would 6 million Jews have been slaughtered?”

The Anti-Defamation League was quick to respond: “Ben Carson has a right to his views on gun control, but the notion that Hitler’s gun-control policy contributed to the Holocaust is historically inaccurate,” says the organization’s national director. “The small number of personal firearms available to Germany’s Jews in 1938 could in no way have stopped the totalitarian power of the Nazi German state.” Another odd Carson quote from an interview with Sirius XM Wednesday: “I have had a gun held on me when I was in a Popeye’s organization,” he said, referring to the fast food chain. “Guy comes in, put the gun in my ribs. And I just said, ‘I believe that you want the guy behind the counter.'” That line led to this headline on the Raw Story: “Ben Carson: I got held up once at Popeye’s—but I told the gunman to rob an employee, instead.”

Just wrong on so many levels……

Like I said….trying to out stupid the other!

Could The Middle East Be More Stable?

Since I spend a lot of time watching the Middle East and commenting on the continuing situation……I read something that Trump recently had to say about the region and oddly enough he is accurate in my opinion.

U.S. Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said the Middle East would be more stable if Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein were still in power in Libya and Iraq, saying it’s “not even a contest”. Trump mentioned the countries in comparison to current efforts to drive Syrian President Bashar al-Assad out of power. “You can make the case, if you look at Libya, look at what we did there, it’s a mess,” Trump said on NBC.

Source: Middle East would be more stable if Saddam, Gaddafi still in power: Trump – Yahoo News

Surprisingly the Middle East was more stable when those two were in power…….look I am not saying that everything would be fine if we had left these people in power for the Middle East was seldom a stable place…..just that it would be more stable than it is today.

Look at Iraq today……a complete mess but when Saddam was ruling it was a more stable place……it even kept Iran pretty much in check…..AQ was being hunted down and eliminated…..but that was not good enough….time for a change.

Libya was not as dangerous as it is today… armed factions were prowling the streets looking for trouble…..but that was not good enough…….time for a change.

Again the region would have eventually broken down into conflict but I do not believe that it would be as dangerous and messy as it is today……