Benghazi: The Never Ending Story

The airwaves were clogged ass deep in the Clinton testimony to the Benghazi Committee…..I have been laughing my ass off at all the speculation……both pro and con….

Hopefully NO one was there for the full 11 hours of the comedy routine by the GOP…one of my regulars from the blog  “I Know I Made You Smile” commented on IST about the hearing and it was one of the best analysis that I have seen….

1. display her vast knowledge of world affairs, 2. demonstrated the complexity of things and her ability to handle it all, 3. showed how ridiculous it is to present it was her fault, 4. showed she had the stamina to be grilled all day and not break , 5. showed her skill in crisis management…..

Like I said there has been a wealth of analysis about the take-a-ways from Clinton’s testimony……this is what the pros have to say…….

Hillary Clinton faced an 11-hour grilling by the House Benghazi committee on Thursday, and the consensus is that she managed to emerge largely unscathed from the marathon hearing, which included discussion of her emails and a tense exchange about Sidney Blumenthal. But, as panel chief Trey Gowdy admitted afterward, it didn’t reveal anything new about the 2012 attack. A few takes on the hearing:

  • The long-anticipated hearing turned out to be pretty boring, which made it a triumph for Clinton, according to Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post. Unlike the Benghazi hearing in 2013 where she clashed with Rep. Ron Johnson, “there was no negative sound bite from her. No acknowledgement of error,” or signs of “weakness or confusion” about the events in Libya, he writes. “The hearing was, in a word, boring. And that’s exactly what Clinton wanted.”
  • The failure of GOP panel members “armed with thousands of emails and testimony from scores of witnesses” to trip Clinton up will further strengthen her campaign after her strong debate performance and Joe Biden’s decision not to run, write Byron Tau and Peter Nicholas at the Wall Street Journal. Clinton “held her ground in calm fashion” even as the questions grew “increasingly acrimonious,” with suggestions that she didn’t care about the victims of the attack, they write.
  • The hearing may look like a Clinton victory, but it could turn out to be a “delayed-fuse defeat,” according to Glenn Thrush and Gabriel Debenedetti at Politico. They note that the FBI is still investigating Clinton’s email use at the State Department, and it could be a major problem for Clinton if anything the FBI uncovers contradicts anything she said on the subject at the Benghazi hearing.
  • Clinton was trying to appear more serious than the panel questioning her, write Evan Halper and David Lauter at the Los Angeles Times, and “members of the committee often appeared to help, engaging in one high-decibel shouting match and numerous partisan jabs.” The five Democrats on the 12-member panel may now step down to avoid giving the committee undue “respectability,” they note.
  • The long hearing did nothing to advance the public’s understanding of the events in Benghazi, but it showed that Gowdy “and his colleagues have squandered more than $4.6 million and countless hours” for partisan reasons, the New York Times editorial board writes, saying that the GOP panel members’ “flailing performance” should mark the end of a “wasteful and counterproductive exercise that accomplished nothing.”

Is this the end of this long SNL skit?

Or will this truly be “A Never Ending Story”?

What say you?

A Proxy War (once again)

A Proxy War (once again)

Another of my op-eds for Legationes that they graciously decided to publish.

I cannot thank them enough for helping me get some of my views out there for the world to read.

Please visit the site for they publish news and views that are not necessarily found any where else….a good and informative site…

2016: Then There Were Three

The Democratic voter has less to choose from in the next go-round of empire building….

The Democratic field of candidates for the 2016 election never was that big to begin with……the first to depart was Jim Webb….then the big news that Biden would not run (to the dismay of the media) and now the least known Dem candidate has decided to leave while he has a little dignity left……

Lincoln Chafee is saying what everybody was thinking: He’s out of the race for president. The former Rhode Island governor made it official Friday morning in an address to the Women’s Leadership Forum. “As you know I have been campaigning on a platform of Prosperity Through Peace,” he said, per CNN. “But after much thought I have decided to end my campaign for president today. I would like to take this opportunity one last time to advocate for a chance be given to peace.”

Two big reasons: He was somewhere between 0% and 1% in the polls, and he’d raised only $30,000, reports the New York Times. Unlike Jim Webb, Chafee isn’t interested in an independent bid, and his departure leaves Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley in the Democratic contest.

Now we are down to the grits and gravy…..Clinton, Bernie and O’Malley remain to duke it out for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party…..

To me it is just a pro-corporate candidate versus the anti-corporate candidate….and an “also ran”…….how will the American voter choose?  And the ‘pro” candidate has the media’s ear….and that will make all the difference in the primaries.

The ‘anti’ candidate has the people’s ear but that means little when there is such a huge propaganda machine as the MSM.

Carly: The Spotlight Dims

First of all… case you were under a rock or a 400 lb woman/man you probably missed the big story of the day…..Joe Biden will NOT run for the Dem nomination in 2016…..maybe now the media will move on and report on real news and leave the speculation to bloggers…..okay?

After the last GOP debate I gave Carly the thumbs up….not because I agree with her on much but because she showed that she could stand toe to toe with the “big boys” and hold her own.

Apparently I was not alone….her poll numbers went up by a wide margin over her opponents…..she could not just ride the tide to success….nope….she had to double down on a couple of lies and she is now falling like a lead toilet…..

A CNN poll out Tuesday has bad news for Carly Fiorina: In one month, she’s gone from 15% to 4% and slipped from second place into a tie for seventh. Her support seems to be cratering even as support for the other two “outsider” candidates, Donald Trump and Ben Carson, is rising. What’s going on? For one thing, the GOP hasn’t had a debate in weeks, and that’s where Fiorina has shined, writes David Graham at the Atlantic. She’s also struggled to get what Graham calls “earned media,” or consistent attention in the press. “It’s also possible, though, that Fiorina’s support was never really there, that she was a paper tiger erected by the press,” writes Graham. “She doesn’t seem to have a natural constituency, doesn’t have much establishment support, and doesn’t have the same mix of charisma and outlandish comments that has boosted Trump.”

At the Christian Science Monitor, Peter Grier writes that Fiorina has gone through a classic cycle of an underdog candidate—”discovery, scrutiny, and decline.” Her performance in the debates got her discovered, but then negative headlines followed about her tenure as CEO at Hewlett-Packard and then over allegations that she exaggerated the content of Planned Parenthood videos. But here’s the upside for Fiorina backers: “The ‘decline’ part of the new candidate cycle does not have to be permanent,” writes Grier. “Some hopefuls survive the scrutiny phase, take some lumps, and then rise again.” Considering that Fiorina got a big fundraising bump during her rise in the polls and has $5.5 million on hand, she has a chance to do just that. Click for Grier’s full column, or for Graham’s.

She may by the grace of God make the next GOP debate….but unless she finds a way to counter her negative numbers she will be sent packing back to the “kiddie table” debate…….

Looks like she was just ….a shooting star…..

Is Instability the Goal of U.S. Policy in the Middle East?

An interesting question……as I look at the events unfolding today….instability is the only option we are pursuing…..

Years ago when I was lecturing I had a class on US foreign policy and the Middle East…..I began the class with the end of World war One and the Sykes-Picot Agreement……

This class called into question our policies in the Middle East and whether any of them were capable of forming the region into a calm, relatively speaking, area…….my conclusion then that we were not approaching the problems of the region in an informed manner…..nothing was conducive to calm and peaceful…..our worry about what the Soviets were doing during the Cold war was like blinders……and we missed opportunity after opportunity to make this region more than it is today…….

But was then and today there is still not much that I see as a policy for stability in the Middle East…..

Our lethal and self-defeating Middle East policy appears more aimed at Iran and its allies than at the radical jihadi network that perpetrated 9/11.

Source: Is Instability the Goal of U.S. Policy in the Middle East? –

How Popular Is Peace?

These days the term “peace” generates very little interest……

I am truly impressed by the tone of the magazine, The American Conservative…….I am by no stretch of the imagination a conservative but I find the thoughts put forth in this magazine shows some real growth for American conservatives……

Our Right leaning party is full of war hawks….mainly because most of them are owned by the Military-Industrial Complex (M-IC)… naturally they will be pushing more and more for military intervention to make their owners happy.

In the past I was an anti-war protester, a peace-nik, if you will and that drive me to study war and its causes and solutions……today’s world is very confusing for it seems that even the smallest event can lead to wide spread death and destruction is peace possible?

In these days when every conflict seems to spiral out of control….is peace a popular concept or for that matter, an option?

Source: How Popular Is Peace? | The American Conservative

I am not saying that I agree with every thing that is written within the pages of this magazine…..only that it gives me hope that our country can once again return to sanity from the abyss of insanity……