Since The GOP Will Not Move On…..Let’s Talk Libya

Looks like tomorrow will throw Libya back into the news for Clinton will go before the circus that is a hearing…….then guess what?

I bet you will not believe what the big story of this week will be….(pause here for thought)……Benghazi!

Yep, the country’s longest running hearing will once again be foisted into the headlines…….it is Benghazi and the games Repubs play.

After 72 weeks they have NOTHING that can be reported other than they have another session on the books……personally I can think of about 10 items off the top of my head that need attention…..but NOoooooooooooo…..let us beat a dead horse a little longer.

The first point, the a/holes are asking the wrong questions…they should be focusing on why an ambassador that was well aware of the dangers went in light….that is the only question that needs to be asked and the answer will put the rest of the games to bed.

As long as they want to talk about Libya I will oblige……

After four long years just what has been accomplished in Libya….other than an excuse to kill Qaddafi?

After these many years of airstrikes and weapons pouring into Libya and the rise of an ISIS-centric group…..what has actually been the benefit of the situation in Libya?

Libya drifts dangerously to the point of no return as Islamic militants terrorize civilians and two rival governments battle it out.

Source: Four years after Gadhafi, is Libya better off? – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Clinton was recently asked if we did the right thing in Libya……..

“Remember what was going on,” she began, repeating a version of events that some intelligence officials and human rights groups doubt. “We had a murderous dictator, Gadhafi, who had American blood on his hands … threatening to massacre large numbers of the Libyan people. We had our closest allies in Europe burning up the phone lines begging us to help them try to prevent what they saw as a mass genocide, in their words. And we had the Arabs standing by our side saying, ‘We want you to help us deal with Gadhafi.’”

She characterized the Obama Administration’s response as “smart power at its best,” saying that while America refused to take the lead in the war, “we will provide essential, unique capabilities that we have, but the Europeans and the Arabs had to be first over the line. We did not put one single American soldier on the ground.”

She then put a positive gloss on the war’s outcome. “I’ll say this for the Libyan people…” she said. “I think President Obama made the right decision at the time. And the Libyan people had a free election the first time since 1951. And you know what, they voted for moderates, they voted with the hope of democracy. Because of the Arab Spring, because of a lot of other things, there was turmoil to be followed.”


Her answer was a canned political response……if it is all about the Libyan people why did we use the CIA to control the rebels and why was a CIA lackey installed as the military commander…Col. Haftar?

There is a bit she left out of that analysis………..

Clinton’s response obscures a largely forgotten moment in U.S. diplomacy: a period less than two years earlier when she and the Obama administration were actively cozying up to the “murderous” Gadhafi. “I am very pleased to welcome Minister Gadhafi here to the State Department,” she said, warmly greeting Mutassim Gadhafi, the Libyan dictator’s son and national security adviser, at the State Department in April, 2009. “We deeply value the relationship between the United States and Libya.” (You can watch it here.)

Oh….oops…..forgot that part….did we?

Like I said in the beginning of this post….there is so much more to our involvement in Libya than the attack in Benghazi…..while the deaths are truly regrettable….there is so much more to that tale and questions need to be asked…..but as usual the GOP has pushed a point too far……they just do not know when to call it a day…….

The Libya saga is so much more than the one attack….and the American people will never learn the real story….instead they get….games politicians play!

Is it possible that all this hoopla over the Clinton …..could it back fire?

Source: What to Expect When Congressional Republicans Grill Clinton on Benghazi | Mother Jones

Libya is a bloody mess, both literally and physically, and as much as we do not want to admit it……we are to blame after all the finger pointing…..we can look at Libya and say…..”We did that!”

Media: That Despicable Institution

It is NO secret my feelings about the MSM…….

My readers are well aware that I think the MSM as a despicable piece of crap….it is NO longer a source of information and knowledge but rather the propaganda arm of the government and Corporate America.

The media does everything it can to drive the news cycle……even to the point of lies and manipulation.

As an example I give you the Biden for president saga.

For months after successfully making Clinton the odds on favorite for the Democratic nomination….they could not bring themselves to actually treat Bernie Sanders as a real candidate….so they started the “rumor” that Biden could possibly jump into the 2016 race.

After months of “will he or won’t he” reporting which included numerous reports from “reliable” sources that he was considering a run……it appears that Biden is looking more like a candidate than not…..the MSM got their story.

They tried and succeeded and now they have something to feed their narrative…..time to bushwhack the possible candidate……

The media is now reporting the negative conflicting news about Biden and the raid that killed Osama……

Biden said he had privately advised the President to pursue the raid on bin Laden’s compound after initially advising a more cautious approach at a Cabinet meeting.

“We walked out of the room and walked upstairs,” Biden said. “I told him my opinion: I thought he should go, but to follow his own instincts.”

The new account is a significant departure from what he said at a Democratic retreat in January 2012.

“Mr. President, my suggestion is, ‘Don’t go,'” Biden said, according to an ABC News report from that time.

……..a change from an account Biden gave on NBC’s “Meet the Press” in May 2012, in which he described advising the President to follow his instincts but didn’t explicitly advise him to “go” for it.

“We walked up toward the residence, toward his office,” said Biden of his conversation with Obama, “and I knew he was going to go (for the raid). And what I always tell him when he — he looked at me again, and I said, ‘Follow your instincts, Mr. President. Your instincts have been close to unerring; follow your instincts.'”

Biden also offered a reason for the difference between what he said in the Cabinet meeting and his new account of the private conversation with Obama in which he advocated following his instincts.

The vice president now says that he suggested the administration undertake additional drone surveillance on the compound while in that Cabinet meeting, but that he made that recommendation because he didn’t want to undermine the President if he ended up choosing a more cautious approach.

The Media now has yet another ambush that they can be proud of (sarcasm)….

My question is…how long have they been sitting on this info?  Or how would this be reported if the mission had failed?  How would Biden be painted?

The media is driving this story…..this is a pathetic manipulation of the news to make them look relevant…..

It is stuff like this that is why I do not use the MSM for my news source…..I cannot trust it to be objective or for that matter…..TRUTHFUL!

Yes We Have An Intifada!

Please take some time and learn about the situation developing in the Palestinian territories…….this is an event that the world would like to ignore….please do not let them win.

The Palestinians have decided enough is enough….after decades of the world ignoring their plight and the media only reporting news after a Jew is attacked or killed…..the people have taken it into their own hands to do something about an uncaring world…….

Intifada in English is translated as uprising, rebellion or resistance…….the Palestinians have had at least 4 in the history of the Palestine-Israel conflict…..

In the past I have tried to keep my readers abreast of the situation and alerted to the possibility of further violence and counter-violence…..but if you need a refresher course… my past post……

Source: Remember The “Intifada”? | In Saner Thought

  • In the Israeli-Palestine conflict:
    • First Intifada, a Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation lasting from December 1987 to 1993
    • Second Intifada, a period of intensified Israeli-Palestinian violence, which began in late September 2000 and ended around 2005
    • Silent Intifada, a series of violent acts and attacks in Jerusalem in 2014 sometimes referred to as the “Third Intifada”
    • “Al-Quds Intifada” or “Wave of Terror” – 2015 escalation in Israeli-Palestinian conflict, sometimes referred as the “Third Intifada”

Recently the Palestinians have once again decided it is time for some real resistance and stop waiting for a fickle world to do the right thing…..we are having another round of violence….but this time the media and the world seems to be more alert to the situation……

Source: Of Course, It Is an Intifada: This Is What You Must Know by —

This time around the Palestinian people are doing this on their own……it has not been the master plan of some leader……there was no master plan of what to do and what results were acceptable…..of course the media is running around trying to find the leadership so that they can get some type of scoop…..but there is a problem with this type of thinking…..NO one knows who to contact…..Two weeks into the outbreak of security clashes between Palestinians and settlers in Jerusalem, Palestinian factions have yet to step in and lead the popular uprising.

Source: Who is leading the intifada? – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

What I have seen in this edition of an intifada is that the Palestinians are doing things to get the Israelis to overreact… far it is working……because of the overreaction the media has become more involved than normal…..unlike past intifadas and even without leaders….the Palestinians are coordinating well…………..

Source: The ‘smartphone intifada’ – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

This is a people that have been driven to violence…..below is the face of the conflict that the wold should remember…..a people mistreated into facing tanks with children…..

Time for the world to stand up to Israel and demand that they begin a withdrawal of Palestinian territories……and to end their genocidal tendencies…..

Thanx for caring enough to look at this situation……

Dear Christians: Your Place In The World

I have fascinated by the Christians of this world that are die hard Israel supporters….I mean after the deaths of Christians at the hands of Zionists, the burning of Christian churches and the list goes on……but even with all that they are still convinced that Israel is a good thing…..

Maybe this will finally open your blinded eyes….

Embedded image permalink

Damn!  I have heard that some place before….how about you?

That puts Christians in the same category as a Muslim…….

Can you hear me NOW?

Afghanistan: The Ignored War

Our longest war is just about to get a bit longer……after going on 15 years and we still cannot find a way to extract our troops from this country…..

President Obama is scrapping a big goal of his presidency—to leave office with only a token force of troops in Afghanistan. Instead, in what the Wall Street Journal calls a “major reversal,” Obama has decided to scrap the current withdrawal plan. About 10,000 US troops are in the country now, and the original plan was to gradually reduce that number through 2016, until about 1,000 were left at the US Embassy in the country by early 2017. Under the new plan, no reduction will take place through most of next year, and a force of 5,500 will still be in place when Obama leaves the White House. He’s expected to formally make the announcement Thursday morning.

“Obama appears to be acknowledging that Afghan security forces are still not near ready to hold off the Taliban on their own,” observes the New York Times. Remaining troops were supposed to be stationed only in Kabul, but now they’ll be scattered elsewhere around the country as well, including in Jalalabad, Kandahar, and the Bagram Airfield. The cost will be $14.6 billion a year, about $5 billion higher than the original embassy-only plan, reports NBC News. For context, the network notes that the US had 100,000 troops in Afghanistan as recently as 2010. Administration officials say the review has been underway for months, but headlines about Taliban gains in cities such as Kunduz surely didn’t help.

Even the USSR had had enough after 10 years of the insanity of Afghanistan….they decided enough was enough and they took their troops and went home…..after that the US had no more use for the country and we took our money and weapons and went home……and because we declared victory over the Soviets the Taleban was able to move into the vacuum created by everyone’s departure and …as they say…..the rest is history…..

The problem is who is fighting who……as of this week the most fearsome fighting is in the North of the country….an area that use to be fairly safe and in the US corner….but since the days of the Northern Alliance and Massoud things have started down the toilet…….

What is the situation in the North?

Source: Who is fighting in northern Afghanistan? | Asia | DW.COM | 07.10.2015

As soon as the State Department gets it sh*t together maybe then there will be some sort of actual policy for this never ending conflict……

Source: AfPak – A New Regional Scenario | New Eastern Outlook

(A good piece that I do not thoroughly agree with in its entirety)

At what point can we say enough?

How many more Americans need to serve and possibly die in a country that cannot get its sh*t together after 15 years of trying?

When will we ever learn?