Experts say imposition of Sharia law only 358 votes away from veto-proof majority in Congress | twissblog

I would like to end my publishing day with a little humor….what is life without whimsy?

There has been a wealth of blogs posting on the horror of the possibility of Sharia law being introduced into our governance….personally I think this is just another one of those issues that the morons have gotten the upper hand…..I mean think it over….it would take a Constitutional amendment and do you know how goddamn impossible that is…..if not then just ask those that supported the ERA.

I was going to re-blog this piece from Twissblog, a very good site that injects a little humor into news stories….personally I like that… is great to have a good chuckle from time to time…..and this piece gave me that chuckle I needed for the day…..

If you are one of those that is concerned about the creeping Sharia into our government may I suggest you read this….and join me in a good chuckle….

Source: Experts say imposition of Sharia law only 358 votes away from veto-proof majority in Congress | twissblog

Of all the things to worry about in life….this one is a low priority…..I am more worried about the possibility that crickets will become a major food stable…….

If you have a limited sense of humor then move on…….this will not tickle your funny bone……for me…….it is just goddamn funny!

Immigrants: A Personal Observation

I know that the subject of immigration is not so important right now….you see since Oregon the mental midgets have moved on to the gun reform issue….apparently they can only handle one issue at a time.

This will be me breaking from a rule I have had for myself……I have tried to stay away from personal observations because it is usually met with condescension and insulting words…..but this immigrant thing is getting out of hand with all the accusations and such……

First, let me say I am NOT saying this is the norm……because I have NO idea what it is like in your area….this is just observations I made over a 6 month period here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Since 2005 there has been an influx of immigrants coming into the area because of the reconstruction after Hurricane Katrina in 2005……and since 2006 the area has been growing by leaps and bounds……

First I worked for the state housing authority and we were first responders 2 hours after the wind died down we were at work….there was massive amounts of debris and we hired people to remove this debris at $10 an hour…..we hired 15 people…of those 15 5 were immigrants, legal or not do not know…we needed people and we hired them as they came looking for a job.  Anyway after 10 days I had 5 people left for debris removal….the 5 immigrants…the Americans had quite or just walked off the job… even told me that he did not know it would be such hard work…..others never said just cut and run…..I would hire those 5 guys again if I needed them.

While working for the Housing Authority I had 125 units that I was responsible for and of those units none were rented by immigrants…..I worked there for 10 years and none were there in my tenure…..

Next observation is a medical one……a family member had battled cancer, heart attack and major surgery in a 4 month period….I spent a lot of time in emergency rooms over a 3 month period…..there are 3 major medical outlets in my town and I visited all three……after multiple visits I can tell you that not once in any of the ERs was a immigrant waiting to be treated…..granted I was not there 24/7 but the odd times I was there I saw no one that I would point to a call an immigrant.

Lastly is all that “free stuff” that immigrants are stealing from the government….all I can address here is the EBT card abuse that I hear so much about.

I shop in 3 major food chains for my area and usually go on Saturdays or Sundays……one of the stores has a major immigrant consumer base and I have observed the habits of the people when buying their food….and in the six months that I observed the habits I not once saw someone use an EBT card (we do not have food stamps anymore)…….the people are not buying junk but rather traditional food stuffs…..I could not find any abuse……

With the data that I have available to me….my conclusion is there is NO wide spread abuse….at least in my area.  So if there is no abuse the best I can say for the accusations is that they are…….LIES!

I know this is not what most people opposed to the immigrants want to hear… I said…this is my observations…but if you truly want answer for being genuinely concerned then……..Try this simple test research in your area……see if you are being lied to by you fave reporters.  That is if you want to know or if you had rather spend your time believing CRAP!

Once again…I cannot speak to these situations being typical everywhere….I am just telling what I have observed in my area……

Can There Be Sanity In Gun Reform?

Attention Right Wing Trolls:  This post is for you……you are welcome!

Just gotta post my thought… see the trolls are waiting for the term “gun reform” to appear so they can start up the bullshit machine and attack.  So here it is….your chance awaits……..

The latest gun violence in Oregon has everyone running for the gun shop to spend money they do not have because they believe that someone has the power to take their guns or control how many they can have……that aside….the conversation is once again about some sort of reform that can help prevent some of the violence….please notice I said “some of the violence”……..

Of course the NRA has rolled out their campaigns that have been on a shelf since the last major killing spree…….we will be bombarded with the drama that is not real…….there is NO one wanting to take all your guns!  If you believe they are…then you are an ignorant TOOL!

Sorry people but there is some logical answers….just NO one will listen because they have the NRA in their ear filling that empty space in their heads with bullshit.

For instance…..the super long shot for the Democratic nomination is Martin O’Malley…..he presented a plan that is sound……

The plan requires all gun buyers to receive a “fingerprint-based license and complete safety training with a waiting period, in addition to passing a background check.” O’Malley’s campaign said he implemented a similar program in Maryland.

O’Malley calls for extending the same requirements to private sales by requiring all sales to be completed through licensed dealers.

He wants to ban anyone younger than 21 from purchasing guns and would set up federal safety standards for gun storage.

He would also oppose any attempt by Congress to impose a federal concealed carry law and would propose greater protections for women by closing the “boyfriend loophole,” ban guns for those subject to an emergency restraining order and “disarm those convicted of committing domestic violence.”

The plan further calls for establishment of a national firearms registry, a mandate that all lost or stolen firearms be reported to law enforcement and a ban on the sale and distribution of “assault weapons.”

For a detailed look at O’Malley’s plan, click here.

A simplified version of the O’Malley plan for those that cannot read without moving their lips…….

My plan starts with expanding safeguards to all gun purchases, whether from a licensed dealer, online posting, or private sale. Under my plan, a background check would be required for each and every gun purchase. And every person seeking to purchase or transfer a gun would have to obtain a fingerprint-based license, including completing safety training and a waiting period. Without such protections, it will remain far too easy for criminals to legally buy guns.

My plan will also cut gun violence by focusing on the largest purchaser of firearms: our government. By adjusting federal procurement policies, the federal government can encourage both gun manufacturers and dealers to prevent trafficking and violence, while spurring innovations that improve gun safety. This means requiring agencies to purchase only cutting-edge guns, such as those that have hidden serial numbers that cannot be defaced.

I can hear most of the argument against this plan buzzing around my head…..and I know that this will be an unacceptable choice for most of the gun enthusiasts…..but to me it makes sense and does not impede my right to buy guns and own guns…..

Is it the answer to the problem of these no brain assholes that have to kill someone….no, not really…..but it is a plan that makes sense and protects people’s 2nd amendment rights……

It always amuses me that there are so many the take the 2nd word for word…….but the 1st is open to interpretation…..

All I can say to the trolls waiting in the wings…….CALM DOWN AND……BITE ME!

Breaking News: Say Good-bye To Stupid!

I have been bitching about how stupid the plan was that has been proposed by the likes of McCain and Graham…..the plan is the one that would train “moderate” rebels to fight in Syria……the first two graduated classes were a joke at best…..the first lost all but 4 of its original members in days after returning to Syria….and the second class did not fight when they returned they simply gave their weapons to others and went home, whatever is left of their home…..

So what will be the future of this most unimpressive solution to the fight against Assad and ISIS?

I am so glad you asked……

The United States is dropping a $500 million Pentagon program to train Syrian rebels fighting the administration of President Bashar al-Assad, the New York Times reported on Oct. 9, citing unidentified Obama administration officials.

The newspaper said Pentagon officials were expected to announce the end of the program on Oct. 9.

Finally, someone has shown that they are capable of rational logical thinking……

Now I wait for the next great plan for Syria…..

Maybe they read all the criticism on In Saner Thought……yeah….let’s go with that answer!

The Next Big Story!

Now that the Right has moved on from all the dire scenarios they have predicted because of the refugee crisis…..I have been waiting to see which will make their headlines….especially in rags like WND or Alex Jones or Drudge Report…..the shooting in Oregon filled that bill….this incident has all the gun crazies predicting the end of the 2nd amendment…just like after every shooting….and you know….so far they have been dead wrong……(forgive the pun)…..this should keep the rags filled for the next week or so……

But when that dies down….what will they do?  What crisis will they predict next?

In the past I have called pretty much most of the BS crisis that the looney Right will try to foist on the American public…..but what will be next?

At the end of this month (it is October btw) there will be an event that could fit the bill for something the crazies can worry about….endlessly…..

Interested in knowing the next “Big Story”?

Viola!  Source: The biggest prisoner release in US history, explained – Vox

There you have it….set your clock and wait for the alarm!

Hide your children and lock-up your wife……society will degrade into anarchy…..(that is sarcasm)…..the end is near……repent!

What Happened To The “End Of Days”?

I pride myself at trying to keep my readers up to date on the affairs that I feel will impact their lives…..

I wrote a piece about the prediction that the world would end on 07 October 2015….I was not alone…my friend over at “Lines By Liming” did a post also….and let me say that we both were relieved to wake up breathing….

But we did not take the prediction too seriously….there have been a wealth of “the end is near” predictions over the years…….I have waited to see if the predictors have tried to explain their wrong prediction away……and almost predictable (pun intended) they have an answer……

Chris McCann seemed pretty confident that Wednesday was the end of the world as we know it, but midnight has come and gone, we’re all still here, and we want to know why. The eBible Fellowship leader offered up a lengthy explanation on the group’s Facebook page, first acknowledging that “since it is now October 8th it is now obvious that we were incorrect regarding the world’s ending on the 7th.” McCann blames faulty “biblical information” for the swerve, says that he always claimed a “strong likelihood” of Earth’s decimation (not a 100% definite annihilation), and notes that “THE WORLD’S CONTINUATION IS NOT A JUSTIFICATION OF THE WORLD.”

That’s because the “world” is still “guilty,” in God’s eyes, and in its “death throes,” with another apocalyptic date sure to emerge. “A date of destruction given to the world … is like a man with a terminal disease that was given a short time to live by his Dr.,” he points out. “And yet, the man somehow managed to pass the 6 months (or year) he was told. The prognosis, however, hasn’t changed. He’s still terminally ill. It’s still certain he will die from his disease. It’s just a matter of when that remains in question.” There’s no further update on the group’s website.

These people are just batcrap crazy!

I have a “end of days” prediction for my readers………

The world will end….when it ends!

Can I have an AMEN?

These political scientists may have just discovered why U.S. politics are a disaster

I know that I am a bit long winded when I get on my soapbox on the Middle East and war in general but……….Today I have decided to take a break from my analysis of international situations and writing about a few issues we have in this country… know what I mean…those subjects that make some people loose their ever loving minds………

Everybody is scrambling around trying to explain why candidates like Carson, Trump and Sanders are so popular….especially with the rank and file…….and the more traditional candidates like Bush, Clinton, Rubio, etc are struggling to get recognition……the media does not have an adequate reason for this turn in American politics…….so what is the answer?

In my search for good answer I came across this article……after checking it out…..we need to look no further….

[The Washington Post] It’s not your imagination: America really is becoming more divided, both in terms of its wealth and its politics.

Source: These political scientists may have just discovered why U.S. politics are a disaster in West Virginia Politics

The American people have awaken……I like it……..but how long before they are lulled back into their political slumber?